How does one school come to dominate the competitive circuit in an entire country? You give them the right tools.

“Since we started using 20/20 Armor we have won 71 District Championships,” says Mr. Jonathan Frank, an ATA school owner with three schools located in Maryland. “To put this in perspective we have won the most district championship titles of any ATA school in the United States. Our sparring team has an edge because we train with 20/20 Armor. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made for our schools.” 


Mr. Frank uses 20/20 Armor with his elite sparring competitive team which has 55 members. With 55 students it’s impossible to give everyone individual attention. But that’s where 20/20 Armor steps in. 

“20/20 Armor keeps my athletes honest,” says Mr. Frank. “I think the biggest thing is that it’s so easy that any of my guys can operate it.  So they can spar without a coach or a judge to give them individual supervision. They know when they get hit and when they land their strikes.  There is accountability because they can see it right on the vest. I have 24 video game scoring vests. 24 athletes can train at once with just one coach.

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Keeping Your Team Focused The Whole Training Session

Mr. Frank trains with his sparring team for four hours at a time.  Any coach that holds long sparring sessions knows that students lose focus and that a lot of time can be wasted. With 20/20 Armor his students stay focused the entire time. 

“When they train and they hit, they know instantly that they did,” says Mr. Frank. “It’s what they are used to. It’s what they are familiar with. It’s just like getting a like on a photo. It’s what they have been learning to crave. Only it isn’t just attention they are getting, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When you give kids that feeling of accomplishment you’ll be amazed by what they can do.”


Mr. Frank had a 100% retention rate for his sparring squad over the last twelve months since he introduced 20/20 Armor. And these are teenage students, the most likely demographic to leave their martial arts training for other high school sports and activities. Not one of them has left. 


“For us it’s a benchmark,” says Mr. Frank.  “Can you teach effective performance based martial arts?  We went to district and won 71 titles. 20/20 Armor taught our kids how to hit hard and stay focused in the ring. It’s given us a leg up. Someday I want all of my students to have their own vest. That’s the future.”  


Give your athletes the first ever analytics system developed for martial arts that measures their power, stamina and reaction time to give them an edge on the competition. 20/20 Armor's High Performance system is being used by world champions in the sport. It should be used by your team.

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Double Your Tax Refund With 20/20 Armor

You’ve got your tax refund in the mail and you earned every penny. The question is do you want this to be a one time pay day or an investment that will make you more money every single month?

We’re going to walk you through some of the ways that investing your tax refund in 20/20 Armor will provide much greater long term financial rewards and help you grow your school. We have come up with “A-R-T” as a helpful acronym to describe how 20/20 Armor can help you Attract new students, Retain the students you have and Thrive with new revenue. 

Let’s start first with Attracting New Students. One of our simplest recruitment tactics is called “Light Up The Bob” and you can use it at Tradeshows and Community Events. All you need is one 20/20 Armor vest on a Wavemaster or BOB. Line ups will quickly form to discover what the video game scoring chest guards actually do. Now you have a chance to turn those lineups into sign ups. 

 You put the vest on Hitmeter (where the game measures the power of their strikes) and challenge event attendees to kick their hardest to max it out on a low setting. You give them advice on how to improve their technique and when they max it out you give them a free month of classes. The key is that they feel they’ve earned those lessons rather than have been given a free coupon. By providing potential students instruction on the spot you show that they can learn martial arts and overcome their fear that they can’t learn martial arts.  

But does it work? White Court Taekwondo has been in their community for 40 years and has a population of 9,000. At just one community round up they were able to get 6 new recruits. Which allowed them to pay back their entire investment. Read their story here.  

20/20 Armor also helps school owners Retain the students they already have. Some of the most common reasons students quit: 1) they become bored with repetitive drills, 2) they aren’t able to measure improvement between belt tests and 3) when sparring is introduced.  

20/20 Armor provides  instant feedback on technique as they play the games and shows them their progress to get them from becoming burned out. Gamifying their training keeps lessons engaged and provides social reinforcement between belt tests. 

With 20/20 Armor school owners have reported 50% less drop out when sparring is introduced because kids focus on bringing down the health bars instead of their fear of hitting and getting hit.

Master Michael Colver introduced 20/20 Armor to his classroom and watched his retention climb by 20%!  Read his story here

Finally let’s talk about how our video game scoring vests can help your school Thrive with new revenue. We’ll focus on just one example which are in house tournaments. 

We all know that tournaments are full of technical delays and current judging systems are hard to understand and prone to errors and leave families frustrated with hours of wait time. With 20/20 Armor you can eliminate technical delays to make your tournament faster, offer fair judging and eliminate 80% of judging staff to create a better more, exciting experience. 

At TKD Keflavik Master Helgi ran a tournament and got almost a 100% participation from his students. 

“My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 20/20 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!” Read the full story here.

It’s time to put your tax refund to work for you! 

To help you reach your goals, we have a Customer Success department who’s number one goal is to get you a 10X return on your investment of 2020 Armor. They will be your personal coach and help you implement the Attract, Retain and Thrive strategies mentioned here.

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Every year there is a sport registration event in Whitecourt and we rarely get to sign up any new students on the spot. This September we registered six new students directly because of their interest in 20/20 Armor,” says Master Jeremy Wilhelm, 38, 6th Dan of Whitecourt Taekwondo. “There are several reasons why six is such a huge number for us. Our dojang has been in Whitecourt for the last 40 years. We have 100 students out of a population of just over 9000 in our town. People know us and we have families who have trained with us for decades. It’s hard to get new people excited about something that has been in the community for such a long time. 20/20 Armor really changed things for us.” 


Master Jeremy and his sister Master Tara Rennie printed up free trial membership cards for a month of free lessons. But they didn’t just give them away at the community round up.

They set up 20/20 Armor on Wavemasters and put the 20/20 Armor up to levels 4 and 5. A line up formed for gymnastics as it always does. But for the first time in a long time they stole large groups of potential students out of the line by challenging them to “Light Up The Bob” by kicking it. If they could max it out on level 4 they would earn their free month of lessons. 

Attendees would try 3 or 4 times to max it out and in between they would offer tips on how they could improve their strikes. It made the prospective students feel like they earned their 1 month of free classes and showed attendees that they were capable of learning martial arts. 

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Master Wilhelm explained that those six student’s tuition over a year will cover the entire cost of his school’s investment in 20/20 Armor. This doesn’t take into account the added value of how 20/20 Armor has helped his students kick with more power and made their tournaments faster, fairer and far more exciting. 

20/20 Armor got people excited about taking classes at our school,” says Master Wilhelm. “The 20/20 website has been an excellent resource for us. We followed their recommendations on how to run games in classes, sparring drills and interclub tournaments and have had success with all of them. It’s created a lot of new interest around a martial art school that has been in the same town for 40 years.

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Running your own in-house events can be a highly effective way to increase student retention, promote student camaraderie, and bring in new student referrals. This step by step guide will help you create this new revenue stream, keep your students happier longer, and offer insight into how you can create a sustainable in-house tournament structure by walking you through the four phases of the in-house tournament event cycle. 

PHASE 1: PRE-EVENT – 1 Month Out – First Event Awareness

This section includes strategies to create the first burst of attention around your tournament. We’ve learned that the best threshold for an in-house event is usually between $30 to $50 dollars per participant. 

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Make a tournament poster featuring the armor with an interesting tournament name – (ie. “20/20 Grand Prix” not “January Sparring Tournament”). We recommend not only posting it in the lobby but in the classroom and changing rooms as well. Knowing that they will get to use the armor creates excitement. 
  • Make a Special Grand Award (Championship Belt or Trophy) and display it prominently in the school. Talk about this award in class and tell both parents and students how special it is. Bring the award onto the floor and highlight it every week to build excitement. 
  • In the time in between tournaments put a picture of the last champion on the wall in the hallway or main practice area. 
  • Announce tournament on your Facebook page. Post weekly photos on your Facebook and Instagram pages leading up to the event and make sure to underline that you are using the Armor. 
  • Once you are regularly holding tournaments you will have a supply of student pictures you can regularly share, making your social media page a go-to place to celebrate the work your students are doing in class/tournaments and thus reinforcing their desire to continue attending classes. A side benefit of posting your students accomplishments on social media is that they will share it with their friends giving you a potential entrance point to attract new students.  
  • Escalate how many drills in class that are directly related to the type of event you are running, and point out for each of the drills how they will benefit the student at the upcoming event. Everyone does these drills, even if they do not plan on attending. 


This section outlines some simple strategies to get more attendance through a last push in the week leading up to your event. 

  • Be sure to send daily call to action emails out to students with a countdown to the registration deadline. This should also be echoed on whatever social media you are active on. 
  • Have your instructors make phone calls to students and parents they are most closely connected to offer personal invitations to the event. We’ve found this personalized approach  goes a long way.  
  • Be sure to set the Registration Deadline for 3 days before you actually want it to be, then on the day before the deadline, extend the registration deadline to give students a sense of urgency so they don’t miss their opportunity to compete. 
  • Create brackets for each division before starting the tournament and thoroughly schedule your whole event so that it feels as planned and purposeful as possible. You want as little downtime as possible. 
  • Avoid beginning the tournament with sparring unless it is a sparring only event.
  • Offer many different types of games and opportunities that the kids can compete in, and never single elimination for a small event. Different types of games offer protection from buyer’s remorse from “one and done”. The best events are carnival style where a loss at one event does not mean elimination from the tournament. You want all participants to enjoy their experience so they come back for your next event.
  • We recommend that the final phase of a tournament be a team based game. This prevents people from leaving early, which keeps the energy in the room high and will help your event finish strong. If people can leave as soon as their part is done, then the room will be dead by the finals, and there is no one to cheer for the champions.
  • Dedicate a staff member or parent as a photographer at the event, both for photos and videos. This will help you raise attention for the next event and offer your students valued social reinforcement that will keep them committed to their studies. 
  • Streaming any exciting moments or matches to Facebook Live will help engage the students that are not currently participating in attending the next iteration of the event. 
  • Make sure to capture the moment when you crown the winner of the tournament. We also recommend part of the prize being free entry into the next tournament.

This section focuses on general steps you can take to execute an in house tournament and also provides tips on how to integrate 20/20 Armor into your tournament to create great excitement, engagement and create new revenue streams. 

Note: Be sure to fully charge your electronic vests because you want them to be up and ready for the entirety of your event. We offer ten different games that have hundreds of possible variations  ( all of which can be used in a competition format. 

We’ve found that running a gaming station using 20/20 Armor during your tournaments will make participants happier during the wait times between events. Setting up a gaming station can be as simple as creating a dedicated ring in the holding area with 2 sized four Recreational Electronic Chestguards on Wavemaster XLs or BOBs and getting student volunteers to facilitate the game play. You can run any of the ten game modes and get participants to play during down time. 

As some games we offer are single player, we have created an alternative model for competing. Instead of competing against other students like in a traditional tournament, participants can compete against a set standard for their division in games where they hit the armor on heavy bags or BOBS.  In these competitions they will be striving to get a score of a certain level to qualify for gold, silver or bronze. So participants can play multiple times throughout the day and this can generate more revenue as they compete to top their personal best. 

  1. Free Model (Passive): With the free model you run the Gaming Station as a free activity. This allows participants to vent boredom and takes up some of their downtime.  The free gaming station is a retention strategy to make the experience of going to the tournament more pleasant so attendees will sign up next year.  This station should be manned by a volunteer as it will not be generating revenue. 
  2. Pay to Play Model (Income Model): This is a gaming station that alleviate boredom while generating new revenue. Having there be a charge per use is useful because it offers the opportunity if your event is running late you can give away stamps for a free game on the house as a way of showing that you care about your customers. This model also means you can make extra income while keeping your audience engaged.
  3. Unlimited Model (Income Model): Customers pay five dollars to pay at the gaming station all day. This gives your customers a way to entertain themselves but also means they don’t have to worry about paying to use it over and over again and you get one bulk payment per customer.  


  • Know the dates that the next iteration of your tournament by the time your event is actually held – but do not release the date until the event is over. This prevents students from feeling like they can miss your current event if the next one is not very far away. We recommend having events separated by at least two months. When an in-house event becomes too regular it becomes something people feel they can miss. 
  • Immediately post to Social Media to show off how fun the event was and put out a  call to action like “See You Next Month” to rally future participation. Celebrate your winners across all social media channels to create social reinforcement and excitement about the next event. 
  • Reach out to all attendees and offer them a 20% discounted early registration price for the next installment of the event if they sign up this week. ie $10 off a $50 registration.
  • Make a short 30 second highlight videos from your footage. Share to your Facebook page and send in an email letting people know the next time this event will run so they know to look forward to it.
  • Recognize the Grand Champion/team in class as part of your early registration campaign. The only way to unseat the champion is to sign up – may as well do it now.
  • Please send pictures of your events and champions so that we can post about your events and celebrate the winners with you. Contact and he’ll post it on our Facebook page. 

In-house tournaments are a great way to keep your students engaged in their studies and make some extra money for your dojan.  Let us know your experience with 20/20 tournaments and any tips you might have so that we can share it with the rest of our community. Good luck and enjoy the fight!