Get Your Students Training At Home

Get Your Students Training At Home

We’ve recently received a lot of interest from parents at our schools about buying 2020 Armor to train at home with their kids. 

The parents were excited to perfect the techniques you teach them in class, get fit as a family and keep their kids focused on setting goals and achieving them. 

In this article we will explain the direct and indirect financial benefits of selling 2020 Armor to your students and how you can get started on this new revenue stream at your school during this upcoming Holiday season. 

Direct Revenue: $75 per Vest

Our retail price for our video game scoring vests is $599 per unit. If you buy in bulk you can achieve significant savings.  For ten vests you can purchase them at a special discount of $5250. Which means you can make $75 dollars per vest. 

Now that’s only the beginning of the benefits you can receive by selling our video game scoring vests to your students. 

Indirect Revenue:

  1. When students train at home you dramatically increase the chance of parents taking classes at your school because the equipment is available and they can take part in training with their child.  
  2. Once the parent begins taking classes the rest of the family will shortly follow and your membership will start to explode.  It’s surprising how often the family are ignored as a potential referral channel. 
  3. Students who train at home are more focused in class and more likely to continue with their training. This will result in a significant retention benefit.
  4.  Students who have their own 20/20 Armor are also more likely to recruit their friends. Their friends come to their house and get to practice with the equipment. You can get students who would never have been interested in martial arts but love video games. 
  5. Since your kids have their own armor, you have more equipment available when you want to run a tournament, which means you can run bigger events and make more money. 

As you can see the indirect financial benefits are even greater than the direct benefits. 

Let’s do a simple calculation of the potential impact on your club with just ten units purchased by your students for at home training. 

Attract New Students 

Let go extremely conservative and say you get one student vest purchase you get 1 friend and one family member for one year of classes. These referrals are direct referrals and don’t include going to demos or trade shows. 

The financial benefits at 1 year of classes for the parent and the child are 100 a month x12. Roughly 1200 dollars per student.  So that’s 2,400 dollars right there for attracting new students at no cost to you. So multiply that by 10 units for ten students and you get $24,000 dollars in recruitment benefits. 

Retain Your Black Belts

The students who makes the purchase becomes more engaged in their classes.  One student in a multi year black belt program is worth between 7-10 thousand dollars to a school over a series of years.  Training at home with 20/20 Armor keeps them engaged in the program and helps prevent them from quitting. It serves as an insurance policy on your child’s training. Say that 2 of the students who buy it are in a black belt program.  

The retention value of just two of these black belt program students is worth $15,000 dollars to your school over a  three year period. That’s not taking into account the effect their dedication has on their fellow students. When they begin to excel at tournaments other students will want to follow in their footsteps. 

Thrive with New Revenue 

With 2020 Armor running your tournaments are 80% less expensive because the judging is done on the vest and you only need a centre referee.  Your rings run faster. Delays are drastically reduced. Your experience is better. People come back next year. 

Now these are conservative estimates of the benefits your school can get by selling 2020 Armor to your students. They don’t take into account non financial benefits like improved performance at tournaments or the mental and physical benefits parents and children will get from training together as a family.  

Selling 2020 Armor to Parents

Now that you can see the clear benefits to your school from selling 20/20 Armor to your students, let’s talk about how you make it happen.  Here are four sales points we have found incredibly effective with parents at our schools: 

  • Secure your investment in your child’s martial arts education and goal to get to black belt by making sure that your kids practice what they learn in class at home
  • Training with your child at home gives you a chance to become involved in what your child loves and form a closer connection 
  • See your child’s progress and know where they stand with kids at their level. With 20/20 Armor they can improve their speed, strength, timing and accuracy 
  • Get fit as a family. Train with your kid and do the exercises we provided to keep up with your own training when you can’t make it to the gym or dojang 
  • It’s an excellent  gift idea. It’s the same price as an X-BOX but gets you in shape. 


We recommend reaching out to your student’s parents through a variety of different channels.  By providing them with the information they need they can make an informed decision and increase their commitment to their child’s training. 


Speak to your students about 20/20 Armor. You can talk about what they can learn with 20/20 Armor and how it will improve their speed, accuracy, power and timing.  

Private Lesson Extension

If you have 2020 Armor you can also do private lessons with interested students and their families and charge for the lessons. Once you have walked them through the training process they will be more likely to buy and will have improved their technique. 

In fact private lessons for the family are a great way to make more revenue with these direct sales. Because they may run out of ideas and you can fill that need. 

In Your Hallway

Put up the poster we will provide you with.  When parents come to pick up their kids you can mention this at home training program and the benefits it will have for their family. 

By Email

Send out an email to the parents in your school alerting them to this opportunity and explain these four benefits. 

Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook group you can take short videos of your students using 2020 Armor in school.  Explain the benefits of using them at school. This is a visual medium and this is a visual product. Take videos of your students using 2020 Armor and post them!

Once students and their parents begin training at home you can issue family challenges. This will inspire other parents to buy the equipment so they can take part. 


Share pictures and videos of your family training together. Give them challenges. Make parents and children into a team and electrify social media as a potential recruitment tool for your school. 


This Holiday season it is time to get your student’s family involved in the martial arts they love.  Taking their practice to their homes will improve their speed, timing, accuracy and power and make sure that they fully integrate the lessons you are teaching them in class. 

It will help them stick with their studies and give them the confidence they need to face life outside your amazing school. Your school will make $75 dollars of direct revenue from the sale of each vest. 

These sales will indirectly benefit your recruitment and retention efforts and can add thousands of dollars of revenue you wouldn’t be making otherwise. Go to to find out more about the benefits of training at home with our revolutionary video game scoring vests.   

Make sure to place your order as soon as possible to make sure your order can ship for Christmas. Get in touch with us at or in the chat to get started immediately!