Thrive Level I: In-House Tournament

Thrive Level I: In-House Tournament

In THRIVE Level 1, we kick it up a notch and host an In-House tournament, creating a new revenue stream for your club. For this type of event, we suggest a 4-5 hour commitment on a Saturday.

The format of your event can be as simple as running individual competitions for the various game modes. To take it a step further, would involve implementing poomsae and head-to-head sparring using 2020 Armor technology. For the full effect, you can offer all three – skill competitions, poomsae and sparring!

Use one-player games – REFLEX, HEARTBEAT, and HIT METER for skills events, and our flagship two-player game ENERGY SCORING for sparring competition. Another way to have a two player competition would be TUG OF WAR. All of these games are sure to make your next inner school tournament be a huge success.

We recommend an entry fee of $30-$45 for two events per student and $10-$15 for any additional events. We suggest you invite other schools depending on the size of your club. For each form of competition you decide to host, we suggest creating divisions based on age, gender and skill level, while keeping the power settings on the chest protectors between levels 1 to 3.

The layout and size of your club will ultimately determine what you can offer and how many students you can have attending. A packed building is often full of energy and a great atmosphere, but be sure there is still an area for students to warm-up, spectators to watch, and people to move about.

Putting on a great event is one that has attendees looking forward to the next one, which can lead to your first in-house tournament becoming a quarterly event and a regular activity on your club calendar!

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