Branding Kit Guidelines

We are excited to work with you and looking forward to helping you promote your upcoming events and dedicated classes. To serve you better we are going to provide you with some dos and don’t for using our branding kit. 

It is important for people who see our logo and assets to be able to distinguish between customers using our products on their own and actions, events or promotions from the company itself. We don’t want to confuse people into thinking that an event is hosted by us, or an athlete is being represented by us. 

Avoid Representing the 2020 Armor Brand in a Way That:

  • Makes the 20/20 Armor brand the most distinctive or prominent feature of your advertisement.
  • Implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.
  • Puts the brand in a negative context as part of a script or storyline. 

For example you can’t hold an event called “20/20 Armor Open” but you can host an event called “Kansas City Open: Powered by 20/20 Armor”. 

Good Usage: 

Advertising Knockout Taekwondo is hosting “20/20 Armor Tuesdays” Classes

Texas Kick Hosts Spar Wars featuring 20/20 Armor

Toronto Taekwondo elite sparring squad powered by 20/20 Armor

Bad Usage:

20/20 Armor’s Turbokick Tuesdays

20/20 Armor presents “Spar Wars”

Any representation of individual athletes or teams that gives the impression they are brand ambassadors or sponsored athletes of 20/20 Armor.

With all that said have fun. Our school owners are incredibly creative and we love the work you’ve done. Here are a couple of examples of using our branding kit that particularly inspired us.

If you’re wondering whether your usage of our branding kit falls outside our guidelines, please refrain from publishing and send an email to for clarification.