20/20 Armor founders Master Ali Ghafour, Master William Sexton and Master Tony Kook are former competitive Olympic Taekwondo National team members, experienced coaches and successful school owners with over 1700 students. Their lives were shaped by the lessons of courage and resilience they learned at the foot of their Masters, in training sessions with coaches and competing in tournaments across the globe with teammates who became their closest friends.
When they saw the martial arts tradition they had been raised in beginning to disappear from the world they created 20/20 Armor.
The mission was to build a piece of martial arts equipment to preserve the competitive tradition that made them and create a path for the next generation of martial artists to have opportunities they’d never been offered before.
They wanted everyone who loved martial arts to be able to, “Enjoy The Fight.”
Enjoying the fight meant pouring all of their passion and expertise into crafting an electronic scoring vest that incentivized the awe inspiring strength and speed of old school martial arts. They created a judging system that was intuitive and transparent to save a sport in crisis.
Enjoying the fight meant creating the only revenue generating martial arts equipment for school owners so they can continue instilling priceless lessons to children when they need it the most.  20/20 Armor is dedicated to ending the age where doing what you love for school owners means sacrificing their financial security.
Enjoying the fight means giving martial arts students a training tool where even the youngest yellow belt can track their progress and continue their studies until their Masters have a chance to give them the lessons that will change their lives forever.
Enjoying the fight makes it easier for students to get in the ring and spar by leveraging video game technology that speaks to the way they live their everyday lives. Students change when they get on the mat: whether they win or lose they face their fears and find themselves stronger on the other side. Young people need to learn that when they lose they can get back up. Life will not be easy. It’s why it’s critical that they learn how to enjoy the fight.
Enjoying the fight means giving the coaches who train aspiring and elite athletes meaningful analytics to elevate the world of high performance. 20/20 is creating the first state-of-the-art analytics software for martial arts to take training to the next level. This revolutionary app will be used by national team coaches across the globe and help train world champions like our athlete ambassador Yvette Yong.
Enjoying the fight means laying a foundation for a spectator friendly professional martial arts league where martial arts athletes like Yvette can compete on the world stage. This league will have a scoring system that is transparent and intuitive. Fighters will be celebrated for their speed and raw power and the glorious fighting style of our masters will be preserved. Young martial artists will have stars they can look up to and emulate. 20/20 Armor will create a path for athletes when they finish competing, so they won’t have to leave behind the sport they’ve dedicated their life to. Because you shouldn’t be punished for chasing a dream. You should be celebrated.
Enjoying the fight is a philosophy of living and a legacy we want to leave behind. Life isn’t easy. You’re going to have to fight for what you want. We’ve chosen what we want to fight for. 20/20 Armor fights to make it easier for martial arts school owners, athletes, and fans to do what they love. We do this for the people who never gave up on us. For our masters who taught us everything we know. We do it because we love it too.
Our investors include LeAD Sports, founded by the grandchildren of Adi Dassler (founder of Adidas) and we were featured on popular TV shows such as Dragons Den. We’re excited about our future. We’re happy you’re going to be a part of it.
Thanks for searching us out and discovering what we stand for. Get in contact and stand with us. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy the fight.

Master William Sexton, Master Tony Kook, Master Ali Ghafour (left to right)

Master Tino Dossantos and Master Jae Hoon Lee, teachers of founder Ali Ghafour


Master William Sexton (left) with Professor Jung Kook Hyun (4 time world champion, and Olympic champion)


Master Ali Ghafour (3rd from right) 2007 Pan Am Games team member


Our vision of a professional martial art league

2020 Armor original launch video - 2016

Ali Ghafour | Founder & CEO
  • Serial entrepreneur (founder of 4 tech companies)
  • 25+ years Taekwondo experience
  • 4x Canadian
    National Team Member
  • HBSc Computer Science
William Sexton | Founder & COO
  • 23+ years Taekwondo experience
  • 6th degree black belt &
  • Technical Chair of US Collegiate Taekwondo
Tony Kook | Director
  • Owner & operator of 5 Taekwondo clubs with over 1200 students
  • Vice President of Taekwondo Canada

2020 Armor is a proud LeAD Sports company. Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente are the oldest grandchildren of Adi Dassler (founder of Adidas). Together, they founded the leAD Sports Accelerator and Adi Dassler International Family Office to revive their grandfather’s legacy. But they’re not alone: leAD is backed by an exclusive circle of international top investors from different areas that all have a strong foothold in the sports industry. www.leadsports.com