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2020 Armor Headgear offers e-scoring and training revolution with the patented technology. Our headgear uses the same patented sensor technology as the 2020 Armor Vests, you will get consistent and reliable scoring in the smartest protective gear around. 2020 Armor Headgear offers comfort and protection in a league of their own.


We started an e-scoring and training revolution with the patented technology that powers the 2020 Armor Vest. We’re now excited to help you take your training a step further with the 2020 Armor Headgear!


Detects Impacts with accuracy only paralleled by 2020 Armor Vest

Uses the same patented sensor technology as the 2020 Armor Vests, you will get consistent and reliable scoring in the smartest protective gear around.

2020 Armor Headgear works with all the 10 built-in game modes that are on the 2020 Armor Vest.


Just tap against a 2020 Armor Vest and you are all synced up. Kids can set up and operate the 2020 Armor Headgear with ease.

2020 Armor Headgear works with all versions of the Vest, including the founders’ edition.


2020 Armor Headgear offers comfort and protection in a league of their own.

4 different types of foam for better protection

The inner lining has sweat and air channels

The Elastic on the back auto adjusts to the different head shape and sizes.

The top mostly is open, which helps with airflow and cools the head down.

Easy to clean both on the inside and outside.


We will be keeping all your senses running at 100%

With the 2020 Armor Vest, we’ve left nothing out, and that includes not limiting or your senses.

With the 2020 Armor Headgear, you can hear everything around you. In fact, the audio is going to be so clear, you might forget you’re even wearing a Headgear at all.


As sleek as its older sibling - When we released the 2020 Armor Vest, we re-invented the game and we also re-invented the look. We’re doing it again and making the first significant revision to martial arts headgear in over 30 years!

The 2020 Armor Headgear matches the sleek, futuristic design of the 2020 Armor Vest. That goes as far is it using a lot of the same high end materials.


Just like the 2020 Armor Vest, 2020 Armor Headgear is made with the highest grade materials and with the utmost attention to detail in Canada and the USA.

At 2020 Armor, we pride ourselves on not using foam dipped technology (which is used in other head gear products). This production method has been proven to be dangerous and banned in North America.


"My sparring program has 55 kids and not one of them has dropped out this year since we started using 2020 Armor.”

Mr. Jonathan Frank from ATA Martial Arts of Maryland on Retention

"We used 2020 Armor at an event and didn’t get one negative piece of feedback - and we made $2K in 2 hours”

Master Helgi from Taekwondo Keflavík (Iceland) on Thriving with new Revenue Streams

"We usually hover at 10 leads, this time we got 50. We will never go to a trade show or recruiting event without it.”

Master Emerson Wong from Pulse Martial Arts (Toronto, Canada) on Attracting New Students

2020 Armor is the system that we athletes have been waiting for. We can bring back the excitement in Taekwondo and enjoy the fight like we used to.

Yvette Yong, World Rank #1 & Olympian


Requires 2020 Armor Vest (any generation)

Patented sensors integrated to measure power, stamina and reaction time with unprecedented accuracy

Rechargeable via USB C, 6 hours continuous use

Display: 3 LED lights on top of unit, power button,

Bluetooth (allows connection with other vests)

Accessories Included In Box: USB Charging cable, USB Wall Plug (Each unit's wall plug type will be determined by shipping address. North America, South America and Japan receive the North American charger, while all other locations will receive the European charger.)

Each headgear weighs approximately 1.5lbs (0.7kg).

To size the headgear for your own head, measure around the largest part of the head to identify the circumference. Use the numbers below to determine the size of the headgear to order:

Size 1 (Youth) = 20" - 21"

Size 2 Adult Small/Medium = 21" - 22"

Size 3 Adult Large = 22" - 23"

Dragons' Den

2020 Armor was one of the highlights of season 12 of CBC's Dragon's Den. Co-founders Ali & William and athlete ambassador Yvette Yong demonstrated the 2020 Armor vest and walked away victoriously with backing from two of the Dragons.

Martial Arts
American Taekwondo Association

We are an Official Licensee Supplier for ATA International, the largest martial arts organization in the United States with over 1,500 locations and 300,000 active students worldwide.

leAD Sports Accelerator

The leAD sports accelerator was founded by Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente—the grandsons of Adidas Founder Adi Dassler—with the aim of honoring their grandfather's legacy and supporting sports entrepreneurship and innovation.
2020 Armor was one of 16 startups to receive early support from leAD.


Can you adjust the sensitivity of the sensor?

Yes, we have 10 different sensitivity settings for the sensor which can apply to all ages, weights and skill levels from white belt to black belt.

How long does it take to ship?

We ship worldwide via courier service. Vests and Headgear Ships in 2-3 weeks within Continental US & Canada. Ships in 3 weeks to the rest of the world

What is your return policy?

We are so convinced you will love the training, playing and sparring with your 2020 Armor that we're giving you up to 30 days from getting it to request a refund. Please send an email to support@2020armor.com to start the process. Only items purchased directly from our online store 2020armor.com can be returned through this process. Returns and exchanges are at the customer's shipping expense. Gear that has been customized may not be returned for refund.

What is your Warranty?

We have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Which devices does your product work on?

The 2020 Armor App works on iOS devices only currently.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last on average of 6 hours, enough for a full day of classes. They are rechargeable and each headgear comes with a charger.

Do I need any socks or software?

NO! The Vest and Headgear do not need any socks or any software to operate. It works out of the box!

Can you show the score on the scoreboard?

YES! The 2020 Armor line of products was built to be used in a class and training sessions, meaning it does not need a computer or TV to operate. Everything is self contained and your 7 year old students can operate it! There is an optional mobile app that connects to the vests which can show the score on a display if you wish if you want to have tournaments or in house events. Download the app here 2020armor.com/app