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2020 Armor takes guessing out of scoring for martial arts with its flagship Smart Training Vest. Martial artists from beginner to Olympian can track speed, stamina and power like never before and stay motivated in a world of unprecedented distraction. Whether you're a club owner, athlete, coach, or training from home, we're here to help you unlock your full potential and crush your goals.
Leveraged by hundreds of martial arts school owners to make millions every year by attracting more students, increasing retention and thriving with new revenue streams. We are so confident in our results we guarantee school owners will triple their investment in the first year.

Let's Empower You With Technology That Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential

2020 Armor's mission is to bring back the exciting fighting styles of the past while arming high performance athletes, coaches and club owners with the technology of the future to push their martial arts game further than ever before!




Bring out the best in your child with at home training. Use our 10 unique game modes to teach your child how to set goals and create plans to achieve.
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Attract new students who were never interested in martial arts before. Show your current students their progress and skyrocket your retention. Run better tournaments without technical delays and generate more revenue. Do all this with technology so simple to use, your 6 year old can operate it
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What gets measured gets improved. Track critical metrics like reaction time, stamina and power. Measure, don't guess.
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We're glad you asked! And that applies to whether you're training at home, competing in the Olympics or sparring at a school. With 2020 Armor's patented Vest, free companion app*, and upcoming Smart Headgear, let's help you open up a world of possibilities.
Thanks to an interface that even a five year old can operate, data driven training and patented sensors allow for unparalleled electronic scoring never seen in martial arts before, you're bound to #EnjoyTheFight with us.

* Some premium features require a subscription, but basic analytics and in-game reality features are forever free of charge!



Don’t Guess, Know You’re Getting Better

If you want an edge on your competition you need to train at home. Whether you are an Olympian or color belt you never have to train alone again with 2020 Armor. Patented technology provides students the objective measurement they need to stay motivated. Shareable data gives coaches the insights to help students and elite athletes achieve peak performance while training at home so they can excel in class and competition.

Locally Built, Globally Renowned

Created and manufactured with the utmost care for quality in the US and Canada by former Olympic national team members. 
2020 Armor’s patented technology has been endorsed by industry leaders in martial arts and sports technology. Endorsed by Dragon’s Den, ATA Martial Arts, and leAD Sports for their revolutionary vision for the future of martial arts scoring and gamification. Ask about our referral program and special discounts for ATA club owners! 

Quality You Can Count On For Years To Come

Our dedicated tech team creates cutting edge technology that integrates with the equipment you buy today even if it’s developed years from now. We are constantly pushing the game forward and creating new opportunities like our Global Combine to engage global audiences. 

Dedicated Customer Support and Flexible Payment Options 

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to making sure you triple your investment in a year and solving any issues you come across. 
2020 Armor offers a variety of payment options to get the vests in your hands faster.  For individuals and clubs we offer interest free payment plans via  For clubs we offer several financing and leasing options. Chat us up to learn more.