20/20 Armor guarantees that club owners will generate at least 3 times what you spend with us back in revenue in one year.

For example if you spend $5K with us we will guarantee you’ll make at least $15K back. When you invest in 20/20 Armor you aren’t just getting a training tool that will make your students better martial artists, you’re getting the only martial arts equipment that will make you money.
Which is why we are offering a guarantee you won’t see anywhere else in the industry.


It is incredibly simple. We have a customer success team that is assigned to each club owner who makes a purchase. They do check in calls with club owners 4 times a year. In the check in calls, we go over any questions you may have, and also share the different ways to attract new students, retain your existing ones and create new revenue streams with our equipment. If you complete the 4 check in calls, follow the suggestions and are not able to make back at least 3 times your investment in one year, we will take back the equipment.
This offer applies to martial art club owners in North America with a order minimum of 4 vests as that is the minimum amount to get the full financial benefits from the armor for a school owner.
We wouldn’t make an offer like this if we hadn’t already seen many school owners make much more. These school owners have used our equipment to Attract New Customers, Retain the ones you have and Thrive With New Revenue and made thousands of dollars doing it.

Master Emerson Wong

Pulse Martial Arts

"Usually we hover at 10 leads, this time we got 50. We will never go to a trade show or recruiting event without it.”

Master Wong took a 2020 Armor vest to his recruiting event, tied it on a BOB and challenged attendees to a game of Hit Meter, a game that instantly measures power simply by looking at the vest. Master Wong would provide simple instruction, the attendee would improve their strikes, and won the right to be entered into a contest for a free introductory offer. He was able to attract 50 new leads in just four hours. Master Wong earned over 30K on an initial investment of just $3000. That’s a 10X return.


Mr. Jonathan Frank

ATA Maryland

"55 teens and not one of them quit. That’s amazing. That’s how it needs to be”

"Every school owner has a huge problem once kids reach about thirteen years old,” says Mr. Jonathan Frank.  “This is the age that kids leave martial arts to go and play high school sports. But my sparring program has 55 kids, all in that age range, and not one of them has dropped out this entire year since we started using 2020 Armor. That’s a 100% retention rate of the most difficult student population to keep over the entire year. Honestly I’ve never seen it before. 55 kids and not one of them quit. That’s amazing. That’s how it needs to be.”   By keeping just 10 of those students for one year, with each conservatively paying $150 per month for the program, he saved $18,000  dollars just in student retention alone.


Master Snorrasson

Mudo Gym

"Why aren't all tournaments like this?”

Master Snorrasson is thriving with new revenue streams with, and generated $12K from his quarterly 20/20 Armor semi formal competitions he calls Rumbles. He used these Rumbles to generate revenue, speed up his tournaments, reduce tournament staff by 80%  and upgrade his student's membership from beginner to competitive. “Have you ever seen a tournament end early and didn’t have technical delays?” asks Master Snorrasson. “The kids love it because it’s like video games. I love that it teaches the Taekwondo I grew up with.”  With an initial investment of just 4K Master Snorrason has already gotten a 3X return on his investment without including the money he made from the new recruits he gets from each event or increased retention from upgrading his students.


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We are a small business just like you and we hope that you understand that we can’t cover the guarantee for these reasons:

  • We understand that your club might be shut down for reasons outside of your control (IE Tornados, Pandemic, Acts of God). If you are unable to have/follow through on the 4 check in calls, we can extend the 12 month window for return to an appropriate length, on a case by case basis.

  • If the unforeseeable happens and your club goes out of business, we will unfortunately not be able to do returns for that reason only.

  • We will also not be able to process returns if the product is destroyed or not in resalable condition.

  • This offer is not transferable. If you decide to sell the vests to another club, we can not transfer this guarantee.

  • This offer does not apply to re-sellers or distributors. 


Talk with Master Scott Granger, a fellow club owner and 2020 Armor expert through chat, email or phone