“Physically Distanced Drills” Seminar with Samery and Melany Moras

We believe nothing is more important than helping our customers thrive during these uncertain times so school owners can focusing on teaching martial arts to students who need their lessons now more than ever. We know you pride yourself on your high energy classes. But we also know it’s been a little harder to bring excitement to the mats with physically distanced drills.

We got you covered with a full hour seminar with incredibly popular martial arts influencer Samery Moras and Coach Melany Moras demonstrating 20 Physically Distanced drills guaranteed to get your classes excited and get the energy back up where it’s supposed to be while still keeping six feet distanced between your students. We did 20 Physically Distanced drills with 10 you can do with 2020 Armor and 10 without.


Master Samery Moras grew up in an entrepreneurial family and is now one of the owners of 2 Martial Arts Schools in Utah. She has now also founded Live Martial Arts, an Online Martial Arts training academy, and has grown a social media audience of over 250k followers and +10 million views!

Coach Melany Moras earned a spot on Peru’s national team at age 15, specializing in Olympic style Taekwondo and beginning a career competing at a high level of competition. For the next few years she was highly devoted to everything Taekwondo, competing throughout South America and as far away as Korea. She took third at the Pan American Games, second at the South American Games and won gold at the World Taekwondo Open. Along with the family came their Taekwondo school and years of teaching experience, which they put to use opening facilities in Orem and Draper. Eight years later, they teach more than 250 students and were ranked as the top school in Utah in 2012 after an impressive performance at the Utah State Championships.

Watch the live stream above to get all their best insights and ideas to keep your class exciting while maintaining physical distancing! We wrote down the best insights from the live stream for a quick read through for school owners on the go. Estimated 3 Minute Read.

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Insights for Physically Distanced Drills without 2020 Armor:

Note: To find the different drills you can look at the title card on the screen and it will tell you the type of drill they are focusing on.

Make sure that all your students have something they can do while the drills are going on (whether counting down the other students kicks, keeping time, doing exercises at a secondary station.) Keep them occupied so they stay focused.

Minimize waiting time between activities. Have secondary stations going where students can stay active.

Giving students a goal to work off keeps things exciting for the kids.

Focus on specific skills like endurance, flexibility and stamina and record student scores so they can compete against each other and themselves on a leaderboard.

Incentivize students to beat their own scores with push ups if they haven't beaten their own best score. This keeps energy high and pushes them to their limits.

Provide gentle encouragement and correction to get them to push. PCP = Praise, Critique, Praise.

Insights from Physically Distanced Exercises With 2020 Armor:

We did 10 drills with 2020 Armor focusing on stamina, reaction time and power. To find the drills just follow the super( title card) on the screen and it will tell you what the drills featured are focusing on and whether they use 2020 Armor.

It's easy for students to set up the 2020 Armor because it's so simple to operate. The students instantly knew how to use the system.

Track scores on reaction, reflex and power to get precise measurement that students can measure to keep them excited about the drills and motivated to beat their own personal best. You can do this on the vest or in the app. On the vest is less precise but takes less set up time.

Set short times for the drills to keep them fully committed and pushing themselves the entire time. Also gives the option for more attempts to do the same drill and best personal scores.

Students will self correct their technique to get higher scores as the system incentivizes proper technique.

Get students cheering each other on to create a mini tournament like environment in class. To create even more excitement have different training groups training against each other with the 2020 Armor.

Make sure that your students are in the right areas and separated in the dojang so they don't come together when they are excited while playing the games.

The app shows you how strong you can kick. Kids wanted to stay a half hour after class to get the most powerful kick. With 2020 Armor you have to kick kids out of class. No one wants to leave. This can really get enthusiasm up by holding these little in class competitions.

Shouting a little encouragement to push themselves a little further can work wonders for getting students to improve their scores. Whether it's trying to reach a different color goal on the vest itself or a more precise number driven goal on the app. The more clear the goal, the harder they'll train.

Students get excited by the tension in the game survival. The game modes keep students on the edge of their seats because they are never exactly the same.

Your students often think they are faster or stronger than they actually are. But you can't argue with the technology because it's objective. This can give them a baseline to strive towards surpassing.

The bonus round was physically distanced sparring matches. Very worth checking out if you're looking for a way to get sparring into your drills despite physical distancing!

If you don't have enough vests for every single student, use 2020 Armor as an independent station you can use as a reward. Because kids get excited to do it!

Take Your Physically Distanced Drills To The Next Level With Data Driven Training

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Learn what we are doing to make at home training exciting and keep your students invested in their martial arts education to dramatically increase retention even when they are stuck at home.

Key Note:

Use 2020 Armor's objective measurement to motivate your students. Reward them for having the fastest kick in the dojang for the month.

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What I have learned Since Re-opening Seminar with Master Tony Kook – July 15th

We sat down today with Master Tony Kook to discuss learnings from the last 6 weeks since weeks to discuss what he learned since re-opening his schools He will provide you with the dos and don’ts you need to know when it’s your turn. The video of the entirety of the live seminar is available directly above.

Master Kook is a successful school owner with 4 schools and over 1200 students. He is an industry expert with over 30 years experience and a sought after Speaker for the Martial Arts industry specializing in “Small School Success”. He has a fantastic way with words and his customer service scripts have been a huge help to school owners within our community as they engage in difficult conversations with their parents and students during the Pandemic.

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Don't have a whole hour to watch the video? Don't worry we got you covered with all of the most important bullet points.

What I have since Reopening Bulletpoints (5 minute read)

Lay of the Land: 

So very quickly I have 3 full time Taekwondo academies in affluent areas in Vancouver.  There is a lot of information I want to share. A lot of things I think I did right. And some others if I had a second I wouldn’t do again. I’ll give you tips as you prepare to reopen. 

What we did right Reopening Our Schools:

We shut down in mid March and went to online classes and we did good with Instagram, Facebookk and Zoom classes. We ran our online classes like a professional school. We kept things going in private lessons in addition to our group training. I gave them a substantial reduction in tuition because I knew it was financially challenging for people. I wanted to keep them involved so that they would stay training. We were continually communicating. 2 or 3 communication channels went out every week. We reached out with phone calls and let our parents and students know that we were going out of our to keep them involved. Communication was on a roll already for the June 1st rollout. 

The biggest change was our class numbers. Our class went from 40 students to 14 in our main location. And 12 in our smaller location. So we offered more classes. My classes start at 12am and run until 9pm. We went from 7 classes to 9 classes. We reduced class time from 45 minutes from 60 minutes. To give instructors time to spray the mats and wipe down surfaces. We did that very well. I would do that again. I went over the top with safety protocols. We tried to communicate our best in class cleaning practices including UV cleaning and professional cleaners.. We printed out our safety procedures and protocols. We set the space up and communication well. 

With Facemasks originally we made it mandatory. Our local professionals advised not wearing them when they trained. We made masks optional. So I had branded some face masks. A lot of students love it and showing that its part of our clubs. Some students wear masks. That’s different state to state. Country to country. In Korea they use the masks mandatory at Dojang. We have a lot to learn from those countries. Bit of an education process from us. It challenges your patience communicating that to your parents. 


First off all we are still offering online classes. We let all of our members know they could come back to live classes. But they had to register and they would revert back to the old tuition as they did. But they can do zoom as they wish. For students who continue with Zoom they keep pay the reduced rate but have no access to live classes. 

We started at 17-20% of our clientele. Our classes were really small. What I found that your advanced, adult and intermediate came back. But our tigers and white belts didn’t come back at first. That was first week of June. That number creeped up to 25%. In July we are at 30% back to live classes. I’m really big on stats and numbers, our first weeks we had more sign ups then normal in July. Clubs opening now in the summer and people aren’t doing vacations so now they are looking for activities for their kids. Typically August is busy registering for September. It looks good for new sign ups. The main reason people don’t take classes in summer is they are taking vacations. Which people aren't doing as much due to COVID.

Clubs that have more Asians have far less returns after reopening.  The community is more cautious. Club owners need to manage their expectations. I talk in California and they said they were opened up and they were thinking 80% to 100% return. If you are operating at 50 percent you are best in class. Seriously those are great numbers for re-opening.

If you are a smaller club, you had only 10 to 15 in your class. With larger clubs you have to adjust from larger to smaller. There’s a number of factors you have to take into consideration for planning your reopening. There is a huge adjustment. 


Vast majority of members on hold have indicated they will return in September. September seems to be a default answer. People are conditioned to take summer off. To do vacations. September is back to normal life. I understand that mind state. Our school district has indicated on September they will go back 2-5 days a week. With a combination of online platform. From standpoint of mother or father, they now have to go back to are they doing swimming or soccer. For past 3-6 months they have been doing nothing at home. I’m looking forward to September. A lot of clubs open now have something positive to look forward.

A couple Podcasts ago I predicted 20-40% would come back. Looks like I was right. I have a good feeling from the attitude and feedback from our membership that September will be a good month. People are really wanting to get back to some level of normal. That means kids going back to school. Parents working. I think numberwise thats the biggest positive piece of information.  

In BC we have whats called a social bubble. As long as you are within the circle of six you can be together. If you have family of 4 and family of 2. You can create a social bubble square. They can spar and kick together. There have been talks to reduce 2 meter down to 1 meter distance. Then I will be able to have more students per class. My prediction is our club will be full with wait lists because we can’t accept all the students that we want to. Come September you’ll be full with a wait list in Oracle Tony’s prediction.

Clubs that aren’t opened. The reality is going to be different. When they open back in September. It will be a mixed bag. Some clubs will be at full capacity others at 20%. If you're city is doing good with COVID cases, I think September is going to be very encouraging.  


Deep down parents know benefits of martial arts but you have to be able to communicate the value. That’s your job. To make sure they continue to invest in it even if there is a money pinch. Leave them a voice message. Make the communication personal. Tell them if theres anything you can do you will support them to keep the journey moving forward. Communicate the the importance. Michale Mertens said “No point in history do our communities need the principles taught in Martial Arts. Whether you are conservative or a liberal, never has it been more important to learn the principles of love, respect, humility. As small business owners we need to communicate that need. It’s challenging times but your son and daughter need that positive outlet, and that distraction. If you are having difficulty let us know. So we can help your kids be in the right place to become leaders in the future. Where else are they going to get that from?"


Club owners need proper signage when they come in. What we have posted outside is our health compliance forms. Our social distancing markers. Of course we have a notice that says if you have any symptoms don't come in and reminder of social distancing all laid out at the front. As soon as you come into the training facility we have hand sanitizing station. All students get their hands sprayed. We have more markers for entrance and exit. Our viewing area only has a limited area for people to sit in. They fill out health compliance form when they enter. Our program director has face shield plexiglass. Students then are instructed to put shoes in numbered cubby. This works with their training square. The number indicates where you go with the training floor. Square #13 gots in cubby #13. We have a lot of wave masters and kid kicks on the floor so students can use those to train. In bathrooms and change rooms we only allow two people and have warnings about social distancing on the doors. 

We have a sign about how many people can go inside. We have reminders of protocols all throughout the school. All of our academies are set up the same way. When they exit class they exit one by one. They hand sanitize on the way out. Pick up their shoes. And they leave. When classes are finished. In between all classes benches, door knobs, and mats are sprayed down. It dries in a few minutes. Our health declaration is great. If they have been outside the country, if they know anyone with symptoms and that they agree to abide by our training policy. We don’t do temperatures. At the beginning we did. Our local health authorities said taking temperature is misleading. Just because someone doesn’t have a temperature doesn’t mean if they have the symptoms. Finding out if anyone at home is sick is better. 

Be as accommodation as possible. They can’t come back for 2 weeks. But you can set them up on Zoom. 

Policy For Emergency Action plan:

If anyone has COVID, member or family member tells that they had COVID. Then we are legally bound to talk to health authroity. Then they take you through the steps. Thats why you need to know who has come into your dojang each and everyday. So you can warn people who came into contact with them. They can’t come in, but they can do the Zoom. That’s great because we have a lot of kids who can’t come back because they are living with their grandma. 

We are offering half day summer camps this year. All of our camps are full. Because we have small numbers. Parents and students are looking for activities. We had overwhelming response. 


We are doing a lot of standing kick targets. Fun drills and games on the spot. We do variation of Sir Says, Taekwondo kicks and drills. I think if you get creative you can come up with a whole slew of them for tigers. IN 20 or 30 you have kids bumping into eachother. Now the way its lay out. Kids know they have to stay on their square. In some ways its easier to teach them. They aren’t off somewhere causing trouble. We invite kids to wear shoes and shoe sale revenue has gone up. We always shut down our water cooler. Kids have to bring their own water bottle to their square. 

Our BJJ school has closed. We did Zoom but its difficult to do zoom because not everyone had training dummy. Everyone has to indicate their allowed to do drills with people in their bublble.With solo drills I don’t think we’d have new signs up. In jujitsu its going well. Return to jujitsu was 30%. Starting to see more sign ups.


I honestly I don’t think it will go back to regular numbers for a year. A year from now is my honest assessment. In many ways when we reopened June 1st it felt like doing it again for the first time and starting again. It was frustrating and scary and deflating at a time. As martial artists we have to rise up to that challenge. Its an uphill battle and we need to do it for our community and membership. When you reopen, focus on community leadership and involvement. Get involved with local charities. They were doing huge community events. Delivering meals. What we are planning is last week of July is a breakathon for our local hospital. When you focus on helping others and once again empowering students and families to help others it builtds your brand and a loyalty. We aren’t just talking about displaying love and community leadership we are acting on it. It rallies your troops. You get raving fans. When you put these tenets into real actionn. We have a girl empowerment week and an online event. Get involved with the community. Is there something we can do to help out our first responders. By giving to others you do yourself a big service. Live by the tenets you teach and you will survive this.  

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How 20/20 Armor’s Live Mode Won The Battle For Student Attention Post COVID

Master Jon Powell needs 20/20 Armor for a different reason than most school owners. He doesn’t charge for his lessons because he works full time at another job. But free lessons make retention that much more difficult because there’s no financial commitment keeping students attending classes. Master Powell’s fight is for his students’ focused attention because that’s the only thing that keeps them in his dojang. 20/20 Armor Live Mode is his secret weapon to keep them at his school long enough so that he has a chance to make a difference in their lives. 

How 20/20 Armor Live Mode Brings In New Students To His School

“To get a student to start taking lessons you need to let them peer into the future,” says Powell.  “20/20 Armor live mode gives them the perfect snapshot of where they are starting and what I’m going to help them become. This is even more important when they don’t have a bunch of their own friends to start with.” 

With 20/20 Armor Live Mode a student can see their reaction time, stamina and power and get a hard number for every single kick and their average over time. This not only shows the students where they are when they walk through the door, but gives them a goal to work towards over the next six months to 2 years of training. 

Master Powell sends that Live Mode video to them or their parents, praising them for their potential and his students start to get a sense of momentum. He’s made it part of every introductory lesson and already noticed an upswing in conversion.  

How Data Driven Training Overcame Mood In His First Classes Back

“In the first classes back after complete COVID lockdown the mood was pretty low,” says Powell. “But then we got the students playing live mode. Everyone got so excited, cheering each other on and trying to beat their own scores. It was infectious. One of those moments you really wished that everyone could still high five.”

But measurement doesn’t just get his students excited for class. It also shows them how well they are doing even if they aren’t in a good mood and feel down on themselves. Because numbers don’t lie. 

“It changes the dynamic,” says Master Powell.  “I’ll be able to keep them a lot longer. The people I’ve lost over the years have usually been due to misunderstandings. Given the standard of quality we constantly push for, they might not think they were doing great or would easily forget the progress they have made. Now I can prove to them that they are by providing objective measurement. It completely changes the dynamic. Before, when me or my assistants would correct them, they might think that we don’t like them, especially if there are a lot of adjustments. Now with 2020 Live, it really feels like we are working together against the system to get them great results. It actually connects me to my students in a whole new way.” 

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How 20/20 Armor Live Mode Brings Students Back To His School Who Were Sitting Out Due To Covid

The school is still at 50% capacity due to COVID 19 guidelines. Master Powell posts the Live Mode videos on his social media channels for two reasons. 

The first is to give students the type of social reinforcement that keeps them motivated and give them praise for the effort they display in class. This helps with retention, one of the most serious issues facing school owners right now. 

The second is to get the students sitting out hungry to return to his school after COVID 19. We naturally want to keep up with our peers. These videos give the students the extra motivation they need to return. He’s already noticed attendance rising since he posted the videos. 

How 20/20 Armor Live Mode Helps New Students Discover Their Love of Taekwondo

“A couple quick stories for you. We were working power this week,” says Powell.  “There is this one girl who is a pre teen. She isn’t really into it. She never seemed to like Taekwondo but I know her parents want to see her benefit from it. I could tell she wasn’t really trying. Then we did Live Mode for power.  I showed her the corrections she needed to do by showing her the video. In just that one class she doubled and then tripled her score. And she got this look in her eyes. Like the lights went on. If I had a picture of it, you could actually see the moment where she went from hardly engaged to fully engaged as someone that actually loves the art There isn’t a better moment for an instructor than that."

"But it works for different students in different ways. Because not everyone is going to excel at the same thing. I have a 50 year old student who can’t move as fast as my younger ones. But I can show her the additional power she generates from doing the proper movements, and rightly praise her for it based on data. It’s an incredible thing for a school owner to be able to motivate an 8 year old and a 50 year old with the same piece of equipment.”

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How To Open Safely and Successfully Seminar With Master Tony Kook – May 14, 2020

We went live today on Facebook.com/2020armor for our webinar with Martial Arts Industry Expert Master Tony Kook on how to reopen your School Safely and Successfully. The seminar ran from 2PM EST to 3PM EST. The video for the Live Seminar will be posted above for you to watch in its entirety.

Master Tony Kook discussed best practices for re-opening your school when your local health authorities allow it in your area. He not only provided the baseline precautions everyone in the industry must be taking but also how to take extra precautions that make your school stand out from the crowd. 

Master Kook is a successful school owner with 4 schools and over 1200 students. He is an industry expert with over 30 years experience and a sought after Speaker for the Martial Arts industry specializing in “Small School Success”.

The most important bulletpoints from the discussion will be posted shortly. For now please take a moment to check out our How To Open Your School Safely and Successful guide where we collected best practices from across the industry.

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Most Important Bulletpoints: 5 Minute Read

Master Tony Explains His Own Situation:

We have flattened the curve in Vancouver. Our provincial health authortities has announced on May 19th we can reopen the club. We can go back to some level of normalcy with safety precautions. I have made the decision to reopen Monday, June 1st. We are installing some extra safety precautions and use the 2 week gap to communicate to our students. 

I read the article 20/20 Armor prepared and was loaded with great information. The first thing it mentioned is that you have to communicate the changes to your students and parents. We communicate through mobile apps, through emails, on a regular, weekly if not daily basis. Things about what you are doing. The signage for physical distancing. The classes will be smaller. Use facemasks. Use hand sanitizing stations. The point is that you are communicating with parents and studnets. It has to look visibly different than it did before they left. Going back to the old normal is now negligent . 


The feel has to be different. Students and parents have to feel you have gone the actual steps. It’s not enough to say to wash their hands or stay at home if they are sick.

New protocols need to be implemented. Safety measures must be implemented to keep our students and parents and our staff safe. But Perception is also important. Parents are going to want them to do these programs to have time to themselves. Getting new students is dependant on the optics and public perception of showing its safe. 

A Lesson From An Elderly Lady At Starbucks

Starbucks is taking orders through mobile order or through the window. Three baristas could make the coffee but she only wanted the one in the mask. The elderly woman wanted the person in the mask to make it. It wasn't that it was safer but it felt that way. Some of your parents and students will live with grandparents. You are catering to some students who have members of their family who are at risk. Yes, it might be considered over the top. Lets put ourselves in our parents and students shows. To increase safety measures in our dojang to make people comfortable to come back. Let’s push ourselves to go further than we are being asked to go. 

How Trends At Returning To Public Schools Might Reflect People Return to Martial Arts Schools

Schools are reopening but they are having less than 25% going back to school. If you are a small school operator, you have a 100 students, maybe only 30% will return. Before you are opening you need to show the measures that you are taking. Send video, text messages, show safety is the number one concern. 

Extra Steps:


We are using professional cleaners. We are going to have them do a professional spray of the whole facility. Where they kill 100% of bacteria and viruses and spray the whole facility. Its a financial investment and shows we are going the extra step for our parents. To provide them the safety they need. 


We are doing UVC filters and UVC lights that kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Used afterwards. Because you can’t look at the lights directly.  These are hospital grades. 

Special Glass Partitions:

Ordered lexicon glass, to create 12 stations so that each student will be training in their own glasses off training. They each get their own wave master or kid kick. In between classes all of that will be sprayed and wiped down for the next kids to come in. These are extra measures we are taking to reinsure a successful reopening. 

Ozone Machines:

We have considered ozone machines. We have already ordered it. A lot of professional cleaning companies can offer that service. We call associations and call professional services and see if we can do it together with other schools. Its hospital level grade. It’s a wonderful way to communicate to everyone at the dojang to ensure a safe return. You take video and some pictures and have safety stickers and signage in place. You show them this is how they are preparing when they come back to class. 

No Holding Regular Targets or Paddles:

The majority of our industry has transitioned to zoom. We have been doing it through the TV screeen. They can’t kick a target. There will be no contact between students or instructors. They can only kick the target. They can kick on the spot. They can do self defence drills. We need to be creative. You want to disguise repetition. The reality is that class sizes will be smaller. Class content will be different. You need to come up with a new training template for your class. 

Risk Management

One template is risk management and safety guidelines is revised and modified class content. Punching and kicking you can use music and use the long noodles and instructors can hold it at a safe distance. You can’t hold a hand target and have your students kick it. You may need pool noodles or training equipment that allows you to be further away from each other. 

20/20 Amor is connecting to the kid kicks and doing the optics and improving the class. It’s not just what you did before but doing it better with that level of never before seen interaction. With 20/20 Armor you can actually add to the experience you had before this by providing real analytics for their scores.

How Often Do You Clean:

How often do you clean? We clean everyday. Professional service comes in two times a week. it’s expensive. It’s an investment we are putting in to let everyone feel good about returning. My approach is to communicate in advance this is the limit in class sizes.

Transform smaller classes into scarcity and eagerness: You need to reserve your spots. Which class slots you are going to be using. I think it will be very worthwhile to do a hybrid of live classes and online training to provide for students who aren’t ready to come back to class. One or two classes online and online live. 


We are implementing the use of Facemasks. We are asking students to wear one. Part of the training policies. If they don’t have one, then we will some on site they can purchase. We have some branded facemarks we have ordered. We ask them to come in socks or Taekwondo shoes to wear. 

Gaps Between Classes:

Even though we are allowed on the 19th. We are opening on the 1st. My locations are larger. We have to limit our class sizes. We are finalizing our schedule next week. So that they are five minutes shorter to allow a gap to control flow of people. 

Going More Than 2 Meters Apart:

If you have 10 people two meters apart that are inside a room it looks crowded. That’s another thing we have to take into an account. Maybe it’s 3 meters apart inside. It comes down to public perception.  

With precautions, we need to go overboard. Nothing is better than keeping people safe. Bad reviews can really sink a business. You need to gain public favor. 

Using Your Online Training As Your Main Form Of Training. Live classes as an upgrade to private lessons.

Are you limiting the number of days people can train with 10-12 students?

If return to class is your main curriculum then we limit to 2 days a week. Monday or Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Another way you can do it is use your online platform as your main form of training.

Right now your students can do as many zoom classes as they want. Now that you are coming back, and say you are doing semi privates. All the white belts come in, we limit to 2,4,6,10 in class. For the rest of the week do your zoom classes. You can structure it that way. You don’t need permanent time lines. Until we feel safer returning to our old lines. No reason why online couldn’t be your normal and use smaller classes as a supplemental. 

How are you planning to recoup the loss from the new equipment? Are you charging more?

When they come back they return to regular tuition. We had been offering lower prices for just online training. The professional services you scale it back. Thats an expense i can control. Lexion Glass is bullet proof and I can easily resell it. I’m not modifying the sheets, just securing it with duct tape on the corner so they are free standing. When I’m done with those I’ll be able to sell those. I’ll keep the extra equipment. So I can allocate that through our locations. Its an expense we wouldn’t have to incur. I’m asking what will allow students and parents to return.  My hope is that there are waiting lines after we tell them we are limiting class sizes. 

Stagger online and in person classes:

Are they tied together? My plan is to have some of my instructors teach live classes. Go to a modified schedule. Concurrently we will be running a live classes at a separate location. They can do Zoom or the Live class. If they miss the Live they can do the Zoom class. You can do pre-recorded videos or allocated different days or times to have room to keep both types of classes going to suit students needs. Come up with a creative solution that is flexible. 

Summer Camps?

Everyone is thinking July and August and have summer camps. We need to adjust to the new reality.  With 2 meter distance at all times we have to see if its feasible and what modifications we can make to make it successful. Usual Taewkondo is under an hour to safely manage that. How can you do that for 6 hours? Which is a typical summer camp.  

How do you make after school programs work in this way? My tip is to contact local health authorities. A lot of the parents rely on us and we are providing an amazing services that allows families to do what they want to do. What are some safety measures and best practices I can implement to carry out in a safe manner. DO you have resources I can share with my parents? 

Local authorities have been so helpful. Their agenda is keeping people safe. Talk to them to find a way of making us move back to normal. No one has been restrictive or defensive. It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it. It’s this is my program, what resources do you have that can help me do this in a responsible measures. DO you have extra guidelines to keep my students safe? Don’t sit back and rely on the news. Get out there. Network. Make phone calls to ensure a successful return!  

The Black Belt Mindset:

We aren’t in control of what happens to us. We are only in control of how we react. We had our doubts about our yellow belt tests. But they loved it. We have another online test coming up. You learn from each experience. My last piece of advice is a general piece of advice. But truly embrace what’s happening and tackle it like the Black Belt Master and leader we are perceived it to be. Run towards problems and find solutions. We are presented with this big challenge. Embrace it. Look for solutions. We are going to get through this together. Our primary concern is the development of our students through martial arts. This situation isn’t going to stop us. With your support. Thanking the parents for showing the kids indomitable spirit so we can out even stronger through all of it. We are going to teach them the resilience they need to survive situations like this. 

Want more information?

Read our How To Open Your School Safely and Successfully Guide Here.


How does one school come to dominate the competitive circuit in an entire country? You give them the right tools.

“Since we started using 20/20 Armor we have won 71 District Championships,” says Mr. Jonathan Frank, an ATA school owner with three schools located in Maryland. “To put this in perspective we have won the most district championship titles of any ATA school in the United States. Our sparring team has an edge because we train with 20/20 Armor. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made for our schools.” 


Mr. Frank uses 20/20 Armor with his elite sparring competitive team which has 55 members. With 55 students it’s impossible to give everyone individual attention. But that’s where 20/20 Armor steps in. 

“20/20 Armor keeps my athletes honest,” says Mr. Frank. “I think the biggest thing is that it’s so easy that any of my guys can operate it.  So they can spar without a coach or a judge to give them individual supervision. They know when they get hit and when they land their strikes.  There is accountability because they can see it right on the vest. I have 24 video game scoring vests. 24 athletes can train at once with just one coach.

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Keeping Your Team Focused The Whole Training Session

Mr. Frank trains with his sparring team for four hours at a time.  Any coach that holds long sparring sessions knows that students lose focus and that a lot of time can be wasted. With 20/20 Armor his students stay focused the entire time. 

“When they train and they hit, they know instantly that they did,” says Mr. Frank. “It’s what they are used to. It’s what they are familiar with. It’s just like getting a like on a photo. It’s what they have been learning to crave. Only it isn’t just attention they are getting, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When you give kids that feeling of accomplishment you’ll be amazed by what they can do.”


Mr. Frank had a 100% retention rate for his sparring squad over the last twelve months since he introduced 20/20 Armor. And these are teenage students, the most likely demographic to leave their martial arts training for other high school sports and activities. Not one of them has left. 


“For us it’s a benchmark,” says Mr. Frank.  “Can you teach effective performance based martial arts?  We went to district and won 71 titles. 20/20 Armor taught our kids how to hit hard and stay focused in the ring. It’s given us a leg up. Someday I want all of my students to have their own vest. That’s the future.”  


Give your athletes the first ever analytics system developed for martial arts that measures their power, stamina and reaction time to give them an edge on the competition. 20/20 Armor's High Performance system is being used by world champions in the sport. It should be used by your team.

Don't let your competitive team fall behind. Get your special ATA discount and place your order today.

Virtual Belt Testing Webinar with Master Tony Kook (April 8th)

We all know how crucial belt testing is to your students and your business. Students need to know they are progressing in their training or your retention will drop drastically. But how do you do belt testing virtually?

We hosted an incredible Live Seminar with Industry Expert Master Tony Kook streaming at April 8th, 7PM EST. Master Kook is a successful school owner with 4 schools and over 1200 students. He is an industry expert with over 30 years experience and a sought after Speaker for the Martial Arts industry specializing in “Small School Success”. You can see the whole live stream in the video above. The most important point is that you should be doing virtual testing. Without it your students won’t be getting the feeling of making progress that they need and you’ll lose out on retention.

Don’t have time to watch the whole seminar? Don’t worry we got you covered. Below we have a summary of all the most important points from the talk. But we highly recommend you watch the entire stream to get Master Tony Kook’s masterful wording. Because it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. We’d like to offer a sincere thank you to Master Tony Kook for gifting us his wisdom on this crucial topic.

Bulletpoints: 6 Minute Read

Pre Talk: A Look At Our Industry

Talking to a lot of club owners. Everyone is closed down but its amazing to see the creativity in a lot of club owners are doing. A lot of people are using Zoom. A lot of club owners are really making use of the online classes and doing more creative things. We are going to be adding story time with the Master as part of our online curriculum. And mat chats. Some schools are bringing in other Masters from across the country to teach a class. Some instructors are adding in their natural talents like singing and dancing. Students are looking forward to their ability to connect. It’s the highlight of their day.

Virtual Belt Testing: 

Why is it important to do virtual testing

It’s paramount for our retention right now.

What are the keys to retention:

1) students have to fun, 2) it’s about building relationships and having a sense of progress. Online helps us stay connected and lets our students know we are thinking of them. We also want them not to feel stale and that they can be progressing while they are at home.

If you are not open till June 1st what are you going to do with those students waiting for a belt test. Some of those kids haven’t had one for more than two or three months already. You can’t make them wait. You need to reconsider from a retention stand point because its very important. 

Belt Test Scenarios:

We hashed out three different scenarios. We will do white belts, green belts, brown belts all the way up.  You need to do a minumum amount of classes before you are qualified and you know your curriculum you qualify for tests. We are tracking attendance at our online classes. Breaking it down into groups of 10. Ten people test with the instructor. We run through the whole curriculum, they show us their basic movements, all their kicks, all their poomse, all their philosophy then there is a physical portion like push ups.  The only thing that will be difficult online is board breaking.

Challenges of Online Boardbreaking:

We struggled back and forth on the board breaking from a risk management angle. If the parent holds it incorrectly and they don’t break it, and the kids hurt themselves that will be negative. So what we decided to do for all the kids who are testing, we are mailing them the board with the belt and make a memento of this. We will mail the package to them and while we are doing the test we make the board breaking optional. We will ask the parent if they give their permission to board break. If not we do it when they come back. We do a nice ceremony for everyone when they pass. Make it feel special. 

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Testing Fees: Do I charge the full price?

We are charging full testing fees. The reason for that is I anticipated we would be closed for two to three months. I took the initiative to reduce tuition by 50%. We made it accessible to everyone. We have families who have 2 or 3 students training that’s a lot of money. We charge per household. If you have a brother or sister you are only paying one flat fee per family. We make it financially accessible to everyone. We want to retain as many students as possible during this time. Because we are giving them a substantial tuition discount, we are giving it as the full price of our belt testing. We don’t want to devalue the process. There is a perceived value and we don’t want to set up a precedent if we have another shut down. So we are doing full testing fees. We do everything we do in a real test.  But we do it at home through video. 

You can custom make your own testing procedure to make it intimate and valuable to your students. For smaller clubs you might want to do online privates. If you divide 40 by 20 or 30. minutes of private tests. That’s one week of testing. If you are a medium sized category they’ve tasked their instructors to do the youth, their senior instructors to do the youth intermediate, we do the teens and adults. 

Pre-recorded Tests:

Whatever your testing requirements are you have your students do a short video, where they go through it all and you can grade them on it, is another option. The thing I like about the prerecorded is you give them the format it’s like homework. You get all the time in the world and then you can submit the polished product. You give your students the chance to redo their kicks. I know a lot of club owners who are doing it. 

I know some club owners who are doing a combination. They are doing a video where they do a, b and c of their qualification actions. Then in the group testing everyone does d.  

Distribution of Boards and Belts:

You can schedule the pick up time with different parents so there is proper social distancing for picking up the belts and boards. If you have a small school you can take the initiative and go drop off the boards at your students house. We are going to be using Fedex overnight delivery because we are a larger school. 

Virtual Belt: An interim Step Some School Owners Are Taking

You earn a virtual belt, but when you come back we do an in person belt ceremony. Which encourages your students to come back for the real deal at their dojang. 

Not currently doing any Blackbelt testing. We are going week by week and our plans change. Currently we have made the decision to postpone our Black Belt testing. We have let all our students know that we have postponed the Blackbelt tests until the summer.  Since its such an important ceremony we want to give them the best experience. We are offering special blackkbelt classes in our online schedule but we want to provide the best experience to our students. Because they'll remember getting their Blackbelts for the rest of their lives.  

You need to maintain your connection with your students. What I am doing is not the only way to do it. I hope by the end of this we give club owners some extra ideas that can be catered to their needs. 

Different Schools, Different Belt Testing:

This will be different based on your small, medium and large schools. 

Last week I was on a group call with the most successful club owners in the US. Anywhere from 1000-3000 students. Some said their testing fees would remain the some. Some Masters they aren’t charging anything because testing is free and their main concern was retention. Some said they would do a nominal fee. Even the most successful club owners are taking different approaches. The main goal is to keep students going and progressing. 

WHAT NOT TO DO: Live One on One Testing, Not Doing Testing

I know of some club owners that are trying to do live one on ones. You are putting your student at risk. Your putting yourself at risk. Your risking damaging your own reputation. You can’t be meeting people during this time. Another clear no no is that we have anticipate we are going to go into July or into September and not doing belt testing. I think that’s a clear no no. If you have students who haven’t tested in three months, that another theree months. You have to do something. You can even give it as a virtual pre test. Creative ideas are coming up. Online training is going very well. But if you are just doing the same thing over and over again the novelty is going to wear off and attrition is going to skyrocket. 

After three or four weeks kids are going to go and find stuff on Youtube if you aren't giving them the interaction they need. If you are keeping it curriculum specific, now you are giving them incentive to practice on their own. Not just doing the live training. You are keeping them engaged. If you are not doing online testing that would be a no no. 

What you can’t do on just Youtube is the direct one on one. With Peloton they are successful because they are providing them with metrics. They have live and pre-recorded.  They will urge to push harder. That’s why they are so successful.  Progress is being measured as well. Which is what testing is. 

Communicate your plan to your parents. Even just communicate that you are working on a plan for testing. 

The more club owners communicate with their parents, the more likely they are to come back to you. Because you maintained the relationship. There is no such thing as overcommunication. 


Part of my friend's testing program is a parent evaluation. Has your son or daughter been showing the principles of Taekwondo at home? Have they been up to date with school work and they submit that with their testing application? This makes them responsible for their behavior at home. He has the parents complete that part and before each belt tests they need to obtain stripes before they can test. Once they get their virtual stripes they can do their test. When they pass, he’ll arrange a time for parents to pick up the belts. 

We are inviting our parents to the live (online) test. Asking parents to help them tie the belt. If they are adults, have their spouses do it. Make it fun. 

Some schools are letting people borrow the 20/20 Armor vest, they get their kids to measure their power on the vest. Basic reaction for reaction, power and a stamina one. 

You Can Learn From Everyone:

I hope people take away from this because of the whole idea of virtual testing. It’s not something to be worried about it. Don’t think of quality control. This is a once in a life time opportunity for many people. For many people it’s the first time doing it and it’s going to be fun. I want people to walk away thinking I can do this. The important thing is you put together a plan and execute. I’m continuously learning about it everyday. I’m learning something new everyday. I see what people are doing at other schools and think I could implement it in my clubs. If you have questions or ideas please post it on the 20/20 Facebook group and we'll get back to you. Lets have a dialogue. We are all here for each other so we have this industry when we come back. 

Deeper Insight On Promotions:

Each of our belts we don’t wing it. Students come to promotion tests knowing exactly what is expected of them. Maybe you are a club that doesn’t have that, is you could announce when you are doing, you say white to greenbelt these are the requirements. You tell them what it’s going to be in a simple format. Nothing different. The only difference is that we are doing it through TV online platform with option to board breaking. 

Do You Fail Students During Online Testing:

We do fail. We praise what they can do. We know that with a little more practice we know that you will be able to do it. We look forward to pass you. Because I know that you aren’t the type of person who would want to accept an award when you hadn’t earned it. You don’t cut them down. You offer them good words of encouragement. Thats what we do with in person live testing. We try to get them as prepared as possible and many tests everyone passes. 

It’s going to be awkward failing kids on a virtual test but you want to prepare them for the test so they can accomplish their goals. Make it clear you believe in them and are proud of them for doing as well as they did. Then offer to reschedule the test.  

How Do You Address Sparring?

You obviously can't do real sparring. You get students to do their kicking combinations. Each class has kicking combination they are responsible for. When we do sparring they do that against eachother. So what you can do here, is you could add in an imaginary opponent. I want to see good footwork, good focus, good speed. It’s like non contact sparring. It’s like step sparring. Obviously there is no real contact with no other person.  

You can also make sparring requirement as a final element when you return.  Then after that you get your blue belt. Especially if you are a spar heavy school. It gives them motivation to stay. You are keeping them engaged. I can’t stress that enough. You can’t just send someone online tools. You need some form of interactive platform. You need to give them progress reports. They need to get feedback. 

Pay It Forward Retention Strategy:

Someone told me that they were doing something called paying it forward. If you pay for two months with online training, when we come back to live training your getting two months for free. And throwing in a free summer camp. The money in that alone makes it all worth it for the parents to stay on. Ask questions all the time. 

Obvious things you should do:

Most of us are very good at inspiring students before and after a test. We are good at powerful words of encouragement. 100% of our students after the test are so pumped up. Use that same principle with the online test. Deliver the same message you would with a live in person test. Give a pre-test speech and a post test speech and offer them words of encouragement and excitement. Now they can’t wait to get back onto the live training. Really use the online platform to offer good words to parents and students. Telling them to thank their parents for giving them the chance to train and use martial arts in all the platforms they can use it in their lives. 

The thing we have to focus on is retaining our students. If you have one hundred students you need to come up with strategies to keep all of those students. If you’re hiding over 60 percent you are doing a great job. Now you need to shoot for 80 students. Much easier to keep students than to create one. Now you are thinking of attracting new students, you have to reach out to students who have cancelled or on hold. We have asked people for their support. What can we do to support you? Some people aren’t going to have the money. So you can offer them a special deal to get the kids back onto training and that helps you retain one more student. There are some clubs who are doing well, who are hitting 70 to 80, some even 90. If that’s you amazing I’d encourage you to help out others on how they can do that. I think that’s critical right now. Trying to retain as many students as possible. Reach out to students to see where they are at. Work something out with them so they can come back. 

Looking for more strategies to mitigate financial loss during Coronavirus?

Go to our Rebuilding From Coronavirus Page to get all the latest business insights from industry experts or check out our stories on the US Stimulus Package to get tips you can use to secure relief for your business. 

We have also been working tirelessly on our own solution to your problems with retention due to shutdown. We agree with Master Tony. Nothing is more important then giving your students metrics to measure their progress. But not just at belt testing time. Learn how training at home with 20/20 Armor can keep your students passion for martial arts going during this difficult time and radically decrease attrition. 

We've also drafted a leader explaining the value to parents that you can pass onto your students. Get more information here on this exciting program to create more connection with your students and avoid online drop off.

We've also prepared an in-depth strategy for how you can use 20/20 Armor for revenue generation during the coronavirus shutdown and provided three essential strategies to help your business succeed during these difficult times.

Have anything we can help you with? Talk to our head of Sales Scott Granger at scott@2020armor.com. He is a martial arts school owner just like you and he'd love to help you make sure that your online strategy succeeds. You can also give him a call at 844-963-2020.

US Stimulus Package For Club Owners

At 1pm EST on April 16th we went live with Master Elva Pai Adams for Walk Through of the US Stimulus Package Part#2 at Facebook.com/2020armor!

The seminar discussed the latest developments in the US Stimulus package and what school owners need to be aware of when filling out their applications. She also revealed that the PPP has been capped (all the money has been tapped out) but she expected that Congress would be offering more money soon. She has also shared the latest information on rule changes for applications.  

Elva Pai Adams is the VP of small business lending for Jefferson Bank in San Antonio TX. Adams brings 23 years of commercial banking experience and was the past recipient of SABJ 40 under 40 as well as Financial Service Champion of the year awarded by US Small Business Administration. Master Adams runs her own martial arts school and knows what you’re going through. She has been incredibly generous with her time to keep her community informed.

Master Elva Pai Adams wanted to make sure everyone had access to these documents which detail the latest rule changes that came out yesterday and frequently asked questions regarding the Paycheck Protection Program:

PPP Interim Final Rule Additional Eligibility Requirements For Certain Pledges Of Loans:

PPP: Frequently Asked Questions

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While we did document the most important insights from the conversation it's best to watch the whole seminar rather than relying on our summary. Financial decisions should be made working directly with your accountant for your best chance of making the most out of the US Stimulus Programs.



The Funding for the PPP program has tapped out right now. The program is completely gone. Can’t submit more applications now. Congress is working on putting more funds back in. So that we can continue to process. This was only four days into Sole Proprietors being able to apply. So Master Adams believes it likely more money will be coming down the pipe.  

Yesterday the SBA and the US Treasury Department published a new rule for the PPP program and added more questions and answers to their list included in the link above. What changes is that it makes it more clear on how the calculation on PPP will be for sole employee or Sole Proprieter. 

For those whose application is in process, they are not going to be kicking back your application to you until further guidance has been offered. 

PPP opened April 3rd and by April 16th it was tapped out. It went by really fast. SBA doesn’t allow electronic uploads. Because with this program we can’t do online upload. Everything has to be done manually. Everything has to be manually input. That’s why there is a big backlog. 


75% for PPP has to be spent on payroll to be forgiven. The forgivable is about the calculation of the employees you had before and after COVID. Talk to your account or CPA for the details.

Before the government asks the lender system to close and fund the PPP. Once it has been approved by the SBA. If you get a notification from the lender you will know within ten days whether you got it or not. The forgiveness clock, begins when you are funded. During the 8 week you have to know how to use this fund to get it forgiven. At least 75% has to be used for the payroll. 


Heard a lot of recommendations from CPAs, that you establish a separate checking account to keep track of the fund and how you use it. Eventually the lender will ask for your registered payroll. You will need bank statements and cancelled pay checks to show how you used the fund. You have to be super organized. With a spreadsheet to track how you use it. 


The funding for PPP has capped. Do not know if that includes EIDL as well. 

If you haven’t done 2019 taxes, you need to prepare a schedule C and get that information ready. The bank will use a draft based on profit and loss statement. Not that you have to file 2019 tax return but it does make it easier. 

The 10,000 forgiveable is under EIDL. Separate from PPP. The EIDL originally was set up for up to %10,000 to forgive. The maximum loan amount is 2,000,000 with maximum amortization of 30 years. Seems to me right now, that government will cap that program to 15,000 but first 10,000 will be forgiven. It’s based on how many employees you put on your application. Master Adams put 5 employees and got 5,000 dollars. Master Nam submitted 9 and got 9,000. So advance is based on employee numbers.  

EIDL can be used for rent, lease, utility or payroll. I can’t use it for refinance. If I use any of those categories it can be forgiven. But it’s not focused on payroll like PPP. And that’s assuming if you didn’t apply for PPP. 

Let’s assume you have EIDL and you have PPP. A lot of people apply for PPP before EIDL was advanced. You have to figure out what you are going to use from different programs. Use EIDL for non payroll. So you can dedicate your loan amount from PPP to payroll. That means you can get forgiveness for EIDL and PPP. If you use EIDL for your payroll, you have to use PPP to refinance your EIDL. You can’t use these loans for the same purpose. 

Question about average pay roll:

To come up with maximum loan amount you can only use payroll from last 12 months.  

How Long Until You Know If You Got EIDL?

When you first applied you will get anapplication confirmation number on your screen. I applied March 27th. Got the money on April 15th. They are running 2 weeks behind. If you have an application number you should be able to get something. 

EIDL AMOUNT: Number of employees x 1000 dollars seems to be what is coming back for EIDL from Master Adams direct experience. Example 5 employees = $5000.

Most banks are only accepting applications from existing customers. Some banks are putting out a lot of resources. Rest assured we are trying to run against the time.


I have heard more funding will go to CDLF, think congress is putting more money into that. That's Community Development Financial Institutions. They have money available. They have a disaster fund.   


If you are a W2 employee, you can apply for unemployment insurance. If you have a W2 you can apply. If you are a 1099 you have to go through PPP program. That’s why sole proprietors and self employed workers can apply to the PPP. 


In order to have forgiveness you need to be organized and provide good documntation for PPP and EIDL. You need to only spend the money on what they tell you they'll forgive.

In my opinion with most school owners if you have one location, the biggest expenses are rent. My rent is almost $7000 dollars. That exceeds my payroll. That’s why PPP is not good for me. That’s why I used the EIDL loan. I was hoping the loan would be higher. Now I have to have a plan B. Now what's the other part? I have to look for disaster loans that offer better interest and better maturity. 


It means the terms for paying them back are longer. PPP is 2 year. EIDL is maximum 30. Talk to your banks about refinancing your loans for longer maturity. At PPP loan for a 10,000 dollar non forgiveable portion loan, the payment is 560 dollars per month. Will your businesss be generating enough resources to pay for the unforgiven portion when you are up and running? That’s ontop of all of your other expenses. Then you have to ask your bank to refinance that to a longer maturity. Longer maturity gives you breathing room for repayment. There is a huge difference between paying back in 2 years, in 5 years or 10. You have to calculate what’s best for you dependent on your financial position. 


If you do have a 401K there is discussion that they can forgive the 10% fee for withdrawing from it. That is a good source of income to tap into. You don't want to put loans on top of loans.


Use EIDL for rent and utility. Use PPP for payroll. That way you make sure both are forgiven. 

Master Elva Pai Adams was generous enough to give us her time. She told us that she'll be back to talk to our community when every major changes come down to the Stimulus Programs. We can't thank you enough for all of your amazing work on behalf of our community.

On Thursday, April 9th we had an incredible live seminar with Elva Pai Adams ,VP of small business lending for Jefferson Bank in San Antonio TX, who will be discussing how to navigate the US Stimulus Package for martial arts schools. The whole of the live seminar linked above. We highly recommend watching the entire live stream yourself. We will be providing bulletpoints but mention that we aren't the financial experts and you're going to want to listen specifically to Master Elva Pai Adams as she explains the intricacies of these loan applications.

Elva Pai Adams is a noted financial expert and can provide tips to help you get through this difficult time. She has 23 years in small business banking and has worked for some of the largest companies in the world. Master Elva Pai Adams is not only a former VP at Wells Fargo, she is an incredibly accomplished martial artist with three decades of experience.  She was an Olympic athlete in Taekwondo, and she was selected as the first female international referee representing the USA for the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is also a school owner so understands your concerns in the realest possible way.

The most essential quick bite of information is that you need to get a checklist specifically from your lender of what you'll need to submit before you do. There will be huge line ups for submitting these forms and you don't want to make a mistake.

An important thing to know is that Master Elva Pai Adams has generously agreed to come back next week at the same time and address the latest developments that are happening with the US Stimulus Program. Because this situation is constantly changing. So Thursday, April 16th, 1PM EST we will be hosting another live stream that give you the latest information you need to know including developing details about K1s and Sole Propertiers as they become available. As martial artists we go out of our way to serve our communities. We'd like to celebrate Master Elva Pai Adams amazing dedication to the martial arts community when we need it most giving us time for her extremely busy schedule.


A SECOND WORD OF CAUTION: We took notes from the live webinar to provide further insight but the writer of this article isn't a leading expert in this financial world and you should take the time to listen fully to the expert herself. Small points may be wrong in the article that are different in the video. You're going to want to watch the whole of this seminar and watch it carefully. But if you don't have the time a summary of the most important points will be coming soon.

We talked in detail about EIDL program, the Paycheck Program and the SBA Disaster Loan during live stream and the differences.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan: these are the programs you can receive directly with SBA on their website. That process has changed many times. This is a very easy program to complete. Takes 10-30 minutes to finish. 4-5 pages of yes or no eligibility questions. Because so many applications are being sent in, they need to make sure people eligible. This is why there is no loan amounts. They just want to make sure you can take part. As of yesterday the first run of approval will come out today or tomorrow. 

The second program is: Paycheck Protection Program is where you actually apply through your lender or banking institution. There are pro lending programs, start with your own banking relationship and see if they are participating and they will be able to help you. A lot of lenders are only using their customers as a priority first. You apply with the lender, first come first serve. I haven’t heard a lending cap. Each bank has their own cap limit. But it depends on the funds ability of that bank. Larger institutions have bigger caps.  

SBA Disaster Loans(Another program up to 25,000. Apply with the lending institutiion. They may have some programs. This is a bridge program designed for business owner with immediate neeeds. They need money within the next month or two. If you participate for that program, it can be paid out with Payment Protection Program.

Which one is right for you?

EIDL: Maximum amount is 2 million. $10,000 dollars will be forgiven. Can be used for operating costs. Interest payments. You can’t use it to pay down existing debt. You can use the loan proceeds to pay for that. Only for normal operating expenses. Currently they are looking for eligibility. Once you are eligible they will send the 10,000 to help with your immediate needs. The 10,000 will be forgiven.  

Payment Protection Program: is to give you money to cover pay checks. The formula is at least 75% to be toward payroll. Approximately 75% for payment protection. The formula is still very complicated. The SBA law is that specified it’s based the number of employees you have before covid19 backdated to Feb 15th.  It looks at reduction of your work force. And how many you hired back. And we use that complicated formula that will be forgiven if you use it towards payroll. If you are a company who doesn’t have employees this isn’t a good program. But think about the number that can be forgiven. You have to know that the loans that will not be forgiven, you will be stuck with 2 years of amortization at 1% interest rate. Think of what will happen when you have to pay back principle and interest. If you don't have a lot of employees you have to seriously think about not applying for this program.

As owner you have to think of what your normal operating cost look back. Can you afford to pay the loan payment over all the payments that you already have? If you can’t do it after that you are back to square one. And then you have to go back to lenders. You have to consider that thought process. Because you don’t want to add more money to what you owe.

If you don’t have too many employees, you might not want to do PPP. You have to use your own common sense. You have to think about is this the right program for you. 

If you are a sole propertier the loan application opens tomorrow. All the lenders have big difficulties. Not that we are slow. We don’t have a clear direction. We want to do what we can to help business owners. It’s nerve wracking because with SBA application, will this come back and have a problem because things are changing so rapidly. And that's from a lender. A professional who gets the best information. The situation is unprecedented.


For existing SBA loan payments, they don’t have to make a payment for the next six months. Don’t do any deferring a loan payment. I tell them to hold off paying right now due to lack of clarity. We are waiting for SBA to issue guidance to lenders to see how we can collect for our customers. If you have existing SBA loan, do not make a payment as ruling is coming down. 

EIDL Process NOTE:

SBA receives applications. You get email that tells whether you are eligible. If you are eligible someone will contact you and put 10,000 into your account. The maximum loan is 2 million dollar. So someone from SBA will contact you and provide the documentation, supporting what your loan amount is. If you already apply for EIDL loan. You can still apply for Payment Protection Program. One of the questions on that is that you have been funded from the SBA, then you have to add the loan calculation. 

Once you come up with the total loan amount you add in your EIDL. If you applied for a confirmation you don’t add the 10,000 dollars that is forgiveable.  

When you draw the loan amount you go back with the loaner, to get what you actually spend, to find the amount of the loan that you forgive. This is to give the lender a basic estimate for the SBA. To cover yourself make sure the lender there is a disclaimer that this amount is just for estimated for purposes. This isn’t used for loan forgiveness purposes.   


Why the FTE is important is full time employee equivalent. For this school with 2 time full time employees, you need to find out your FTE equivalent number. This is important on the back end. Because the SBA uses this number to calculate how much of the loan can be forgiven.

oan forgiveness is based on full time equivalent, is important on the back end.  Includes full time, part time. How many you lose, how many you hire.  It’s very complicated to look at the rule. We are waiting for further guidance. 

Everyone is trying to make sure they fit the specific new guidelines to find out what you can forgive. They need to know that. If your expenses don’t qualify you are going to find yourself in big trouble. When you get into this program you have to really think about it. The purpose is for pay check payment program is to pay for employees. That’s why you have to be careful on your application. 

Lenders are doing their best and have to interpret these programs. Because SBA relies on Lenders to verify the lenders have to certify that information. And complete package is important. Lender should give you a checklist. So everything is submitted at once. Big lenders have hundreds of thousand coming in. Thats why you have to follow the checklist your lender provides you. So you will save a lot of time. 

We don't have answers on K1s, or Owners Draws. The info is vague right now. Submitting is tomorrow but everyone needs more instruction just to include. 

TUNE IN Thursday, APRIL 16th at 1PM EST for our follow up with Master Elva Pai Adams on the stimulus package and the information you need to apply with your business.


Everyone has been affected by what’s been happening over the last couple weeks. School owners are having to radically transform their businesses and are wondering if they are going to be able to make it through the Coronavirus pandemic with their business intact. People are worried not only about themselves but also about their employees who rely on them. 

To fight back against the fear, we wanted to provide our customers in the United States with some positive news that could provide some relief for your small business.

We saw an excellent email from MAIA that we wanted to share with you:

"On March 17th, the federal government revised the criteria for the availability of disaster relief loans available through the Small Business Administration (SBA). 

Under the new criteria, loans are available statewide following an economic injury declaration, whereas previously, funds were only available on a county-by-county basis.

SBA Disaster-Relief loans are low-interest working capital loans designed to help small businesses in disaster-affected areas to meet their financial obligations such as payroll, fixed debts, accounts payable, etc. 

Important things to know:

  • They offer up to $2 million in assistance
  • Interest rate of 3.75%
  • Repayment term is determined on a case-by-case basis based on each borrower’s ability to repay (with a maximum term of 30 years).

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find out if your state is eligible by clicking this link:


If your school is located in an eligible state, you can download the necessary forms online at the SBA website.  They then allow you to upload those forms directly rather than mailing in: https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/ 

I've got the forms.  Now What?

There are a lot of forms to fill out, and it’s going to appear quite daunting.  There are some additional resources available for assistance, though.

The SBA has dedicated help available for this process:

  • 1-800-659-2955
  • disastercustomerservice@sba.gov

In addition to the SBA, each state has its own Small Business Development Center (SBDC) that will be able to help businesses in that state with navigating the SBA disaster loan program. 

You can enter your zip code into the search box on the site linked below, and that’ll give you the contact info for the closest branch.


When you navigate to the website for your branch, you’ll be able to register for counselling.  We surveyed a few of the sites, and in most cases there’s a register, sign up for assistance, register for counselling or some similarly titled button on the home page.  But in some cases, that link is deeper on the site and can usually be found fairly easily. 

If you’re having difficulty registering, you can call the main number for the SBDC in your area, and they’ll be very happy to help get you the correct information.  The sole purpose for the existence of the SBDC is to help small businesses in a large number of capacities, including helping them to apply for assistance such as this."


The US government is offer a second system for small businesses to get loans due to business uncertainty around Coronavirus. Only this loan is forgivable if you spend it on 4 specific types of business expenses. Learn more by reading our indepth on it coverage here.

For Right Now: Levelling Up Your Students Training

We are offering a great deal for students who want to train at home during this difficult time. With our video scoring chestguards we give students the measurement they need to track their progress and stay dedicated to their martial arts training. These at home training kits give school owners the data they need to push students to do their best and get the most out of their virtual learning classes. Learn more at our Training At Home page.


You have done incredible things over the last two weeks to save your business. You’ve learned how to make great video content that engages your students and you’ve gathered the tools you need to survive. But how do you get out of survival mode and start planning to make the most out of the next six months to a year and come back better than ever?


When your schools re-opens you are going to need to focus on ways you can Attract more students, Retain the ones you have and Thrive by creating new revenue streams to make up your losses. We got you covered.

Want to know how you can Attract 5x your normal amount of leads at recruiting events? Read about how Master Wong got 50 leads in just a couple hours and earned 30K in new revenue.

Want to dramatically increase your Retention? Learn how Mr. Jonathan Frank got 100% retention of his teen students and won 71 ATA District Championships by training with 20/20 Armor.

Students are going to be hungry for competition when you re-open your dojang. You can run your in house events with 80% less staff, elminiate technical delays and offer a fair judging system that will keep your students and their parents ready to participate in your next event. Learn how Master Helgi ran his best ever tournament with 20/20 Armor.

For more resources to help your school navigate these difficult times go to our Rebuilding From Coronavirus page. We're here for you and we will get through this together. This too shall pass.

3 Things School Owners Should Do Right Now To Mitigate Financial Losses

Our CEO Master Ali Ghafour had a live seminar with Master Tony Kook on March 20th to discuss strategies for mitigating financial loss for Martial Arts School Owners. One of the most important things to come out of that conversation was three steps all school owners should be taking right now to mitigate financial loss. We highly recommend watching the whole video but understand that you might not have the time so we have provided bulletpoints just below:



Call your banker or small business banker. Find out what they are doing in your area for small businesses. If you own your own unit or building there is talk of six month deferral program. Banks are offering 10 to 20% increase in credit to help small business keep going. You can relieve major financial pressure with just this one step.


If you don’t own your own building then write a letter to your landlord. Say listen we maybe closed for a while. It’s difficult for us to manage our budget. What can you do for help us out with a plan? Many landlords are getting a six month mortgage deferral. See if they can pass that savings onto you.


Depending on your reality right now you may have part time staff, you might only have contractors or full time. You need to communicate to your staff what your plan is going forward for their employment. You may not be in a situation to pay your all of your staff right now. If you can’t pay them, you need to provide them with resources for employment insurance benefits. You need to look after your staff and show them you care in these difficult times. This will also help when things go back to normal and you can hire them back.

Important Note: In Canada, your staff can be eligible up to 65% of what your income is for this time period.

Apologies for Master Tony being unable to be seen during the stream. We experienced minor technical difficulties.