How World Champions Deal With Pressure Before A Fight

How World Champions Deal With Pressure Before A Fight

Everyone gets nervous and feels pressure before a big match. If you don’t you aren’t a human being and that’s a much more significant problem than being a little nervous.

We were lucky enough to chat with your instructors about how they deal with pressure.

In this incredible eight minute video Master Stephen Lambdin, Master Yvette Yong, Master Claire Kim and Master Tim Thackrey all share their insights on how they reframe pressure and use it to their advantage.

Why Pressure is Imaginary

Master Stephen Lambdin had a great analogy of imagining pressure as waves on the ocean. The ocean is always going to be there and nothing you can do will stop it. When you accept it you regain control. He also mentioned that the external pressure you feel is imaginary. It’s just pressure you are putting on yourself. Trying something takes bravery. A life without nervous pressure is also one without excitement.

Be sure to watch the video for all of their amazing insights.

And remember to enjoy the fight.

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