Holding Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party

Originally Posted: 09/09/2020

Updated: 01/07/2020

It seems like it was only yesterday, but the first ever 2020 Armor Combine aired in September 2020! Hundreds of athletes participated and thousands of spectators watched the live stream. Many of of those that watched it did it through their martial arts clubs, which presents a great opportunity for those of you that are interested in doing so virtually or physically.

The 2020 Armor Combine is the World’s First Data Driven tournament. It climaxes in an eSports broadcast live format, with star-studded commentators from the traditional martial arts and video game world. You can watch a full replay of the first ever 2020 Armor Combine right here on our YouTube channel.

Ahead of the 2nd edition of the 2020 Armor Combine, today we are going to give a step by step guide to running a Watch Party at your school to get maximize students excitement about the event so you can use that momentum to hold your own Combine events at your school and get students ready to compete on the global stage at our next Combine!

Bookmark the live stream for 2020 Armor Combine #2 on our YouTube channel so that you get notified just before we go live!

Why Should You Host Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party?

The first reason to host a watch party is that we have spent months getting ready for this broadcast and it’s going to be a great time! Your students will get tips from some of the best athletes in the world and get a front row seat for all the excitement as competitors face off for the title of World’s Fastest!

For schools whose students have entered the Combine, your students and school might be featured on the Live Broadcast in front of the whole martial arts world.  Being there means coming together as a community and the chance to win amazing prizes.

For schools that didn’t enter the first Combine this is your chance to get students invested in the next one and enjoy an action-packed hour-long production of martial arts excitement that will inspire them to try harder in class and get them interested in data driven training.

Using The 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party As A Revenue Generation Tool

Many school owners are holding events for the next Combine where they charge their students entrance fees to participate in this world wide event and offer exclusive 2020 Armor Combine related training that they are charging $20-$25 dollars per class for. By keeping your students excited about the tournament you make sure they are invested in the next tournament and the 2020 Armor Combine related events you hold at your school and you can make extra income when you need it most. 

Option 1: Run Your Own 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party In Person:

In person watch parties are an easy and exciting way to get your students psyched for the Combine as long as your local health guidelines permit large gatherings. You can send out invites to all the students who entered the 2020 Armor Combine to gather for the event in person for an hour before 1PM EST.

If you’re doing an in person view we recommend running a class on reaction time using 2020 Armor to get them excited to compete in the next 2020 Armor Combine!

Option 2: Run An Online 2020 Armor Combine Watch Party:

Another option is doing an online event and this way you can send out an email to your entire student body telling them to tune in at 1PM EST. 

Holding a Watch party for the event is as simple as sharing the video when we go live on your school’s Facebook page or group. Your students can join the Watch Party and discuss the stream as you go in the chat.  

To give it an extra interactive element you can set it up so that you can all watch it together in a Zoom class. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Let us know if you have any questions through the chat icon or by sending us an email. We are always here to help.

Bookmark the live stream for 2020 Armor Combine #2 on our YouTube channel so that you get notified just before we go live!


Section 1: Active Warm-ups 

  • Arms: Int. triangle push-ups for 10 reps – Lower your head to the top of your left hand and then back up, alternating hands on each rep. Keep your feet together and make sure your toes are pointed towards the ceiling. 
  • Legs: Advanced squats for 10 reps – Raise one leg off the ground and lower your body with your other leg while your arms remain extended in front of you, and then raise your body back up.
  • Abs: Half v-sit up for 10 reps – Raise your shoulders and feet off the ground, both at a 45-degree angle, while your arms are extended in front, parallel with your legs and then lower your body back, keeping your shoulders and feet off the ground in between each rep.
  • Core: Straight-leg bridge w/ shoulder taps for 10 reps – Tap your right shoulder with your left hand, and then tap your left shoulder with your right hand, keeping your body in perfect alignment.  

Assignment Overview

  • Today you are going to work on REACTION. 
  • Here are the three REACTION tips that I want you to practice today:
  • Stay focused on your partner.
  • Make a decision quick.
  • Do not get distracted. 

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Ninja: You will try to tag any part of your partner’s arms or legs with one swing, while your partner dodges in one motion. Once you swing, you must freeze in that position, while your partner freezes in the position that they dodged in. Then your partner will try and tag you in one swing as they freeze, and so forth until one of you gets tagged. The person that gets tagged must do ten push-ups.
  • Stay on your feet: Standing in a middle stance with both knees bent, palms up, and facing your partner, you will hit your partner’s hands and try to knock them off balance.  

Section 3: Active stretches 

  • Rubber guard twists for 10 reps – Sit with one ankle crossed over the opposite knee. Lift and hug the ankle close to your chest. Slowly twist side to side.
  • Advanced lunges for 10 reps – Go to a forward lunge position with the rear knee on the floor. Lean forward touching your chest to your lead knee and hug the knee. Push your hips forward into the floor and continue to alternate sides. 
  • Hold wristlock stretch for 10 seconds – Sit on your knees in a relaxed position. Place both hands on the floor palms up with fingers pointing towards yourself. Slowly sit back on your heels and hold the position for 10 seconds. Then switch hand position by placing your palms on the floor with fingers towards yourself.
  • Hold starfish stretch for 10 seconds – Lay flat on your stomach with your hands by your side as if you were going to perform a push up. Cross one leg over the other and scissor your legs apart as far as they will go. Then raise your upper body off the floor using your arms while keeping your shoulders square with the front of the classroom.

For more information on all the amazing things that Skillz are doing for martial arts schools across the world please go to their website and discover how they can help your school.

To learn more about at home training with 20/20 Armor go to http://2020armor.com/athome/

Double Your Tax Refund With 20/20 Armor

You’ve got your tax refund in the mail and you earned every penny. The question is do you want this to be a one time pay day or an investment that will make you more money every single month?

We’re going to walk you through some of the ways that investing your tax refund in 20/20 Armor will provide much greater long term financial rewards and help you grow your school. We have come up with “A-R-T” as a helpful acronym to describe how 20/20 Armor can help you Attract new students, Retain the students you have and Thrive with new revenue. 

Let’s start first with Attracting New Students. One of our simplest recruitment tactics is called “Light Up The Bob” and you can use it at Tradeshows and Community Events. All you need is one 20/20 Armor vest on a Wavemaster or BOB. Line ups will quickly form to discover what the video game scoring chest guards actually do. Now you have a chance to turn those lineups into sign ups. 

 You put the vest on Hitmeter (where the game measures the power of their strikes) and challenge event attendees to kick their hardest to max it out on a low setting. You give them advice on how to improve their technique and when they max it out you give them a free month of classes. The key is that they feel they’ve earned those lessons rather than have been given a free coupon. By providing potential students instruction on the spot you show that they can learn martial arts and overcome their fear that they can’t learn martial arts.  

But does it work? White Court Taekwondo has been in their community for 40 years and has a population of 9,000. At just one community round up they were able to get 6 new recruits. Which allowed them to pay back their entire investment. Read their story here.  

20/20 Armor also helps school owners Retain the students they already have. Some of the most common reasons students quit: 1) they become bored with repetitive drills, 2) they aren’t able to measure improvement between belt tests and 3) when sparring is introduced.  

20/20 Armor provides  instant feedback on technique as they play the games and shows them their progress to get them from becoming burned out. Gamifying their training keeps lessons engaged and provides social reinforcement between belt tests. 

With 20/20 Armor school owners have reported 50% less drop out when sparring is introduced because kids focus on bringing down the health bars instead of their fear of hitting and getting hit.

Master Michael Colver introduced 20/20 Armor to his classroom and watched his retention climb by 20%!  Read his story here

Finally let’s talk about how our video game scoring vests can help your school Thrive with new revenue. We’ll focus on just one example which are in house tournaments. 

We all know that tournaments are full of technical delays and current judging systems are hard to understand and prone to errors and leave families frustrated with hours of wait time. With 20/20 Armor you can eliminate technical delays to make your tournament faster, offer fair judging and eliminate 80% of judging staff to create a better more, exciting experience. 

At TKD Keflavik Master Helgi ran a tournament and got almost a 100% participation from his students. 

“My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 20/20 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!” Read the full story here.

It’s time to put your tax refund to work for you! 

To help you reach your goals, we have a Customer Success department who’s number one goal is to get you a 10X return on your investment of 2020 Armor. They will be your personal coach and help you implement the Attract, Retain and Thrive strategies mentioned here.

Get in touch with us in the chat or get in contact with scott@2020armor.com by email and we can get you started on the best investment you ever made.




Jan. 23, 2019, 2:30 ET

20/20 Armor, the leader in electronic training systems for martial arts, announced today that they have signed a contract to make Akross Canada their first official distributor.  Akross Canada was founded by former Taekwondo athletes for Taekwondo athletes and is renowned for the excellence of their products and their high quality customer service.

“20/20 Armor is the most exciting training tool in martial arts in decades,” says Mr. Emin Akhoundov, owner of Akross Canada. “This revolutionary video game scoring vest attracts new students who weren’t interested in martial arts before by using video games as an entry point to the sport. School owners have found it dramatically reduces the number of drop-outs when sparring is introduced because students focus on playing the game rather than worrying about hitting or being hit.  In the classroom it serves as a private instructor giving instant feedback that helps students increase their speed, accuracy, timing and strength. By allowing students to see their progress, it keeps them engaged in their training and dramatically increases school owner’s retention rates. The revenue growth potential of this product is staggering and we can’t wait to give our customers access to this game changing technology. ”

20/20 Armor CEO Ali Ghafour believes that Akross is the perfect distribution partner. Akross and 20/20 Armor have a shared vision of elevating the sport of Taekwondo and providing Canadian athletes with the tools they need to excel. 

“We develop all our products with 5 pillars in mind, they must: be easy to use, relevant to kids today, make school owners money, teach martial arts fundamentals and grow the Taekwondo market worldwide,”  says Ghafour. “Akross shares our mission to grow this sport and move it into the future. We are going to build a strong relationship to ensure our distributor’s customers are well taken care of and deliver leading edge products that make schools and athletes better.” 

About 20/20 ARMOR

20/20 Armor is a sports technology company that develops martial art scoring equipment and software, transforming martial arts into a mainstream professional sport like soccer. The company’s flagship product tracks impacts through a vest that shows the score on the vest itself using scoring from popular video games. Customers include the largest martial art clubs in the world. Founders & investors of 20/20 Armor are former professional martial art athletes. LeAD Sports, founded by the family members of Adidas is a major investor. 20/20 is currently working to help school owners improve their bottom lines with their Martial “A-R-T” framework where they teach how to use their products to A(ttract) new students, R(etain) the ones you have and T(hrive) with new revenue streams. 

20/20 Armor’s vision is to be the standard of impact measurement for all martial arts and to make martial arts a spectator friendly professional sport.


AKROSS was founded by a group of Canadian Taekwondo athletes, aiming to provide those in sport with quality products and services at reasonable prices. Akross aim to help teams who compete in Kyurogi and Poomsae, on national and international stages. Our mission is to provide an excellent shopping experience for you every step of the way.

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Ali Ghafour, Founder and CEO

1 (844) 963-2020





SOURCE 2020 Armor Inc.

Why aren’t all tournaments like this?

Sick of long delays in your in house tournaments where your students have nothing to do and your parents are getting frustrated by wait times? It’s important that your students attend next year and they might not if the experience isn’t fun. Not only that, but tournaments are how you upgrade students from beginners into your competition stream. But aren’t all martial arts tournaments full of delays and technical errors? Is there really an alternative?

Master Helgi discovered that there was a better way with 20/20 Armor.

My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 20/20 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!

How Did He Do It?

The event itself was pretty simple.  

70 color belts paid the Icelandic equivalent of a $25 dollar entrance fee. It took place at Master Gudmundsson’s school TKD Keflavik. They had almost a 100% participation in the tournament with only a few stragglers who were away on their Holiday vacations.  Master Gudmundsson got this extraordinary event participation by following the simple marketing instructions in our Tournament 101 step by step guide. 

Like what you see? Submit your email below to get strategies from industry experts on how to grow your school, raise your retention and thrive with new revenue.


The tournament was Round Robin. Each student was grouped with four other kids. This group faced off in three competitions. 

First they squared off in a Speed Competition using 20/20 Armor’s Race game mode. In this game they ran eight meters and did one kick and ran back again until they finished the life bar. Then they did a poomsae competition. Finally they would have four sparring matches with the other members of their group. Each round of sparring was for one minute or until a player won. Each match was for the best out of three rounds. 

Since TKD Keflavik had 10+ Video Game Scoring Vests they were able to hold 2-3 matches simultaneously. They needed 80% less staff than at a traditional tournament. All the rings were run by just five black belt judges since the judging is done on the vest itself.  At the end of the three events the judges gave the totals and awards were given to the winners.

Each group took less than 45 minutes. 

It's So Easy To Operate That My 7 Year Old Daughter Can Do It

“The thing school owners need to understand about 20/20 Armor is how easy it is to operate,” says Master Gudmundsson. “My daughter is 7 years old and she is able to run all the games with no trouble. She was explaining how the armor worked to the parents in the audience. Can you imagine a 7 year old explaining Daedo? I have been doing Taekwondo for 20 years and I don’t know how to explain it.” 

Why do you need 20/20 for your tournament?

 “My wife is a retired Taekwondo fighter,” says Master Gudmundsson. “She was doing professional tournaments for years and she’s seen nothing like this. This actually feels professionally organized. And this is a tournament we did in our club. Everything was so easy. There were no technical delays. No waiting.  My wife was like:”why aren’t all tournaments like this?” If you’re a club owner and you want to hold an in house event get 20/20 Armor.” 

Want to use your tournaments to upgrade new students, make more revenue and have a better experience?

Place your order today!

If you have any questions please contact our Head Of Sales Scott Granger at Scott@2020armor.com or start a chat on our website. We are happy to explain all the ways 20/20 Armor can make your students better martial arts and make your school more revenue!

Our Layaway Plan

You know that 20/20 Armor can help you grow your school’s revenue and you’re excited to get started. But you don’t have all the money upfront.

No problem. 

We have an interest free Layaway program where you can break your payments into what you can manage on a monthly basis. To get started you have to put down a one time fee of $20 dollars. Then you decide your payment size and it comes out on a monthly basis. When you finish your payments you get your order and can start making your investment back immediately.  

Sound good?  Let’s get started. 


First you need to know many units your school needs. We made this handy guide to help you make your decision. 

A key consideration for your order is making sure you get the right amount of video game scoring vests in the sizes that best suit your student population and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’re always available in the chat to provide advice and help you reach your goals.

“Buying 2-6 Vests (Unit Price: $549.50)

We know that for school owners you get the most value out of purchasing 20/20 Armor when you at least get a set.  With just one video game scoring vest you aren’t getting the full experience for your students. With a set your students can play all the two player games and you can experiment a little with what a sparring match might feel like. 

What you can do with 2-4 Units of 20/20 Armor:

  1. You can superpower your recruitment events to get students who weren’t interested in martial arts before to stop by your booth and begin taking lessons at your school.  Read this article to learn how you can turn those line ups to sign ups!
  2. Put the armor on heavy bags to engage a larger class. Provide your students with instant feedback to give them a baseline for their progress and give them regular social reinforcement.
  3. Use for their free introductory class to give incoming students confidence they can learn martial arts.
  4. Play 2 player games to get your class excited for training. 
  5. Experiment with sparring matches to get your kids more comfortable
  6. Try out in game reality mode and create new recruitment videos for your school that your students will share and watch the referrals roll in. 

With 4-6 units you can teach a class of between 11 to 15.  

  1. 4-6 can be used for a regular sparring class because most schools only have room for a few matches at a time. 
  2. Scrimmages at in-school events
  3. Hold small in school tournaments for revenue creation
  4. Do everything listed above in the 2-4 unit example. 

For “Getting Started” orders we have provided you with three example pricing tiers ($250, $350, $549) and explain how long it will take to get 2,4 and 6 unit orders. 

Monthly Payment Size: $250 per month

2 Units =  4.3 Months (No free shipping) 

4 Units = 8.7 months (Free Shipping)

6 Units: 13.1 months  (Free Shipping) 

Monthly Payment Size: $350 per month

2 Units=3.14 months (No Free Shipping) 

4 Units= 6.28 months (Free Shipping) 

6 Units: 9.42 months (Free Shipping) 

Monthly Payment Size: $549 per month

2 Units= 2 Months (No Free Shipping) 

4=4 Months ( Free Shipping)

6 Units: 6 Months (Free Shipping) 

16-25 Students:  8+ Units = $537.50 PER UNIT

For larger schools you want at minimum to have 1 chestguard for every three students in your individual classes. You also have to be aware that you’ll need different sizes for students of different ages and builds.  Here are some quick advantages to making a larger order:

  1. Discounted prices
  2. Engage more of the class at once
  3. Keep 2 on the bags all the time
  4.  More people can use them (different sizes)
  5.  Re-sell opportunity to your students and make them more engaged in their training
  6.  Larger In House Tournaments that will make more money. Throw inter-school tournaments and create even more excitement. 
  7. All of the benefits of previous sized orders

Monthly Payment Size: $500 

8 Units =  8.6 Months (No free shipping) 

12 UNITS = 12.9 months (Free Shipping)

16 Units: 17.2 Months (Free Shipping) 

Monthly Payment Size: $750

8 Units= 5.7 months (No Free Shipping) 

12  Units= 8.6 months (Free Shipping) 

16 Units: 11.4 months (Free Shipping) 

Monthly Payment Size $1000 per month

8 Units= 4.3 Months (No Free Shipping) 

12= 6.45 Months ( Free Shipping)

16 Units: 8.6 Months (Free Shipping) 


This story’s focus is to outline how easy it is to make the monthly payments and how you  you can use lay-away to get your school set up asap. But we also want to show you how easy it is to use 20/20 Armor and make your school more money. 

With 20/20 Armor we work with a Martial “A-R-T” framework. Our equipment will help you Attract new students, Retain the ones you have and Thrive with new revenue streams. For more information on this please go to 2020armor.com/art

It’s also easy to make back your investment in just three months.  Go to 2020armor.com/payback to get strategies on how to pay back 2, 4 and 6 Vests that work in the real world.

For more information on how to run your own 20/20 tournament click here.
You will learn how you can reduce your costs by 80%, make your tournaments run faster and give your students and parents a much better experience!

For advice on how to run your own 20/20 Armor dedicated classes go to http://2020armor.com/20-20-weekly-class-blue-print/

In addition to online resources we are always here to talk in the real world with our school owners. You can arrange a call for any questions you have with our team. We are available before your purchase to help you get the order that best suits your schools and after you make your purchase to make sure your revenue generating events run smoothly. We think of the people who buy our products as not just customers, but partners in our mission to elevate martial arts on a global scale.

Go our chat window and we’ll help you get started right away!