How Your Instructor Tim Thackrey Found His Purpose And You Can Too

You ever wanted to quit Taekwondo?

It’s easy to decide you can’t do something if it’s difficult at first. You may have lost every sparring match for a year and gotten close to deciding it just wasn’t for you. But perserverance is one of the most important life skills you can learn. Today you’ll be learning about your pre training instructor Master Tim Thackrey got started on his path to coaching Olympians and becoming one of the most renowned trainers in the world.

Like many stories it started with losing. And losing a lot.

Your pre training coach Master Tim Thackrey wasn’t a naturally talented athlete. Master Thackrey lost every fight from 15-17. So he had to deeply study the sport and find what worked for him in a way that a more talented athlete might not have needed to. This study and hard work paid off.

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Master Thackrey ended up winning the Pan Am Games for his weight class and getting a bronze at Worlds. He desperately wanted to go to the Olympics but he didn't make it.

He thought to himself that he wished he knew the things he'd learned by the end of his career at the beginning. So he dedicated his life to passing on that knowledge and training athletes to reach the Olympics and achieve their dreams. Now he is one of the most sought after trainers in the world.

So the lesson for this week is don't give up on yourself. Effort and hard work can help you get where you need to go. Talent takes you so far. Hard work gets you the rest of the way.

It also helps to find a coach who believes in you and can teach you the lessons they learned in their life to help you get ahead.

Your homework for this week is to seek out someone you can learn from and ask them to help you learn a skill you've been struggling with. Go to your parents or your martial arts instructor and tell them what you wish to learn. Remember that true victory is only possible after experiencing many defeats. Your instructor Tim Thackrey lost every match from 15-17 and made it to Worlds and got a bronze medal.

Imagine what's possible for you with the right attitude.

TKD Kicks Corona Organizers 20/20 Armor want to help you reach your goals and get ahead with your Taekwondo Training. And for that you need the right equipment.

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How Training At Home With 20/20 Armor Got Me Back In Fighting Shape

Have you ever taken a long  break from martial arts and wondered if you’d be able to get back into the shape you once were? 

Well 4th Dan David Jue knows you feel. He started taking martial arts when he was five years old at his family dojang and travelled the world competing in ITF competitions. He took a four year break during university and came back to find that getting back to fighting shape meant a huge amount of effort. 

Luckily his family had just received their 20/20 Armor shipment. And with the pandemic he had lots of time to train at home and get back into fighting shape. 

“Training with 20/20 Amor is going to get me back where I was and where I want to be,” says David Jue.  “A lot of people are at home and it’s hard to motivate yourself. It’s easy to get bored by repetition. You don’t have someone to participate with or hold the paddle. It gets boring doing it by yourself. I have been having a lot of fun with my dad. We challenge each other to different 20/20 Armor mobile games. We see who gets the highest score. Who is punching the hardest. That’s been great motivation as well.” 

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How 20/20 Armor Helps Him Train At Home? 

“I have been able to see how I can make my kick respond faster,” says Jue.  “With the reflex game I can see that taking a little step before I kick is slowing down my reaction time. I can see the unnecessary parts of the kick and I can change the way I deliver it. You don’t think it’s slowing, you know it is. Which is really powerful. Then look at the power game. I can see how my kick is connecting.  I can see that I’m not pulling back my foot to get the power. It’s different to have numerical data that says that isn’t a good kick. It just feels like a good kick.You can tell the difference between what feels like a powerful kick and what actually is. You don’t have to just trust in your feelings. That’s new for me and I have been taking martial arts for over almost two decades.”

How 20/20 Armor Makes It More Fun To Train At Home

“The more fun you have while you are training the more likely you are to make the time to train,” says David Jue. “We are so excited to bring it to our students. And push it for our students so they can use it at our school and train at home with it. It’s a work out game. It’s exactly what they need to motivate them to put the time in.”

How 20/20 Armor Makes A Difference at his dojang in this Post Coronavirus reality: 

“I think the situation is not going to be over once shelter in place is over,” says Jue.  “But once these restrictions ease up a little bit I don’t foresee us being able to do sparring for a while. There are so many 20/20 Armor game modes that can be used in tournaments and have them be able to hit something without being in close contact. I think it’s going to be instrumental to our studio for the future. This will be able to give people the ability to strive for something even with this whole social distancing thing going on. It’ll be  generating a lot of money for the club using tournaments. I’m seeing other martial arts groups struggling to find a  way to get new people into their schools. We aren’t going to struggle with that in the same way. Because we can offer kids the chance to compete while social distancing and fill that need that drives so many of us.” 

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