How Mr. Frank Got the Most District Champions (71) in the ATA

How Mr. Frank Got the Most District Champions (71) in the ATA

How does one school come to dominate the competitive circuit in an entire country? You give them the right tools.

“Since we started using 2020 Armor we have won 71 District Championships,” says Mr. Jonathan Frank, an ATA school owner with three schools located in Maryland. “To put this in perspective we have won the most district championship titles of any ATA school in the United States. Our sparring team has an edge because we train with 2020 Armor. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made for our schools.” 

Why is 2020 Armor his secret weapon? 

Mr. Frank uses 20/20 Armor with his elite sparring competitive team which has 55 members. With 55 students it’s impossible to give everyone individual attention. But that’s where 20/20 Armor steps in. 

“2020 Armor keeps my athletes honest,” says Mr. Frank. “I think the biggest thing is that it’s so easy that any of my guys can operate it.  So they can spar without a coach or a judge to give them individual supervision. They know when they get hit and when they land their strikes.  There is accountability because they can see it right on the vest. I have 24 video game scoring vests. 24 athletes can train at once with just one coach.

Keeping Your Team Focused The Whole Training Session

Mr. Frank trains with his sparring team for four hours at a time.  Any coach that holds long sparring sessions knows that students lose focus and that a lot of time can be wasted. With 20/20 Armor his students stay focused the entire time. 

“When they train and they hit, they know instantly that they did,” says Mr. Frank. “It’s what they are used to. It’s what they are familiar with. It’s just like getting a like on a photo. It’s what they have been learning to crave. Only it isn’t just attention they are getting, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When you give kids that feeling of accomplishment you’ll be amazed by what they can do.”

How Mr. Frank Got 100% Retention with the Elusive Teen Market 

Mr. Frank had a 100% retention rate for his sparring squad over the last twelve months since he introduced 20/20 Armor. And these are teenage students, the most likely demographic to leave their martial arts training for other high school sports and activities. Not one of them has left. 

Why are 71 District Championships a Big Deal? 

“For us it’s a benchmark,” says Mr. Frank.  “Can you teach effective performance based martial arts?  We went to district and won 71 titles. 20/20 Armor taught our kids how to hit hard and stay focused in the ring. It’s given us a leg up. Someday I want all of my students to have their own vest. That’s the future.”  

Bring Your Team to the Next Level

Give your athletes the first ever analytics system developed for martial arts that measures their power, stamina and reaction time to give them an edge on the competition. 20/20 Armor's High Performance system is being used by world champions in the sport. It should be used by your team.