Convert Students with 2020 Armor

You have a new potential student that walked into your gym, congratulations! (You must have read our other post on acquiring new students 🙂

The founders of 20/20 Armor run 6 successful martial art clubs across the United States and Canada with over 1,500 students. We would like to share with you a few tips on how to convert students to members when they walk into your gym using 20/20 Armor. You can also read our follow up post on retaining your students once they become members.

The top 5 reasons parents enroll kids (under 13 represent 60% of memberships) are Physical Fitness, Confidence Building, Self Discipline, Self-Defense/Bullying Prevention and Media-Influence . Here is how you can leverage 20/20 Armor to address these buying trigger points for parents.

Physical Fitness

When physical fitness becomes fun or something a child can relate to (for example video games) then the barrier for them to join becomes lower. By telling the parents that the child can act out their favorite video game and get physically fit by using 20/20 Armor, you have addressed one of their main concerns for bringing their child to your gym. By scoring points through stamina, power, speed and reaction times you incentivize them to push themselves and become more physically active. Traditional video games keep children on the couch and can keep a child from interacting with others in real life. 20/20 Armor takes the electronics they love and uses it to connect them to other kids and a tradition that can teach them lessons that will help them for the rest of their lives.


When people kick and light up the bars on 20/20 Armor, they can instantly see the results of their efforts. When they immediately see the results of their efforts, their confidence increases because they can see their effort has a tangible, unbiased measurement. They can tweak their technique and instantly see the impact of their efforts. This fast feedback loop has been proven to make children try more. As a result of their increased effort (i.e. repetition) the student improves more, and so does their confidence.


Many students do not like sparring or are afraid of sparring. Sparring however is one of the best ways to build self defense as it represents combat the closest. Knowing how to physically defend yourself also gives your students the tools or confidence to defend against bullies. By making sparring like a video game with 20/20 Armor, you focus the attention on the scoring versus the act of sparring itself. We’ve found this has given more apprehensive students the courage they need to become comfortable with sparring.  The students are learning – in a safe, controlled way – how to hit and how to take a hit. This will ultimately give the student the tools they need to defend themselves in any situation.


Fostering self-training is great way to instill self-discipline. 20/20 Armor comes with 5 one player games that students can play on their own at home. These one player games teach reaction, timing, stamina, control and power. Each of these one player games have 10 different difficulty settings, and the student can progress over time on their own. By letting the parents know that students can train on their own, you have provided an avenue to further address self-discipline outside of class.

Media Influence

Movies and video game influence are a significant reason new students want to join martial arts. We’ve all watched a Marvel movie and wished we could do those cool moves in real life.  By leveraging these interests and let the student and parents know that you have programs that mimics these interests. With 20/20 Armor you can tell parents that you have “Video Game Days” where kids play video games in real life. They are learning martial arts, but they are learning it in a way that is relevant to them. Presenting your program this way helps convert students to members.

Sparring Package: Cheaper than an XBox!

Many martial art gyms offer equipment packages when a new student joins. Put 20/20 Armor vests as part of your equipment package. The cost of one system is cheaper than cheaper than an XBox, Wii or Play Station, and provides a lot more value!

Return on Investment

If you are able to sign up one student, a single 20/20 Armor unit pays for itself 4 times over. If you are able to retain one student for an extra 3 months, a single 2020 Armor unit has paid for itself. Leverage the power of instant feedback and gamifying martial arts to grow your business!