TKD Kicks Corona: World’s Largest Global Taekwondo Class Raises Money For Supplies for Front line Workers to fight Coronavirus

On May 2nd, TKD Kicks Corona will hold the largest online Taekwondo class ever to raise money to armor the doctors and nurses on the front lines heroically fighting against Coronavirus. The event is raising money in support of Doctors Without Borders to make sure that the supplies get where they are needed most. On May 2nd TKD practitioners around the world are going to join together to kick Corona.

“Right now, there is nothing more important than making sure that the doctors and nurses fighting for our families have the equipment they need to do their job,” says Master Ali Ghafour, CEO of 20/20 Armor and organizer of the event. “Martial Artists aren’t passive people by nature. We need to take action. We’ve seen our schools close across the globe. But our community still stands tall.  We wanted to give the global Taekwondo community  a chance to fight back against Coronavirus. So we are holding the Largest Taekwondo class in history with the best instructors in the sport to raise money to armor the frontline.”

The class is completely free so that everyone can participate even if they don’t donate.  It’s for people of all experience levels from white belts to black belts and their parents. 

The response from the martial arts community was immediate.  Schools around the globe hurried to enlist their students to join the fight. 

“With our school closed, my students are missing each other and the sense of purpose our community offers,” says Anibal Cruz, owner of US TaeKwonDo Institute in Clermont, FL. “But this event gives my students a reason to come together, not just with each other but the global TKD community and gives these students motivation and purpose for their training. Friends and family of mine are fighting COVID-19 on the front lines without the proper equipment. I’m so happy that we are all joining together to get them the supplies they need. My school is going to give this their all. We challenge you to do the same with yours.”

Volunteer world-class instructors like Yvette Yong, 3x World Military Champion, Tim Thackery – Trainer to Olympians, US Olympian Stephen LambdinJohnny Nyugen, World Poomsae medalist, and World Poomsae Champion Claire Kim offered their expertise without hesitation. 

“This is an amazing opportunity for us to come together on a global scale when we can’t be in the same room together,” says Yvette Yong, one of the most celebrated Taekwondo athletes of her generation.  “At times like this, it’s important to know you’re a part of something greater than yourself and that you aren’t helpless. You can do things to help. I love that we are giving students stuck at home something to look forward to while raising money for this truly important cause. It’s going to be so much fun!” 

 All funds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. To donate go to:

For Media Contact:

Ali Ghafour, Founder and CEO 20/20 Armor

1 (844) 963-2020

To learn more and register: 

Go to

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About 20/20 Armor

20/20 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer. The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world. Founders & investors of 20/20 Armor are former professional martial art athletes. leAD Sports, founded by the family members of Adidas, is a major investor.

How To Survive a Long Shutdown By Connecting Through At Home Training

You have done an amazing job getting your virtual classes off the ground. But there’s a problem. Most online exercise classes experience huge drop out rates after 30 days. Why? Because students aren’t able to measure how much they have improved and they lose interest. This is why products like Peloton are such a huge success. They not only provide workouts you can do at home but they measure your progress over time.

20/20 Armor can provide the measurement you need to keep your students dedicated to their training while they are away from the dojang so that when you reopen they come back.

Our video game scoring vest offers instant feedback on technique, and was developed by world renowned martial artists.  Your student can measure their progress on their techniques in core martial art fundamentals like power, stamina, timing and reaction. Once they measure these, they can share the results with you and you can give them tips on ways they can improve. Using this product your student will be able to accurately track their progress and set goals over the next weeks and months and continue to stay motivated in their martial arts practice. 

But why would I give my parents something else to buy? 

There are families who are going to leave our schools for totally understandable financial reasons and we can’t stop that. There are strategies for deferring payments that might help you keep down attrition.

There are also a lot of people who are still working who have their expenses reduced and have more disposable income. They are not paying for gas, not paying for daycare, or going out for food.  They are looking to keep their kids more engaged in their martial arts program because they want them to be focused, confident and setting daily goals and achieving while they are out of school. 

What do I do? 

  • If you have any questions reach out to our head of Sales Scott Granger and we can set up a call. Email at or call at his phone number Office: 844-963-2020 Cell: 405-928-0535 .  
  • If you’re ready to go copy and paste the email below to your parents. We wrote it from your perspective as a club owner, so all you have to do is send it or tweak to match your preferred tone.  The parents will then just buy the product directly from us and we will handle the fulfillment from there.
  • We also created training videos for them to follow whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced.  We will continue to add videos throughout the upcoming weeks. 

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Email for Club Owners To Give To Parents

Subject: A New Way To Engage Your Kids With Martial Arts

We are always looking for the best training for you and your family.

We are so grateful for the positive reaction we have gotten from our students to our virtual training program. We want to make sure that your children are continuing to improve their skills while they are away from the dojang and to give them something to do in between our pre-recorded classes and the live streams we are holding. We have done some research and found a great tool for your child that can expand their martial arts training.

The product is 20/20 Armor, and it is a vest that you can wear, hold or put on a punching bag.  This video game scoring vest offers instant feedback on technique, and was developed by world renowned martial artists.  They created online videos to follow as well and your child can measure their progress on their techniques in core martial art attributes like power, stamina, timing and reaction. Once you measure these, share the results with us and we will give you tips on ways your child can improve. Your child can also share their results on social media and compete against their friends. It’s a great way to stay connected to their community and keep them physically and mentally healthy during these difficult times. 

20/20 Armor are currently offering a special deal to make sure that you are satisfied. You can order a single unit for $599 + $50 shipping (USD).  The cost will be broken up over 2 payments.  

The first payment will be $399.  There will be a second payment of $250 USD the month after.  If you do not want to keep the gear, you can return it for a refund within 90 days of purchase as long as there isn’t significant damage. Thanks for your attention.  

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Why aren’t all tournaments like this?

Sick of long delays in your in house tournaments where your students have nothing to do and your parents are getting frustrated by wait times? It’s important that your students attend next year and they might not if the experience isn’t fun. Not only that, but tournaments are how you upgrade students from beginners into your competition stream. But aren’t all martial arts tournaments full of delays and technical errors? Is there really an alternative?

Master Helgi discovered that there was a better way with 20/20 Armor.

My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 20/20 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!

How Did He Do It?

The event itself was pretty simple.  

70 color belts paid the Icelandic equivalent of a $25 dollar entrance fee. It took place at Master Gudmundsson’s school TKD Keflavik. They had almost a 100% participation in the tournament with only a few stragglers who were away on their Holiday vacations.  Master Gudmundsson got this extraordinary event participation by following the simple marketing instructions in our Tournament 101 step by step guide. 

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The tournament was Round Robin. Each student was grouped with four other kids. This group faced off in three competitions. 

First they squared off in a Speed Competition using 20/20 Armor’s Race game mode. In this game they ran eight meters and did one kick and ran back again until they finished the life bar. Then they did a poomsae competition. Finally they would have four sparring matches with the other members of their group. Each round of sparring was for one minute or until a player won. Each match was for the best out of three rounds. 

Since TKD Keflavik had 10+ Video Game Scoring Vests they were able to hold 2-3 matches simultaneously. They needed 80% less staff than at a traditional tournament. All the rings were run by just five black belt judges since the judging is done on the vest itself.  At the end of the three events the judges gave the totals and awards were given to the winners.

Each group took less than 45 minutes. 

It's So Easy To Operate That My 7 Year Old Daughter Can Do It

“The thing school owners need to understand about 20/20 Armor is how easy it is to operate,” says Master Gudmundsson. “My daughter is 7 years old and she is able to run all the games with no trouble. She was explaining how the armor worked to the parents in the audience. Can you imagine a 7 year old explaining Daedo? I have been doing Taekwondo for 20 years and I don’t know how to explain it.” 

Why do you need 20/20 for your tournament?

 “My wife is a retired Taekwondo fighter,” says Master Gudmundsson. “She was doing professional tournaments for years and she’s seen nothing like this. This actually feels professionally organized. And this is a tournament we did in our club. Everything was so easy. There were no technical delays. No waiting.  My wife was like:”why aren’t all tournaments like this?” If you’re a club owner and you want to hold an in house event get 20/20 Armor.” 

Want to use your tournaments to upgrade new students, make more revenue and have a better experience?

Place your order today!

If you have any questions please contact our Head Of Sales Scott Granger at or start a chat on our website. We are happy to explain all the ways 20/20 Armor can make your students better martial arts and make your school more revenue!