Attract Level I: Social Media

Attract Level I: Social Media

When you receive your 2020 Armor - make sure to tell your current students as well as your future students that your school has made the investment and addition of 2020 Armor technology into your school.

Facebook and Instagram are great resources to spread the word and get your students and parents interested and excited!

Make a video about how excited you are for all of your students to get to train with the best equipment available. In this post ask for a response like “in the comments below, tell us how excited you are to try out the new gear”. This will help drive engagement and encourage others to participate.

Organic Content with 2020 Armor "Live" Mode

Posting regular organic content on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube) is important to help attract and recruit new students!

For the content, we suggest running any game in LIVE MODE using your phone and the 2020 Armor mobile app. Results from the game will be recorded in the app, and you can then share them on your social media! Here is an example below:

Include in your post(s) that you have invested in new training technology to further develop the skills of your students, all while being engaged and having fun! We recommend including a recruiting cue in the title or caption of your post (ie. COME PLAY, BRING A FRIEND!, etc.)

Tag your students, share it with your community, and be sure to mention @2020armor so we can help endorse your content! Don’t forget to watch your posts for comments you can respond to or inquiries from viewers wanting to know more. Make your posts shareable, and “like” each comment you receive!

We suggest posting at least once a week your live mode content on your social media channels. The more you post the better engagement you will get!

Other Content Ideas

In your social posts, you can refer to the specific learnings your students are receiving. For example - you can say with confidence 

"From kids to adults - this new innovative training and exercise equipment is great for all ages and fitness goals. You can create your personal profile, track your fitness regimen - which can help our team create you a custom fitness plan. Sign up today to experience the  (Your club name) + 2020 Armor training experience today!"

"Let’s improve your speed - for the first time, we can see your data and work together to improve it!"

"Let’s work on that power - for the first time, we can see your data and work together to improve it!"

Each post is designed to showcase the many benefits of the new technology you have invested in, which will enhance your training experience and lead to attracting new prospects and retaining existing students.

Tip: Add your new post to your profile stories for added exposure and awareness!


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