• #1 ENERGY SCORING | Strategy

    Fight like they do in the video games. Last man standing wins! 
    Watch Energy Scoring Video

  • #2 TUG OF WAR | Pressure

    Each hit takes some of your opponent’s bar for yourself. Keep the pressure and win it all! 
    Watch Tug of War Video

  • #3 RACE | Speed

    Be the first to hit your opponent. Who ever scores first wins! 
    Watch Race Video

  • #4 INVINCIBLE | Patience

    Take turns being invincible. Time your attacks for when the opponent is vulnerable! 
    Watch Invincible Video

  • #5 TAG | Precision

    Tag your opponent before the time runs out. Be accurate! 
    Watch Tag Video


  • #6 REFLEX | Reaction

    Stimulus game where the student reacts to lights and audio cues. Think fast! 
    Watch Reflex Video

  • #7 BEAT BOX | Timing

    Targets race past the crosshair. Only hit when the time is right! 
    Watch Beat Box Video

  • #8 HEARTBEAT | Stamina

    Your health is fading fast and only hits can restore it. Kick to stay alive! 
    Watch Heartbeat Video

  • #9 SURVIVAL | Defense

    Start with 100% health. Survive until the timer runs out!
    Watch Survival Video

  • #10 HIT METER | Power

    Shows the student how hard they hit. Beat your previous best! 
    Watch Hit Meter Video