Letter to Spectators

Dear Spectator,
Taekwondo has never been truly fit for television, largely due to the fact that it is difficult to grasp quickly in its current form. Learning the different methods of scoring and their point values, then keeping track of those techniques and their point values in real time is very challenging and is a huge barrier to entry for anyone interested enough to become a fan.

This is exactly why a solution like 20/20 Armor’s Energy Scoring is so great. Each hit is scored based on how much impact registers on the opponent, so there are no arbitrary point values to keep up with. What currently takes fans far too long to learn and grasp now takes mere seconds. The crux of the game can be explained in a few key points.

  • You win a match by winning 2 out of 3 rounds. You win a round by having more health on your “health bar” than your opponent’s at the end of a timed round. If you deplete your opponent’s health bar before the round time is done, you win the round.
  • For any single attack to the body, the impact energy will be removed from the opponent’s health bar.
  • Kicks to the head score for double the impact.
  • Attacks delivered in succession (i.e. combinations) will deplete the opponent’s health bar more than their simple sum.
  • Penalties will be given by the center referee and simply remove points from the health bar. A minor infraction costs 10% health, and a major infraction, 25%.

This is similar to the way that fighting video games are scored. By borrowing from such a popular fighting format (which has been in use since 1985), and bringing the video game to life, the understanding is practically instant. This is critical for creating excitement and enjoyment for the viewership.

Even beyond that, Energy Scoring introduces something that combat sports severely lack: World Records. With the new scoring format, things like “Fastest Depletion”, “Hardest Kick”, “Highest Scoring Combo”, “Longest Combo” and more can be measured and recorded. Watch as athletes try their hardest to become not only the champions of the tournament, but the record holders as the fiercest fighters of all time.
Welcome to the New Era of Taekwondo!
William Sexton
Founder & COO
2020 Armor