2020 Armor adds an extra kick to your recruitment and retention, but it also helps schools thrive with new revenue  and help you get more out of the great things you’re already doing.

We’ve created step by step guides on how you can make more money with dedicated 2020 classes, exciting in- house tournaments that need less staff and 2020 Armor Gaming Stations that turn tournaments delays into revenue generating opportunities!

Below are step-by-step examples of how other club owners like yourself are using 2020 Armor to create new revenue streams.

Thrive Strategies 

Branded 2020 Armor Classes 

Here is a blueprint for starting your own dedicated 2020 Classes that target your entire customer base and make you enough revenue to pay back your entire investment in just one year. Go here to read our step by step guide and get started!

Running 2020 Armor Tournaments 

Go here for our step by step guide to run your own 2020 Tournaments! You can use these in house events to generate revenue, speed up your tournaments, reduce tournament staff and upgrade your student’s membership.

Gaming Station 

No matter what you do there will be delays at your tournament, why not make them into an opportunity to make added income? Go here to find out more information about running your own 20/20 Gaming Station!

Referral Program 

Want to renew your inventory, have more 2020 Armor available for tournaments and make money doing it? Try this referral program and learn all the ways you can make extra money at your school with more armor.

Monthly Performance Clinic 

Run a Monthly Performance Clinic with our mobile app and give your high performance players their scores in reaction time, stamina and power every month and make $1000 every month.

2020 Armor Combine 

Get your step by step guide to running your own 2020 Armor Combine and offer your students a data driven competition no one else can that could make 33K over the next year in new students, retention and new revenue streams!

2020 Armor Rental Program

Run 20/20 Armor rental program at your school and making 30K in Passive Income? Well, we have got a plan for that, which takes advantage of your ability to give amazing private lessons and creates a premium service. Check this rental plan for a rental program and get started right away!

Pay Off ATA Licensing Fees

Learn how one monthly performance clinic can pay off all your ATA licensee fees!

Get Inspired

Be inspired by the story of how Paralympic Athlete Brianna Salinaro learned how to score with 2020 Armor and is hoping to get Gold in Tokyo in 2021.

Discover how Puerto Rico’s National Coach is using 2020 Armor to make his team faster and believes that training at home is the wave of the future.

Learn how Jue Taekwondo ran their own data driven decentralized power competition with 2020 Armor in the most difficult conditions and made a $1000 dollars doing it and you can too.

Here is our CEO and Founder, Master Ali Ghafour giving a 5 minute webinar on how to Thrive with 2020 Armor!