Let’s face it… our biggest
club problems are business problems…

Rent is constantly increasing, equipment prices ballooning… profitability is being chipped away

  • Classes are mostly full.. can’t just add more students
  • Can’t add any more new student classes.. can’t easily hire instructors or overuse kid assistants, already overworked
  • Can’t just keep increasing monthly fees Already have an ASP
  • Can’t take a huge dive on cash flow
  • We need NEW ways to get the existing student base to spend more

Some owners Haven’t fully recovered from the pandemic / can’t fill my school all the way up

  • Students don’t stay enrolled as long as they used to
  • Parents are under pressure to take their kids out because of rising costs of inflation
  • I’m only attracting enough to replace those leaving

Competition is ALWAYS in season – if it isn’t winter team sports, then its spring sports or summer vacations

  • How do we not completely lose attendance, attention… and ultimately memberships… to seasonal sports and activities??
PLUS (tell me something I don’t know…)

You have an unavoidable generation-specific problem

The attention span and interest of the new gen alpha kids and their parents is becoming more of a challenge

  • Their world is dominated strictly by DEVICE TIME
  • Parents lose interest faster when they can only capture, and share, so many of the same looking videos
  • Gen Alpha Kids expect instant digital feedback on everything… including their conversations, their exercises and tests at school… their favorite device apps

And you’ve already tried alternatives that didn’t work… like

  • Martial arts conferences and shows Ideas that never get implemented
  • Networking that never turns into anything
  • New Training that never gets transferred into an additional paid program
  • Adding more weapons Long lead time of genuinely learning an additional art, or weapon, to add to the mix PLUS Higher potential liabilities from mistakes that comes with it

We know because we are club owners ourselves, and we come from different backgrounds:

  • Some of us have been high performance world and Olympic athletes that want to lead others in the art we love
  • Some of us are entrepreneurs and love acquiring and growing businesses
  • And some of us are parents that need to pay our bills and put our kids into college

And ALL of us want to do those things WHILE making a HUGE difference in our communities

So how do I get more gen alpha kids and parents to give more / commit more WITHOUT

  • Giving up More of my time
  • Giving up a ton more of my money (esp up front)
  • And without completely changing my existing program?

…if you want to attract gen alpha kids and parents to come more and give more…You need to give them a gen alpha experience…

You need something PHYSICAL…

A DIGITAL tool that Gen Alpha kids and parents will instantly accept and love

  • WITHOUT cords or location limitations
  • WITHOUT needing training or complex implementations
  • WITHOUT killing cash flow

A tool that instantly creates new Premium programs & events kids will BEG their parents to be a part of

A tool gen alpha kids and their parents will want to show off to their friends and family.

And even…

…a tool that provides kids an entirely new dream of athletic achievement for their DIGITAL world

What martial arts business tool fits all these needs and more?

Introducing 2020 Armor.

This martial arts business tool gives gen alpha kids and parents the kind of INSTANT digital feedback they are ALREADY ADDICTED to

In areas you are already working to improve them on

  • like Speed
  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Even Accuracy…

And it can instantly create entirely new in-house tournament categories

…that don’t require any physical contact…

…that can be done in a fraction of the time of forms / kata…

attracting the most students you’ve ever had at a bonus paid event.


Lead-generating community events

But Why is this tool so effective?


Gen alpha kids and parents live their lives on instant digital feedback…

– whether its likes/loves …. live digital scores …. or video game like life bars

Kids now EXPECT immediate DIGITAL VISUAL cause and effect

And they want to master the DIGITAL experience, where the result can be scrutinized and verified by their friends.

It’s about delivering on a gen alpha expectation…

…that FEW (if ANY) OTHER SCHOOLS IN YOUR AREA are doing…


Solving your most pressing business needs and desires as a club owner or manager.

So How does it work?

This martial arts business tool gives gen alpha kids and parents the kind of INSTANT digital feedback they are ALREADY ADDICTED to

  • The immediate DIGITAL VISUAL cause and effect they have been trained to get to grow
  • And the kind of results that can survive any scrutinization by friends and family.
  • – whether its likes/loves, live scores or life bars


And can make what you’re already doing (like tournaments) faster

TESTIMONIAL – My tournament time was just completely cut in half

  • That’s half the hours I have to pay
  • more than half LESS complaints
  • and NO ONE leaving early and wanting refunds

That is affordable up front and pays for itself fast

  • $79 gives you two
  • Put them on standing bags at your next event
  • Or put them on your next birthday party
  • We guarantee the new members you get will MORE THAN PAY for the ENTIRE cost

    This is the ONLY INSTANT DIGITAL FEEDBACK MARTIAL ARTS TOOL that can help you get more students, keep more students AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, get more out of your students… in 3 months or less, guaranteed.