2020 Armor Weekly Class Blueprint

2020 Armor Weekly Class Blueprint

Weekly Class Blueprint 

To help school owners, 2020 Armor has put together a blueprint for how to run your own 20/20 Armor themed classes. These classes will offer you new streams of revenue and new levels of excitement for your students as you use 2020 Armor to provide classes like they’ve never experienced before.This step by step process will provide you with ideas for how to format these classes, insights on how to incentivize skill development and show how we can create excitement and fun in the classroom.  These classes will give your students a chance to see their progress and increase your school’s retention rate.

The 2020 Armor Class can take any of three main forms:

20/20 Armor Family Class - Ages 7+

The 2020 Armor Family Class encourages adult students to practice with their children, allowing families to connect through martial arts training. This class features basic fun games using 2020 Armor on heavy bags.

2020 Armor Gaming Class – Ages 7-12

The 2020 Armor Gaming Class focuses on exciting and interactive games that teach and reinforce martial arts skills appropriate for younger students. This class features exciting challenges using 2020 Armor on heavy bags.

2020 Armor High Performance Class – Ages 13+

The 2020 Armor High Performance Class challenges students to become faster, stronger, and more strategic at the highest levels of martial arts. This class features intensive sparring with 2020 Armor units worn on the body.

However, by mixing and matching pieces of this guide, other classes are possible, such as:

2020 Armor Adult Fitness Class – Ages 18+

The 2020 Armor Adult Fitness Class features training modes designed to make participants sweat, disguise repetition and focus on doing their best so that working out doesn’t just feel like work. This class focuses on solo games using 2020 Armor on heavy bags.

2020 Senior Class - Ages 40+

The 2020 Senior’s Class focuses on skills and training drills with 2020 Armor units on training bags. This unique class allows for seniors to have fun, energetic and competitive training sessions without the risk of injury. This class focuses on low impact exercises to promote health and range of motion.