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Find your competitive edge with the most innovative martial arts scoring technology and software available today. Experience the difference in how you train, compete and engage with the sport. Our revolutionary equipment is user-friendly, affordable, and proudly made in the USA and Canada.

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Ata martial arts
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Smart Training Vest

Keep your students motivated and promote consistent improvement with the 2020 Armor Smart Training Vest that’s making waves around the world. We understand that retaining students as they get older is challenging. Our durable, interactive vests keep students engaged and make continuous training fun at any age.

Smart Training Headgear

Feel confident knowing your students are protected and comfortable while they train. Our innovative Smart Training Headgear is made with the same quality and attention as the 2020 Armor Smart Training Vest. Designed to be so user-friendly that a four-year-old can operate it, our Smart Training Headgear invites your students to sync up and experience the most exciting, responsive practice available today.

At Home Academy

Keep your child entertained and away from the couch with their very own at-home martial arts gym.

The 2020 Armor Smart Training Vest, Headgear, synchronized app and high quality physical and mental training video series taught by World Champions and Olympians will ensure your child has the best resources available to them to get ahead, and be the best.

This is a great product that has many settings for safety. Also, since the sensors are in the chest protector this takes incentive away from kicking to the head.

Master Yvette Yong
Taekwondo Olympian
3x World Military Champ
Master Helgi generated $2K from a single 2 hour in house event. “My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 2020 Armor event.”
Master Helgi
Taekwondo Keflavík
Reykjanesbær, Iceland

This is a great product that has many settings for safety. Also, since the sensors are in the chest protector this takes incentive away from kicking to the head, and especially for kids, this is a huge benefit.

Tim A.
Green Belt
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Club owners

  • Attract new students.
  • Retain existing members.
  • Create new revenue streams and triple your investment within one year – Guaranteed.

Coaches / Athletes

  • Track training progress with measurable insights.
  • Improve core skills and decision-making techniques.
  • Win more tournaments.

At home

  • Learn from the best, at home. Led by World Champions and Olympians.
  • Train your mind – mental training video series built in.
  • Built in accountability.

2020 ARMOR Mobile App

When we say revolutionary, we mean it. In addition to our 2020 Armor equipment, our specially designed In-Game Reality will transport you into your very own video game.

Compare your measured data with your own past results, or check out how you stack up against your friends. Live feedback gives you the information you need to quickly modify or correct your form and share your data with your coach while delivering every strike with confidence.

Locally Built, Globally Renowned

Locally Built, Globally Renowned

Created and manufactured with the utmost care for quality in the US and Canada by former Olympic national team members.


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