And the Winner Is...

In front of a packed crowd at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada the winners to the 20/20 Armor Supershow Raffle were announced. The prize was 2 Bobs and 2 Electronic Chestguards for a total value of $2000. Sensei Jared and Jennifer Faust of Senseij Enterprises of Phoenix, Arizona couldn’t have been happier to win the prize.

“We meet so many great people every year at the Supershow,” said 20/20 Armor CEO Ali Ghafour. “School owners have an incredibly important job and we wanted to give them a little reward for all the hard work they do. We couldn’t be happier to get Senseij Enterprises started with 20/20 Armor and are excited to work with them for a long time in the future.” 

The Fausts loaded up their car at the end of the Supershow and  drove back to Phoenix. They started using the equipment as soon as they got back. 

“Oh my god the kids love them,” said Jennifer, the business manager of the dojo and a black belt in Shotokan. “I’m going to get ten more of them as soon as I can afford it!” 

Her husband Sensei Jared Faust, 38, is a second-degree black belt and has been running his dojo with his wife for the last seven months. 

“I had no idea how easy 20/20 Armor would be to use it and that was the first thing that surprised me, “ confessed Sensei Faust.  “I am not the most technical person so I sort of expected there’d be this long manual to read and it would be really complicated. But it was just one sheet of paper and I figured out how to use all the games in five minutes. The second thing that surprised me was how much the kids loved it. I figured they would enjoy it because but I didn’t think they’d request using it every time we got on the mat.”  

Sensei Faust pointed out that the biggest change he’s noticed is that the power behind his student’s punches and kicks have gotten much stronger. In only a few weeks the improvement in their technique has been “incredible”. 

“The major thing I have noticed among the kids is that the instant feedback makes the kids try harder,” says Sensei Faust. “When they are just hitting a plain punching bag they don’t know how hard they are hitting. Even as an instructor I can’t really tell them how hard they are hitting. I can say that is a stronger punch or kick but I can’t tell them how much harder.  20/20 Armor gives them a really good gauge as to how hard they are hitting and it makes them better martial artists because they have a goal to strive for. It makes my job easier.” 

Everyone who entered the raffle was given a ticket that is also a $50 dollar voucher off their order. It’s valid until August 1st. Make sure to place your order before these vouchers expire! Remember that 20/20 Armor can purchased through a layaway plan and if you are a US customer 20/20 Armor can help you arrange a lease to own program with a finance company we are working with. Get in touch with our Chief Instructor and Head of Sales Scott Granger for details by email at