We (you) did it!!!

We had 1,500 participants who showed up for the amazing TKD Kicks Corona training session. We have never heard of a taekwondo class that big. Well done!!

You should be very proud of yourself for standing with the TKD community and fighting for the doctors and nurses on the frontline protecting our families. 

The event has raised $8000 dollars so far! To put that number in perspective, that’s enough for 25,000 masks! You can still donate by going here 

Let’s get to $10,000!!!

For those of you who missed the class, it’s at the top of this post for you to watch whenever you’d like.

We’d like to thank our incredible instructors. Here are their social media handles if you want to thank them or ask them to do a seminar in the future with you:

Master Tim Thackrey@timthack 

Master Johnny Nguyen @jwintkd

Master Claire Kim

Master Stephen Lambdin @stephenlambdin

Master Yvette Yong @yvetteyong.canada

Thank you for creating such a high energy training session and sharing your insights on facing failure, learning from defeat and how to be brave in times like this. It was a truly inspiring experience for everyone who attended. 

We Think You’ll Find These Guys Useful. 

We handpicked these companies to sponsor this event because they make their living helping martial arts practitioners, club owners and parents. Here is what they do, and their websites:

Juice Compound – They do remote coaching – you got a taste from coach Tim Thackrey in class today. There’s a reason Olympians rely on Juice Compound.  They bring  out the best in athletes across the globe. 

2020 Armor:  They provide Martial art scoring vests for your school, home training and high performance teams. 20/20 Armor generates revenue for club owners AND elevates individual practitioners by providing them the analytics they need to level up their performance. 

Prima IP – They do intellectual property for big and small businesses, and this brilliant company is run by Master Marcelo Sarkis. He is an expert in the field and a martial artist. if you need IP services, he is the person to go to.  

Block Insurance: Ms Beth Block is no stranger to the martial art community.  She’s helped school owners for 30 years. If you are a club owner and need to talk to someone who knows their stuff when it comes to insurance and martial art schools she is the leading expert in the industry. There is no one better.

Spark Membership:  Spark Membership provides best in class software for your martial art school. The owners are very successful school owners themselves – so they developed a system to make it easier for you to run your club. Whether it’s automations, marketing or upgrades they’ve got you covered. 

Pulse Taekwondo: The man running this whole thing behind the scenes is Master Emerson Wong. An expert in martial art training, video, stunts, XMA. He also runs three amazing schools. Please check to see if you are close to any of his locations by visiting his link.

Akross – If you need martial art supplies, these are the guys to go to in Canada. Again, this company is run by martial artists who are passionate about the business and have top notch customer service.  

Thank you to everyone in our community who came together with us to make history.  We couldn’t appreciate you more. 


We believe we are successful only when you are successful. Keeping in line with that philosophy, we hired our first head of customer success Mr. Joseph Nguyen. His goal is simple: make sure you get your Return On Investment on your 20/20 Armor purchase. 


We have come up with an acronym to describe the way 20/20 Armor can help your school grow.  We call it our “ART” Framework. A for Attracting New Students who were never interested in martial arts before, R is for Retaining The Students you have and T is for Thriving With New Revenue. Joseph is 20/20 Armor’s A-R-T expert and will be your go to contact to make sure you get your return on investment as soon as possible. 

We had hundreds of applicants for the job and we chose Joseph due to his passion for our industry and history of achieving business success for his clients,” says 20/20 Armor CEO Ali Ghafour. “We made our equipment so easy to use that 7 year olds can operate it. Joseph is going to make it that easy to get your return on investment.” 

Joseph will help you as you prepare for your trade demos and provide tips that will turn the line-ups that form at your event booth into sign ups. He’ll walk you through the recruitment process, giving you the language you need to use and help you maximize your results to recruit new students. When you’re running a tournament he will get you set up with the proper marketing materials and provide you with advice for making it your best tournament ever. He’ll make sure that you have access to our latest drills that will help drive engagement and retention from your students. When you begin using our mobile app he will make sure you are doing everything you need to maximize your referral benefits. To make sure you are successful Joseph has begun our ARTstart program and is already reaching out to existing customers. 


“I’m taking our A-R-T Framework and I’m going to be developing a coaching curriculum around it,” says Mr. Nguyen. “The program is called ARTstart. It begins with two onboarding sessions, the first when your equipment arrives and the second a month after. In the first meeting I will walk you through the 10 game modes and the common ways that people integrate it into their classrooms. I can answer any questions you might have and make sure that you know how to put it to immediate use at your school. A month later we have our second phone call, and I’ll talk about what you need to do to get a quick return on your investment and take a deep dive into how you attract new students, retain the ones you have and thrive with new revenue with 20/20 Armor. After that I’ll be available for questions before your events and every quarter we will have a little check in to see how things have been working and how I can help them work better. Many of our customers have already had a 3 and 4X return on their investment but I’m confident that we can do much better. We don’t abandon our customers after your purchase. That’s just the beginning of the journey we want to take with your schools and I can’t wait to work with you.” 

Joseph won’t simply be communicating to you how methods to create more revenue for your school using 20/20 Armor but informing the world of all your successes.

“Part of ARTstart is telling the stories of what you’ve been able to accomplish with 20/20 Armor and celebrate the ideas you bring to the table,” says Joseph.  “Our customers are extremely creative and we look forward to sharing their innovative ideas with our community. We’ll regularly be publishing success stories on our site so that people all across the world can learn about the amazing things you are doing at your school. So that you can inspire other school owners across the world to get more people into Taekwondo and grow the sport we love so dearly.” 

Want to get in touch with Joseph and get started on making a return on your investment right now? You can reach Joseph at or by phone at 1-844-963-2020 x5.  To learn more about A-R-T click here.

Double Your Tax Refund With 20/20 Armor

You’ve got your tax refund in the mail and you earned every penny. The question is do you want this to be a one time pay day or an investment that will make you more money every single month?

We’re going to walk you through some of the ways that investing your tax refund in 20/20 Armor will provide much greater long term financial rewards and help you grow your school. We have come up with “A-R-T” as a helpful acronym to describe how 20/20 Armor can help you Attract new students, Retain the students you have and Thrive with new revenue. 

Let’s start first with Attracting New Students. One of our simplest recruitment tactics is called “Light Up The Bob” and you can use it at Tradeshows and Community Events. All you need is one 20/20 Armor vest on a Wavemaster or BOB. Line ups will quickly form to discover what the video game scoring chest guards actually do. Now you have a chance to turn those lineups into sign ups. 

 You put the vest on Hitmeter (where the game measures the power of their strikes) and challenge event attendees to kick their hardest to max it out on a low setting. You give them advice on how to improve their technique and when they max it out you give them a free month of classes. The key is that they feel they’ve earned those lessons rather than have been given a free coupon. By providing potential students instruction on the spot you show that they can learn martial arts and overcome their fear that they can’t learn martial arts.  

But does it work? White Court Taekwondo has been in their community for 40 years and has a population of 9,000. At just one community round up they were able to get 6 new recruits. Which allowed them to pay back their entire investment. Read their story here.  

20/20 Armor also helps school owners Retain the students they already have. Some of the most common reasons students quit: 1) they become bored with repetitive drills, 2) they aren’t able to measure improvement between belt tests and 3) when sparring is introduced.  

20/20 Armor provides  instant feedback on technique as they play the games and shows them their progress to get them from becoming burned out. Gamifying their training keeps lessons engaged and provides social reinforcement between belt tests. 

With 20/20 Armor school owners have reported 50% less drop out when sparring is introduced because kids focus on bringing down the health bars instead of their fear of hitting and getting hit.

Master Michael Colver introduced 20/20 Armor to his classroom and watched his retention climb by 20%!  Read his story here

Finally let’s talk about how our video game scoring vests can help your school Thrive with new revenue. We’ll focus on just one example which are in house tournaments. 

We all know that tournaments are full of technical delays and current judging systems are hard to understand and prone to errors and leave families frustrated with hours of wait time. With 20/20 Armor you can eliminate technical delays to make your tournament faster, offer fair judging and eliminate 80% of judging staff to create a better more, exciting experience. 

At TKD Keflavik Master Helgi ran a tournament and got almost a 100% participation from his students. 

“My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 20/20 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!” Read the full story here.

It’s time to put your tax refund to work for you! 

To help you reach your goals, we have a Customer Success department who’s number one goal is to get you a 10X return on your investment of 2020 Armor. They will be your personal coach and help you implement the Attract, Retain and Thrive strategies mentioned here.

Get in touch with us in the chat or get in contact with by email and we can get you started on the best investment you ever made.

How to choose the right vest sensitivity for your students

With 20/20 Armor we offer 10 difficulty levels in all of our game modes for everyone from beginners to blackbelts. For your students to properly push themselves and improve they need to be on the right difficulty level. How do you find out the proper difficulty level that is appropriate to your students? 

Our first tip to finding their level is a rule of thumb. Students who are 6-13 are usually level 1-5 and adults are 5-10. While this generally works this isn’t always true. Some kids start growing earlier than their classmates and are capable of greater power. And some older students with less training may not have the technique to reach an age appropriate level. 

When introducing the game to your classes it can help to start them all on level 1. You can work up from there. Because it’s nice to hit a goal early on as social reinforcement and then reach a place of difficulty they have to strive to overcome. 

Whether you want them to hit harder or to control, an instructor can use Hitmer  to identify the appropriate sensitivity level by establishing a target. Game 10 or Hitmeter is a game that measures your power. The vest measures your strength of impact and gives you a score.  If you want control, aim for strikes in the yellow. If the instructor has interest in building power, the sensitivity can be adjusted up. The instructor doesn’t need to remember each student’s level.  They will remember and try to exceed their own difficulty level. 

Then regardless of the game being played, they have their standard sensitivity level based on what they produced on game 10.  As they improve, they will get to see their level go up. 

If you are looking for a direct comparison for World Taekwondo weight divisions, and what 2020 Armor health settings would best match those we created a document that shows these here:

The beauty of this approach is that when you start your students will have a real baseline for their performance for the first time ever.

This elevates training by giving them real goals to strive for. You’ll notice that after they do a strike they’ll check their score. Intuitively they’ll begin to make adjustments to get better performance. You aren’t simply training. You’re competing against yourself. 

Our equipment reinforces your teaching by demonstrating the impact of proper technique. It rewards the work they put in. And keeps them engaged in your classes. 

Congratulations on taking your training to the next level! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. We are always here. Ready to help. 

How To Implement 20/20 Without Changing Your Class Structure

You spent a lot of time making sure that your school is a well oiled machine. You love 20/20 Armor but don’t want to change the structure of your classes. After all, why change something if it’s already working? 

We come across this question a lot when we are dealing with bigger, well established schools.  This article will give you three easy to implement tips on how to deploy 20/20 Armor to improve what you’re already doing and keep your lesson plans in tact. 

1. Recruit At Trade Shows With 20/20 Armor 

Do you know that 97% of people at your recruitment events aren’t interested in martial arts? To get the attention of attendees you need a way to draw them in. The people you’re trying to recruit are however interested in video games. 

Let’s replace your spin the wheel and break a board with our “Light Up The Bob” tactic to maximize your results. After all nothing attracts a crowd like flashing lights and video games. 


Get attendees to play Hit Meter on Level 1, and if they can get up to Yellow setting they can get a free month of classes.  This way they aren’t just getting free classes, they are winning the right to take those classes. It’s not a coupon, it’s a prize. By giving students a sense of accomplishment you give them the belief that they can overcome their fear of not being able to learn. This fear is a huge hurdle keeping potential students from your school and can be easily overcome with 20/20 Armor.


For this strategy, all you need is a mat, 1 BOB XL or Wavemaster XL and 1 20/20 Armor Vest.  Recommended to use 2 of each because the lines can get long otherwise.


“Hey if you like to play video games, you can do so in real life, let me show you”

“How hard can you punch or kick? If you light up the vest to yellow you win a prize!”

WHAT YOU GET: Using 20/20 Armor will appeal to an untapped demographic of video gaming love students who wouldn’t traditionally be interested in martial arts. You also differentiate yourself from other schools in the area.  Anytime you bring 20/20 Armor to a trade show you get massive line ups. With this simple strategy you can convert your line ups to sign ups. 

2.  Replace Bad Target Holders with 20/20 Armor on Bobs/Wavemasters or Punching Bags

It’s no secret that students don’t make the best target holders. We have all had more than one training session ruined because of this. If you have a bad target holder you can’t kick and you put the kicker at risk of actual injury. This frustrates not only students but also the parents who came to watch them practice. 

WHAT YOU DO: Put 20/20 Armor on a Bob or Wavemaster instead of asking a student to hold a target. This way you give the kicker a target that is set up properly and they are able to get instant feedback on their kicks. In a larger classroom where it is difficult to give each student personal attention the 20/20 Armor can serve as a private instructor. Your students will intuitively know what they need to do to maximize their score and will be more excited about target practice. 

WHY YOU DO THIS: You eliminate the dangers caused by poor target holders. This increases the quality of your classroom experience for your students and reduces the risk of accidental injury. By providing instant feedback you show your students that they are improving and this keeps them engaged in their training. This simple strategy will increase your retention rate. 

3. Improve Tournaments With 20/20 Gaming Stations

You make good money from your tournaments and are comfortable with the scoring system you are using. You don’t need to run a 20/20 Armor ring at your first event. But you can use 20/20 Armor to solve a problem that every tournament faces. 

Delays reduce student’s enjoyment of their experience and make parents less likely to sign their kids up next year.  Use a 20/20 Armor Gaming Station to keep your students engaged during wait times and make extra income. 

What You Do: Setting up a gaming station can be as simple as creating a dedicated ring in the holding area with 2 sized four Recreational Electronic Chestguards on Wavemaster XLs or BOBs and getting student volunteers to facilitate the game play. You can run any of the ten game modes and get participants to play during down time. 

3 Pricing Models:  

  1. Free Model (Passive): With the free model you run the Gaming Station as a free activity. This allows participants to vent boredom and takes up some of their downtime.  The free gaming station is a retention strategy to make the experience of going to the tournament more pleasant so attendees will sign up next year.  This station should be manned by a volunteer as it will not be generating revenue. 
  2. Pay to Play Model (Income Model): This is a gaming station that alleviate boredom while generating new revenue. Having there be a charge per use is useful because it offers the opportunity if your event is running late you can give away stamps for a free game on the house as a way of showing that you care about your customers. This model also means you can make extra income while keeping your audience engaged.
  3. Unlimited Model (Income Model): Customers pay ten dollars to pay at the gaming station all day. This gives your customers a way to entertain themselves but also means they don’t have to worry about paying to use it over and over again and you get one bulk payment per customer.

If you charge 10 dollars for unlimited play and sell 50 wristbands at your tournament you have made an easy $500 dollars at your event with almost no effort. Whether you use the 20/20 Armor Gaming Station for income creation or for retention made the tournament experience better for your guests and made them more likely to come back for the next iteration.

By using these three easy to implement strategies you can attract more students, increase your retention rate and make your tournaments more fun and profitable. Get in touch with us in the chat or at with any questions you might have!  


20/20 Armor has an incredibly active social community full of professional athletes, experienced coaches and successful school owners. To date we have over 12,000 followers across all of our social media platforms. 

We want to use this incredible resource to provide our customers with advice that will help make your school more successful, your practice more fulfilling and connect you to people in your industry that need your expertise. 

So we regularly pose questions to our community on our Facebook page. And we’ve been getting some incredible responses.

We’ve decided to select a couple of the best answers and post them on our website as 20/20 Tips. This post focuses on how you can become a Trial Conversion Master!


“Having a system is important,” says Nicholas Cotellese, Manager at Black Dragon Martial Arts. “We bring in good sized numbers of trials each month and our conversion % really grew when we implemented a system/task list for conversion.Every part of our system is based on making a connection and showing that we care. So that’s really the secret, caring.”

We asked to learn more about his system and were blown away by the answers. 

“Our trial packages are six week packages, but we shoot for conversion in week 2,” explained Cotellese.

“Before 1st class

– add parents to private FB group

– welcome video for student and tag parents. Get others to comment

– text reminder of 1st class

– prepare welcome basket

Week 1

– present welcome basket with gift

– send thank you card w/Starbucks gift card

– send touch note

– post video of 1st class in Facebook group

– send video to parents

There’s tasks for each week that our team takes care of, all to provide an experience that was MORE than they expected. They already expected to get quality martial arts instruction so for us, just having great classes is not enough.”

Master Justin Castillo, head instructor and owner at Maximum Martial Arts University found that focusing on customer service was a huge difference maker in his recruitment process. 

“There are all kinds of tactics out there,” says Castillo. “I tell my staff to just be genuine, with no high pressure sales. We also never call anyone by their name on the phone, when they inquire about class, only ‘Sir or Ma’am’ and ‘your child or little one’, the opposite of what every industry leader says to do. As soon as they walk through our door, we make a point to remember their names, Mom and Dad’s names, brothers’ and sisters’ names. Treat them like family once they try class and every single day after that, not because we even want to sell them on anything, but because they came to us and decided to be part of our martial arts family. When our students walk through the door, they and their family are greeted by name by multiple staff members. It has grown the school well, since we made that paradigm shift. Other than that, teach with consistency, ALWAYS with a life lesson for the day. And, we give away the uniform with our 6 Week trial, so they don’t need any major investments for about 6 months, because we don’t allow white belts to spar. That makes the process very simple.”

The owners of 20/20 Armor have six schools and over 2000 students. We’ve designed our products to help with every facet of running a school. One of the biggest things we’ve found during our trial memberships is that you need to overcome student’s fears they can’t learn. So we try to set a goal and help them achieve it. For our first in class demonstration we use the armor. Set it on a low setting and challenge them to get to yellow. Most kids can do this, and with a little instruction you can get them to beat their own scores.  By showing students their progress you reassure them that they are getting better and keep them engaged with their studies.

Check out to find out more about how we can help you convert recruits into students and earn back your investment in three months or less. 

Join our Facebook group! Get involved! Share what you know with leading experts in the  martial arts industry!