How to make $40K with 2020 Armor

How to make $40K with 2020 Armor

Would you spend $4K to make $40K? Everyone I talk to, the answer is “Heck, yeah of course!”

Our vests have been proven to generate revenue in these three ways: In House Events ($10,000), Student Retention ($12,960) and New Student Acquisition ($17,280)

In House Events ($10,000)

Host fun events using any of the game modes from practicing reaction, team drills to 2 people sparring using the street fighter energy mode with just your students in your gym

50 Student Participation
4 Seasonal Events
* $50 Entry Fee
$10,000 per year of NEW revenue

Student Retention ($12,960)

Industry statistics show that every month, a club loses 10% of its student base. That means if you have 100 students in your school at the beginning of the year, you have to get 10 new students in January just to break even by the beginning of February.

20/20 Armor has been shown to reduce your student drop-out rates by a MINIMUM of 30% per month and increase the length of a potential drop-out’s training by a minimum of 3 months!

If you have 100 students in your school and charge $120 per month, that’s:

3 students per month retained
3 months extra retention
* $120 per month
* 12 months

= $12,960 per year of retained revenue

New Student Acquisition ($17,280)

You have 5 trials come in per month. 2020 Armor will convert one of those to a full time student because of how the technology is relatable to children and parents when they are looking at your facility, and how the technology differentiates you from the club down the street.

5 trials per month (1 conversion because of 2020 Armor) = 12 new students per year * ($1,440 per year) = $17,280 / year

That is $40,240!

These are conservative numbers and does not include other revenue sources such as: bring a buddy night, creating a video game theme night, using the vests in your local town demos, having more frequent in house events, and higher retention and acquisition percentages etc. Also as a 2020 Armor customer you will get a series of videos and marketing content that will help you grow your training program and your business!

Payment Plan

One 2020 Armor vests costs $399 USD. If you would like to buy 6 or more, we have a very simple monthly payment plan. Put $500 down (we will ship you one of your vests), pay the remaining balance over 4 months, and once your full payment has been made we will ship you the remainder. For example:

10 vests = $3,990 USD (excluding shipping). Pay $500 right away on your credit card, $3,490 balance remains. Pay the remainder $872.50 over 4 months.

Please email us or call 1 (844) 963-2020 if you would like to make an order using a payment plan.


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