Investing in Your Success

We believe we are successful only when you are successful. Keeping in line with that philosophy, we hired our first head of customer success Mr. Joseph Nguyen. His goal is simple: make sure you get your Return On Investment on your 2020 Armor purchase. 

What Does This Mean for Our Customers? 

We have come up with an acronym to describe the way 2020 Armor can help your school grow.  We call it our “ART” Framework. A for Attracting New Students who were never interested in martial arts before, R is for Retaining The Students you have and T is for Thriving With New Revenue. Joseph is 2020 Armor’s A-R-T expert and will be your go to contact to make sure you get your return on investment as soon as possible. 

We had hundreds of applicants for the job and we chose Joseph due to his passion for our industry and history of achieving business success for his clients,” says 2020 Armor CEO Ali Ghafour. “We made our equipment so easy to use that 7 year olds can operate it. Joseph is going to make it that easy to get your return on investment.” 

Joseph will help you as you prepare for your trade demos and provide tips that will turn the line-ups that form at your event booth into sign ups. He’ll walk you through the recruitment process, giving you the language you need to use and help you maximize your results to recruit new students. When you’re running a tournament he will get you set up with the proper marketing materials and provide you with advice for making it your best tournament ever. He’ll make sure that you have access to our latest drills that will help drive engagement and retention from your students. When you begin using our mobile app he will make sure you are doing everything you need to maximize your referral benefits. To make sure you are successful Joseph has begun our ARTstart program and is already reaching out to existing customers. 

Introducing ARTstart

“I’m taking our A-R-T Framework and I’m going to be developing a coaching curriculum around it,” says Mr. Nguyen. “The program is called ARTstart. It begins with two onboarding sessions, the first when your equipment arrives and the second a month after. In the first meeting I will walk you through the 10 game modes and the common ways that people integrate it into their classrooms. I can answer any questions you might have and make sure that you know how to put it to immediate use at your school. A month later we have our second phone call, and I’ll talk about what you need to do to get a quick return on your investment and take a deep dive into how you attract new students, retain the ones you have and thrive with new revenue with 20/20 Armor. After that I’ll be available for questions before your events and every quarter we will have a little check in to see how things have been working and how I can help them work better. Many of our customers have already had a 3 and 4X return on their investment but I’m confident that we can do much better. We don’t abandon our customers after your purchase. That’s just the beginning of the journey we want to take with your schools and I can’t wait to work with you.” 

Joseph won’t simply be communicating to you how methods to create more revenue for your school using 20/20 Armor but informing the world of all your successes.

“Part of ARTstart is telling the stories of what you’ve been able to accomplish with 20/20 Armor and celebrate the ideas you bring to the table,” says Joseph.  “Our customers are extremely creative and we look forward to sharing their innovative ideas with our community. We’ll regularly be publishing success stories on our site so that people all across the world can learn about the amazing things you are doing at your school. So that you can inspire other school owners across the world to get more people into Taekwondo and grow the sport we love so dearly.” 

Want to get in touch with Joseph and get started on making a return on your investment right now? You can reach Joseph at or by phone at 1-844-963-2020 x5.  To learn more about A-R-T click