Update 2020 Armor Vests

Please download this updater which can be run on your PC (not a MAC) and will update your 2020 Armor vests to the latest software. If you have any questions, please email support@2020armor.com

Please update all your vests to this new version. Any vests with old version of the software will not sync with vests with the new versions of the software
NOTE: If after you perform the update you get yellow lights when you double tap the top of the vest, you will need to perform one more update with an OTA (Over The Air) Update with the 2020 Armor Mobile App. Go to Profile > Settings > Update Vest

What has changed on the vest software?

  • We adjusted the health settings for game 1 (energy scoring) and game 2 (tug of war) and game 4 (invincible) to allow for a wider range of skills. Level 8 health setting on the old vest software will be a level 2 on the new vest software

  • We made game 3 (Race) more stable

  • We made game 6 (Reflex) respond faster to multiple hits, and removed the need to satisfy a power setting. It looks for speed of reaction only.

  • We made game 7 (beat box) easier to play and see when you hit multiple times

  • Game 10 - we increased the upper limit to make levels 6 through 10 harder

  • Other stability and bug fixes