Thrive Level III: Private Lessons

Thrive Level III: Private Lessons

Want to create more value? Want to deliver a better experience? Want to charge more for your instructor’s time? Using your 2020 Armor technology during private lessons will not only give your student an elevated experience, but will increase the value of your private lessons.

Just like in the intro class, we suggest getting baseline stats (reaction and power). Getting these numbers will help you to improve their performance in whatever way you decide to take their training.

We suggest doing private lessons in 30 minute blocks. That way they can come in for the first private lesson on day one for 30 minutes, then they can go home practice. In the second 30 minute session, you can confirm the result and continue to work on new skills. Selling private lessons by packaging them together in 1 hour, 5 hour, and 10 hour blocks helps ensure that students are serious about private lessons (increased value), and getting what they want (elevated experience).

For students that are this committed, we suggest they subscribe to our supplemental AT HOME ACADEMY as well. They will be able to train with a top-level athlete. They will then be able to come into their private lessons for correction and adjustment.

Prices usually range from $100 to $300 per hour. If you split that into 30 minute increments that’s $50 per half hour session or $150 per half hour session. It sounds expensive but we know you are worth it! They will be getting not only amazing one on one time with their instructor, but invaluable data with 2020 Armor technology.

The more hours they purchase the better price they will receive, here is an example:

  • 10 hours for $600 - $60 for a full hour 
  • 5 hours for $400 - $80 for a full hour 
  • 1 hour for $100 - $100 for a full hour 

Remember we suggest splitting private lessons into 30 minute sessions, so if a client buys 5 hours: that’s ten, 30 minute sessions, it’s a huge saving, plus you are making $40 in 30 minutes. Monitor and adjust the prices accordingly for your school or instructors.

Congrats on completing the full 9 module A.R.T program!