Upgrading Vest and Headgear for Version 3.2.0 - Nov 2023

This Vest update comes with many significant and beneficial changes. 

Please note that Vest Update Version 3.2.0 is not backwards compatible with older software versions of Vest and Headgear. Vests will need to be updated to 3.2.0 and your headgear will need to be updated to the Version V1.0.0-release. From the factory the headgear has Version V1.0.0-beta. 

Instructions for updating your headgear can be found here:

Headgear Firmware Update Guide

Instructions for updating your chest gear can be found here:

Vest Firmware Update Guide

Significant Changes:

Software patch to fix not sensing hits on some 2020 Armor vests

Wireless connectivity improvements; minimized headgear disconnects

Updated headgear hit algorithm to eliminate more false hits

Updated chestgear hit algorithm to eliminate more false hits

Displays the appropriate LED color pattern on both the vest and headgear to indicate the correct pairing.

Standalone Energy scoring button functionality:

  • Red Health Button adds 4% of health
  • Yellow Time Button removes 10% of health
  • Double press Green Play button pauses
  • Single press Green Play button unpauses

Holding down both Green Play and Red Health for 4 seconds enters into charge cycle mode to restore battery capacity

Holding down both Green Play and Yellow Time will display firmware version Red Green Blue respectively

  • Red LED: 3 (Major Version)
  • Green LED: 2 (Minor Version)
  • Blue LED: 10 (0) (Patch Version)

Health Sensitivity is the same as 3.1.0, 3.1.1 and 3.1.2

UBL Desktop App

The UBL (United Battle League) is a professional league powered by 2020 Armor. Version 3.2 of the vest works with the newly released UBL Desktop Application which allows you fine tune control of a match from a computer desktop.

To get the UBL Desktop Application, please reach out to support@2020armor.com 

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