Levellng Up Your Performance With Data Driven Training With Former Canadian Taekwondo Champion Ali Ghafour

On April 4th we held our first live Train At Home stream session with our CEO and former Canadian Taekwondo Champion Master Ali Ghafour in the comfort of his home dojang. You can do these exercises in any room where you have enough space to train. We recommend living rooms and garages if there isn’t a dedicated room in your house.

The key difference between working out with 20/20 Armor and your normal fighting bag or BOB is that you have metrics that allow you to see your progress. You can learn whether your best at the beginning of your work out or after you’ve warmed up. You can learn whether your right arm is stronger than your left. Even Master Ghafour was surprised that his right leg was more powerful than his left leg. Which makes sense. Because our intuition is flawed and our analytic system is based on hard numbers.

In this video, Ali takes you through an easy to follow warm up and a couple of drills centered around measuring his speed and reaction time then a cool down. Once he finished he look at his stats and broke down what they meant to coaches and fighters looking to excel in the competitive world. He also took a look at how with data driven training beginners and regular practitioners could use it to elevate their performance.

A great thing about training with the app is that you can share your progress on social media with your friends and compete to get the highest scores. This adds in a great element of competition to your work out routine and can give you that added push to be your best. Now more than ever we need a reason to stay motivated and it’s scientifically proven that seeing regular improvement keeps us focused on our achieving our goals.

Renowned strength and conditioning coach for Olympic Athletes Tim Thackery of Juice Compound Training said “The updates to your product are next level & going to be absolutely essential for data driven training!”

To learn how you can get started training at home with 20/20 Armor go to our dedicated Training At Home page to get all the details.