What I have learned Since Re-opening Seminar with Master Tony Kook – July 15th

We sat down today with Master Tony Kook to discuss learnings from the last 6 weeks since weeks to discuss what he learned since re-opening his schools He will provide you with the dos and don’ts you need to know when it’s your turn. The video of the entirety of the live seminar is available directly above.

Master Kook is a successful school owner with 4 schools and over 1200 students. He is an industry expert with over 30 years experience and a sought after Speaker for the Martial Arts industry specializing in “Small School Success”. He has a fantastic way with words and his customer service scripts have been a huge help to school owners within our community as they engage in difficult conversations with their parents and students during the Pandemic.

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Don't have a whole hour to watch the video? Don't worry we got you covered with all of the most important bullet points.

What I have since Reopening Bulletpoints (5 minute read)

Lay of the Land: 

So very quickly I have 3 full time Taekwondo academies in affluent areas in Vancouver.  There is a lot of information I want to share. A lot of things I think I did right. And some others if I had a second I wouldn’t do again. I’ll give you tips as you prepare to reopen. 

What we did right Reopening Our Schools:

We shut down in mid March and went to online classes and we did good with Instagram, Facebookk and Zoom classes. We ran our online classes like a professional school. We kept things going in private lessons in addition to our group training. I gave them a substantial reduction in tuition because I knew it was financially challenging for people. I wanted to keep them involved so that they would stay training. We were continually communicating. 2 or 3 communication channels went out every week. We reached out with phone calls and let our parents and students know that we were going out of our to keep them involved. Communication was on a roll already for the June 1st rollout. 

The biggest change was our class numbers. Our class went from 40 students to 14 in our main location. And 12 in our smaller location. So we offered more classes. My classes start at 12am and run until 9pm. We went from 7 classes to 9 classes. We reduced class time from 45 minutes from 60 minutes. To give instructors time to spray the mats and wipe down surfaces. We did that very well. I would do that again. I went over the top with safety protocols. We tried to communicate our best in class cleaning practices including UV cleaning and professional cleaners.. We printed out our safety procedures and protocols. We set the space up and communication well. 

With Facemasks originally we made it mandatory. Our local professionals advised not wearing them when they trained. We made masks optional. So I had branded some face masks. A lot of students love it and showing that its part of our clubs. Some students wear masks. That’s different state to state. Country to country. In Korea they use the masks mandatory at Dojang. We have a lot to learn from those countries. Bit of an education process from us. It challenges your patience communicating that to your parents. 


First off all we are still offering online classes. We let all of our members know they could come back to live classes. But they had to register and they would revert back to the old tuition as they did. But they can do zoom as they wish. For students who continue with Zoom they keep pay the reduced rate but have no access to live classes. 

We started at 17-20% of our clientele. Our classes were really small. What I found that your advanced, adult and intermediate came back. But our tigers and white belts didn’t come back at first. That was first week of June. That number creeped up to 25%. In July we are at 30% back to live classes. I’m really big on stats and numbers, our first weeks we had more sign ups then normal in July. Clubs opening now in the summer and people aren’t doing vacations so now they are looking for activities for their kids. Typically August is busy registering for September. It looks good for new sign ups. The main reason people don’t take classes in summer is they are taking vacations. Which people aren't doing as much due to COVID.

Clubs that have more Asians have far less returns after reopening.  The community is more cautious. Club owners need to manage their expectations. I talk in California and they said they were opened up and they were thinking 80% to 100% return. If you are operating at 50 percent you are best in class. Seriously those are great numbers for re-opening.

If you are a smaller club, you had only 10 to 15 in your class. With larger clubs you have to adjust from larger to smaller. There’s a number of factors you have to take into consideration for planning your reopening. There is a huge adjustment. 


Vast majority of members on hold have indicated they will return in September. September seems to be a default answer. People are conditioned to take summer off. To do vacations. September is back to normal life. I understand that mind state. Our school district has indicated on September they will go back 2-5 days a week. With a combination of online platform. From standpoint of mother or father, they now have to go back to are they doing swimming or soccer. For past 3-6 months they have been doing nothing at home. I’m looking forward to September. A lot of clubs open now have something positive to look forward.

A couple Podcasts ago I predicted 20-40% would come back. Looks like I was right. I have a good feeling from the attitude and feedback from our membership that September will be a good month. People are really wanting to get back to some level of normal. That means kids going back to school. Parents working. I think numberwise thats the biggest positive piece of information.  

In BC we have whats called a social bubble. As long as you are within the circle of six you can be together. If you have family of 4 and family of 2. You can create a social bubble square. They can spar and kick together. There have been talks to reduce 2 meter down to 1 meter distance. Then I will be able to have more students per class. My prediction is our club will be full with wait lists because we can’t accept all the students that we want to. Come September you’ll be full with a wait list in Oracle Tony’s prediction.

Clubs that aren’t opened. The reality is going to be different. When they open back in September. It will be a mixed bag. Some clubs will be at full capacity others at 20%. If you're city is doing good with COVID cases, I think September is going to be very encouraging.  


Deep down parents know benefits of martial arts but you have to be able to communicate the value. That’s your job. To make sure they continue to invest in it even if there is a money pinch. Leave them a voice message. Make the communication personal. Tell them if theres anything you can do you will support them to keep the journey moving forward. Communicate the the importance. Michale Mertens said “No point in history do our communities need the principles taught in Martial Arts. Whether you are conservative or a liberal, never has it been more important to learn the principles of love, respect, humility. As small business owners we need to communicate that need. It’s challenging times but your son and daughter need that positive outlet, and that distraction. If you are having difficulty let us know. So we can help your kids be in the right place to become leaders in the future. Where else are they going to get that from?"


Club owners need proper signage when they come in. What we have posted outside is our health compliance forms. Our social distancing markers. Of course we have a notice that says if you have any symptoms don't come in and reminder of social distancing all laid out at the front. As soon as you come into the training facility we have hand sanitizing station. All students get their hands sprayed. We have more markers for entrance and exit. Our viewing area only has a limited area for people to sit in. They fill out health compliance form when they enter. Our program director has face shield plexiglass. Students then are instructed to put shoes in numbered cubby. This works with their training square. The number indicates where you go with the training floor. Square #13 gots in cubby #13. We have a lot of wave masters and kid kicks on the floor so students can use those to train. In bathrooms and change rooms we only allow two people and have warnings about social distancing on the doors. 

We have a sign about how many people can go inside. We have reminders of protocols all throughout the school. All of our academies are set up the same way. When they exit class they exit one by one. They hand sanitize on the way out. Pick up their shoes. And they leave. When classes are finished. In between all classes benches, door knobs, and mats are sprayed down. It dries in a few minutes. Our health declaration is great. If they have been outside the country, if they know anyone with symptoms and that they agree to abide by our training policy. We don’t do temperatures. At the beginning we did. Our local health authorities said taking temperature is misleading. Just because someone doesn’t have a temperature doesn’t mean if they have the symptoms. Finding out if anyone at home is sick is better. 

Be as accommodation as possible. They can’t come back for 2 weeks. But you can set them up on Zoom. 

Policy For Emergency Action plan:

If anyone has COVID, member or family member tells that they had COVID. Then we are legally bound to talk to health authroity. Then they take you through the steps. Thats why you need to know who has come into your dojang each and everyday. So you can warn people who came into contact with them. They can’t come in, but they can do the Zoom. That’s great because we have a lot of kids who can’t come back because they are living with their grandma. 

We are offering half day summer camps this year. All of our camps are full. Because we have small numbers. Parents and students are looking for activities. We had overwhelming response. 


We are doing a lot of standing kick targets. Fun drills and games on the spot. We do variation of Sir Says, Taekwondo kicks and drills. I think if you get creative you can come up with a whole slew of them for tigers. IN 20 or 30 you have kids bumping into eachother. Now the way its lay out. Kids know they have to stay on their square. In some ways its easier to teach them. They aren’t off somewhere causing trouble. We invite kids to wear shoes and shoe sale revenue has gone up. We always shut down our water cooler. Kids have to bring their own water bottle to their square. 

Our BJJ school has closed. We did Zoom but its difficult to do zoom because not everyone had training dummy. Everyone has to indicate their allowed to do drills with people in their bublble.With solo drills I don’t think we’d have new signs up. In jujitsu its going well. Return to jujitsu was 30%. Starting to see more sign ups.


I honestly I don’t think it will go back to regular numbers for a year. A year from now is my honest assessment. In many ways when we reopened June 1st it felt like doing it again for the first time and starting again. It was frustrating and scary and deflating at a time. As martial artists we have to rise up to that challenge. Its an uphill battle and we need to do it for our community and membership. When you reopen, focus on community leadership and involvement. Get involved with local charities. They were doing huge community events. Delivering meals. What we are planning is last week of July is a breakathon for our local hospital. When you focus on helping others and once again empowering students and families to help others it builtds your brand and a loyalty. We aren’t just talking about displaying love and community leadership we are acting on it. It rallies your troops. You get raving fans. When you put these tenets into real actionn. We have a girl empowerment week and an online event. Get involved with the community. Is there something we can do to help out our first responders. By giving to others you do yourself a big service. Live by the tenets you teach and you will survive this.  

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How does one school come to dominate the competitive circuit in an entire country? You give them the right tools.

“Since we started using 20/20 Armor we have won 71 District Championships,” says Mr. Jonathan Frank, an ATA school owner with three schools located in Maryland. “To put this in perspective we have won the most district championship titles of any ATA school in the United States. Our sparring team has an edge because we train with 20/20 Armor. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made for our schools.” 


Mr. Frank uses 20/20 Armor with his elite sparring competitive team which has 55 members. With 55 students it’s impossible to give everyone individual attention. But that’s where 20/20 Armor steps in. 

“20/20 Armor keeps my athletes honest,” says Mr. Frank. “I think the biggest thing is that it’s so easy that any of my guys can operate it.  So they can spar without a coach or a judge to give them individual supervision. They know when they get hit and when they land their strikes.  There is accountability because they can see it right on the vest. I have 24 video game scoring vests. 24 athletes can train at once with just one coach.

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Keeping Your Team Focused The Whole Training Session

Mr. Frank trains with his sparring team for four hours at a time.  Any coach that holds long sparring sessions knows that students lose focus and that a lot of time can be wasted. With 20/20 Armor his students stay focused the entire time. 

“When they train and they hit, they know instantly that they did,” says Mr. Frank. “It’s what they are used to. It’s what they are familiar with. It’s just like getting a like on a photo. It’s what they have been learning to crave. Only it isn’t just attention they are getting, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When you give kids that feeling of accomplishment you’ll be amazed by what they can do.”


Mr. Frank had a 100% retention rate for his sparring squad over the last twelve months since he introduced 20/20 Armor. And these are teenage students, the most likely demographic to leave their martial arts training for other high school sports and activities. Not one of them has left. 


“For us it’s a benchmark,” says Mr. Frank.  “Can you teach effective performance based martial arts?  We went to district and won 71 titles. 20/20 Armor taught our kids how to hit hard and stay focused in the ring. It’s given us a leg up. Someday I want all of my students to have their own vest. That’s the future.”  


Give your athletes the first ever analytics system developed for martial arts that measures their power, stamina and reaction time to give them an edge on the competition. 20/20 Armor's High Performance system is being used by world champions in the sport. It should be used by your team.

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My Kids Didn’t Want To Stop Training

Notice that your kids aren’t as excited about their training? Worried they might drop out of martial arts before they have a chance to learn it’s most important lessons? Our engineers, software developers and team of martial arts professionals have been working on an answer for you.

My kids said the magic words every coach and parent wants to hear when they are training: “Can we do it again?” says Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “They asked may I try again? May I do another? We were doing at home training with the 20/20 Armor app and we had it in our  homeschooling schedule. They’d get five tries with each technique of their choice (punch, roundhouse kick and back kick) and we had the app up on our television screen so they could see their scores. They got so excited seeing their points and worked so much harder. And at the end of their five tries they’d ask to go again. Instead of five tries at each technique they’d go 15-20. That shows perseverance. You can’t get this experience training with a paddle or a regular chestguard. When I’m holding paddles, I’m the guy saying “do it again” and after a while they want to stop. The vests are incredible by themselves but with the app, it’s next level.” 


Master Helgi decided to make training as easy as possibly and wore the video game scoring vest on his body.  He set the game to Hitmeter, which measures the power of your strikes. He used the 20/20 Armor mobile app and telecasted to his wifi enabled screen so that his kids could see their scores as they practiced. To get a baseline score for power he gave them three techniques to try (Punch, Roundhouse and Back Kick) 

He had scheduled for 60 minutes of training. He expected it would be like other activities scheduled throughout the day. They’d do the 60 minute block and they’d move onto the next block. They ended up doing 100 minutes. They only stopped because it was lunch. They played so hard that they lost track of time.

“We had to drag them out of training!”

“We had to drag them out of their training,” says Master Helgi proudly. “They are doing the same techniques we were doing on paddles or other chest guards, but the intensity is completely different. They were drenched in sweat, because they wanted to do more and more.”

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After each strike his kids would look at the screen and see their score. His son Viginir, 5, would get particularly excited to see the graphs that showed the variance in his power. He liked the way it looked when the graph spiked. His daughter Heidi, 8, is older and began to notice the difference between the high and low scoring strikes. 

Helgi due to his training as Head of Coach TKD Keflavik  saw a deeper meaning in the data. By coincidence he’d been filming the session to send videos back to 20/20 Armor to show his training session went. So he had a video of his children’s most impressive kicks and punches and real analytics matched to each individual strike. He showed the kids. This instantly provided feedback that powerfully reinforced proper technique. 


“They could see it was because they turned their hip,” says Master Helgi.  “Every coach video tapes athletes doing the technique. But now we have the data on the same page as the technique. As a coach I could give this technique a score of 1-10. But it was just your opinion that the strike was a 7. With the 20/20 Armor mobile app there is an objective measurement. And they can see the difference. That was because you turned the base of your leg, put your shoulder that way, and do your kiyap that way."

"There is such a difference between doing something because your coach tells you to and something that shows you how much better you are doing," notes Master Helgi. "So they abandoned techniques that didn’t work and focused on the ones that did. The whole point isn’t getting a higher score on the board, it’s improving their overall technique. And even in one session you could see the improvement.” 


Helgi recorded his son and daughter’s baseline scores from their first session and they’ll try the same three techniques every week and track their improvement over time. 

“I can’t wait to see how much better they get,” says Master Helgi.  “I’m so excited to see what happens when this training becomes a part of high performance. This is going to change the way we train our athletes. But for now I’m just excited that my kids love their Taekwondo training more than they ever have. And I can’t wait to do it again.” 

*We wanted to thank Vignir and Heidi not only for being the stars of the videos but also the camera people and directors. Can't wait to see the Taekwondo stars you become when you grow up.

Want to follow Helgi's lead and train at home with your kids?

Not a Master Taekwondo teacher? We got you covered with videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced students that your kids will be able to do no problem. The system is so easy to operate your kids can do it themselves.

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Vignir sees his progress and gets pumped

Using 2020 Armor During Coronavirus to Generate Revenue

Most School owners we work with have had to go full virtual to maintain the critical connection with their students during the Shutdown. Which means that you have amazing gear to train with. But you don’t have a school to train at

Don’t worry. You can still use 20/20 Armor to generate extra income for your school and build a deeper connection with your students to keep them invested in their training during this difficult time. In this article we give you three great strategies for making the most out of your 20/20 Armor fleet while you wait for your doors to reopen. 

  1. Buyback Program
  2. Renting out Your Units
  3. Making training with 20/20 Armor a prize for your best students in each of your classes. 

Buyback Program: Make Extra Income + Create Dedicated Classes

You have amazing students and you want to give them an incentive to up their game during the Shutdown. So offer them the chance to buy units you aren’t currently using. With our new mobile app, they can track their speed, timing, stamina and power while training at home with real numbers based on hard science that keeps them accountable and pushes them to be their best.  

A smart approach for a buyback program would be targeting your more serious color belts and black belts who have already demonstrated their commitment to their training.

You can start a pilot program with these students where you offer individualized coaching to make them stronger, get better stamina and faster reaction times using our app to measure their progress.

Or you could have an online class specific to these students.

After all, what’s the purpose of letting your chest guards stay in your dojang when no one can be there? With this one simple step you have made additional income, you’ve secured retention of your most committed students and you have created an elite unit that the rest of your students will long to be a part of. 

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Renting Out Your Equipment: Up Your Students Game+ Make Back Your Investment

You might not be interested in selling your units. After all, maybe the shutdown really will be over soon and you’re going to want those units to Attract new recruits at trade shows, retain the students you have with actionable analytics and Thrive with revenue streams with faster, more exciting tournaments. But what can you do right now to make extra income with the units you have?  

What about renting your units to students who are the most dedicated to their training or have parents who are the most interested in keeping their kids occupied?

If you charged just 25 dollars a week, that’s a 100 dollars extra per unit rented per month. With just 6 units you are 600 dollars extra income every month. In less than 6 months you have paid back your entire investment and you can make $3600 dollars in the six months after that. If you’re worried about contamination, know that our equipment is made to be wiped down and disinfected. You can also just rent each unit to one student each for the duration of the pandemic.

Want to encourage your students to do their best? 

Introduce competition into the classroom. Every couple of weeks you can give your online classes a specific challenge. The winner of a series of challenges can get the ability to train with 20/20 Armor at their home. During this time they’ll be given a mission to beat their baseline scores in reaction, stamina and power and you’ll help them with one on one training.

By giving them measurable scores and individual instruction you can convert an enthusiastic student into a lifetime member of your dojang. This will also encourage other students in the class to up their game so they can win the next challenge and get their own mentorship.

When your school is back in session you can make these challenges weekly and give each of your students a chance to upgrade their abilities, helping them cross the barrier from “my parents made me do” this to “I never want to leave”. There’s a huge power in being able to measure your improvement over a daily and month basis. 


These three simple strategies can be used anytime, whether you are in a shutdown or not. They will help you gain extra incremental revenue, radically increase your retention and give you more equipment to run even better in house events when your school reopens.  

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Levelling Up Your Performance With Data Driven Training With Former Canadian Taekwondo Champion Ali Ghafour

On April 4th we held our first live Train At Home stream session with our CEO and former Canadian Taekwondo Champion Master Ali Ghafour in the comfort of his home dojang. You can do these exercises in any room where you have enough space to train. We recommend living rooms and garages if there isn’t a dedicated room in your house.

The key difference between working out with 20/20 Armor and your normal fighting bag or BOB is that you have metrics that allow you to see your progress. You can learn whether your best at the beginning of your work out or after you’ve warmed up. You can learn whether your right arm is stronger than your left. Even Master Ghafour was surprised that his right leg was more powerful than his left leg. Which makes sense. Because our intuition is flawed and our analytic system is based on hard numbers.

In this video, Ali takes you through an easy to follow warm up and a couple of drills centered around measuring his speed and reaction time then a cool down. Once he finished he look at his stats and broke down what they meant to coaches and fighters looking to excel in the competitive world. He also took a look at how with data driven training beginners and regular practioners could use it to elevate their performance.

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A great thing about training with the app is that you can share your progress on social media with your friends and compete to get the highest scores. This adds in a great element of competition to your work out routine and can give you that added push to be your best. Now more than ever we need a reason to stay motivated and it's scientifically proven that seeing regular improvement keeps us focused on our achieving our goals.

Renowned strength and conditioning coach for Olympic Athletes Tim Thackery of Juice Compound Training said "The updates to your product are next level & going to be absolutely essential for data driven training!"

To learn how you can get started training at home with 20/20 Armor go to our dedicated Training At Home page to get all the details.

How To Survive a Long Shutdown By Connecting Through At Home Training

You have done an amazing job getting your virtual classes off the ground. But there’s a problem. Most online exercise classes experience huge drop out rates after 30 days. Why? Because students aren’t able to measure how much they have improved and they lose interest. This is why products like Peloton are such a huge success. They not only provide workouts you can do at home but they measure your progress over time.

20/20 Armor can provide the measurement you need to keep your students dedicated to their training while they are away from the dojang so that when you reopen they come back.

Our video game scoring vest offers instant feedback on technique, and was developed by world renowned martial artists.  Your student can measure their progress on their techniques in core martial art fundamentals like power, stamina, timing and reaction. Once they measure these, they can share the results with you and you can give them tips on ways they can improve. Using this product your student will be able to accurately track their progress and set goals over the next weeks and months and continue to stay motivated in their martial arts practice. 

But why would I give my parents something else to buy? 

There are families who are going to leave our schools for totally understandable financial reasons and we can’t stop that. There are strategies for deferring payments that might help you keep down attrition.

There are also a lot of people who are still working who have their expenses reduced and have more disposable income. They are not paying for gas, not paying for daycare, or going out for food.  They are looking to keep their kids more engaged in their martial arts program because they want them to be focused, confident and setting daily goals and achieving while they are out of school. 

What do I do? 

  • If you have any questions reach out to our head of Sales Scott Granger and we can set up a call. Email at Scott@2020armor.com or call at his phone number Office: 844-963-2020 Cell: 405-928-0535 .  
  • If you’re ready to go copy and paste the email below to your parents. We wrote it from your perspective as a club owner, so all you have to do is send it or tweak to match your preferred tone.  The parents will then just buy the product directly from us and we will handle the fulfillment from there.
  • We also created training videos for them to follow whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced.  We will continue to add videos throughout the upcoming weeks. 

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Email for Club Owners To Give To Parents

Subject: A New Way To Engage Your Kids With Martial Arts

We are always looking for the best training for you and your family.

We are so grateful for the positive reaction we have gotten from our students to our virtual training program. We want to make sure that your children are continuing to improve their skills while they are away from the dojang and to give them something to do in between our pre-recorded classes and the live streams we are holding. We have done some research and found a great tool for your child that can expand their martial arts training.

The product is 20/20 Armor, and it is a vest that you can wear, hold or put on a punching bag.  This video game scoring vest offers instant feedback on technique, and was developed by world renowned martial artists.  They created online videos to follow as well and your child can measure their progress on their techniques in core martial art attributes like power, stamina, timing and reaction. Once you measure these, share the results with us and we will give you tips on ways your child can improve. Your child can also share their results on social media and compete against their friends. It’s a great way to stay connected to their community and keep them physically and mentally healthy during these difficult times. 

20/20 Armor are currently offering a special deal to make sure that you are satisfied. You can order a single unit for $599 + $50 shipping (USD).  The cost will be broken up over 2 payments.  

The first payment will be $399.  There will be a second payment of $250 USD the month after.  If you do not want to keep the gear, you can return it for a refund within 90 days of purchase as long as there isn’t significant damage. Thanks for your attention.  

Want more information on how we can help children grow their self confidence and discipline with at home training? Go to 2020armor.com/trainathome

March 20th Live Seminar Tony Kook: Coronavirus Strategies #2

We sat down with Master Tony Kook, Friday, March 20th for a discussion about ways to mitigate loss during the Coronavirus epidemic. We had minor technical difficulties so you can only hear Master Tony’s voice, but not see his face.

We got tips for actions all school owners should immediately take including: talking to their small business bankers, landlords and staff about how they could best navigate this time together.

Master Kook shared his idea for a Spring/Summer Rebuilding plan that could help generate lots of extra income and make up for the attrition caused by Coronavirus.

The talk ended with inspirational words for all school owners about the mind state they should try to cultivate as they navigate this incredibly difficult situation.

The video above has the live stream in its entirety but if you don’t have the time, we got you covered with these Bulletpoints below.



STEP 1: I know these apply to Canada but they also have application in California and maybe in other parts of the world. 1) Call your banker or small business banker. Find out what they are doing in your area for small businesses. If you own your own unit or building there is talk of six month deferral program. Banks are offering 10 to 20% increase in credit to help small business keep going.

Step 2: If you don’t own your own building then write a letter to your landlord. Talk to your landlord. Say listen we maybe closed for a while. It’s difficult for us to manage our budget. What can you do for help us out with a plan? Many landlords are getting a six month mortgage deferral. See if they can pass that savings onto you.

Step 3: Depending on your reality right now you may have part time staff, you might only have contractors or full time. You need to communicate to your staff what your plan is going forward for their employment. You may not be in a situation to pay your all of your staff right now. If you can’t pay them, you need to provide them with resources for employment insurance benefits. You need to look after your staff and show them you care.

Important Note: In Canada, your staff can be eligible up to 65% of what your income is for this time period.


-We planned for beginning of April 1st to open again but that might not be realistic. You need to be ready to communicate the changes that are happening with your school day to day to parents as these deadlines approach.

-To communicate what is going on we are updating our answering machine, calling our parents, emailing parents. We are putting all of our communications to social media, our mobile app, to let everyone know we are suspending afternoon classes but going to our virtual training platforms.

-If you don’t have a well developed communication system we highly encourage you to do that as soon as possible.


-We are doing online training tools for each of our belt levels. We have been updating all of our current training tools over the last three days. Encouraging our parents to use that right now.

-We’ve announced that starting next week we are starting our live stream training . A lot of people are really looking forward to it. Our plan for next week is to go live on Monday and Tuesdays. We are using those classes to repeat on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we are going to use Wednesday and Thursday to record more classes.

-We are doing live training with Facebook and Instagram because many kids don’t have Facebook accounts.

-We are going to do prerecorded classes for quality control. Because the dynamic is quite different. And the quality is better.


-We are planning to do Virtual until April 1st but will be working in accordance with local health authorities. We are going to do weekly plans that we are communicating to our students and parents.

-Depending on the current financial situation of your parents there are going to be parents who are supportive and want to help a small business continue going and because of the added value of the online training. We are also offering time credits and make up classes when we get back. For those parents we use the script you posted on your page.

-There are also people who will cancel or freeze their payments. We have people who aren’t in the financial situation to continue. For the people who can’t continue supporting us right now we ask them to place their membership on hold until the situation with COVID is over and we will make up the time. But not to cancel so that there is a dojang their child can come back to.


-Our main focus has to be on retention. 1) Is how do we need to communicate to the parents to keep them on our side? 2) making sure the kids are having fun and seeing their progress. You have to make a plan to keep your retention as high as possible. Because you aren’t going to be getting the same number of new students.


-We are planning to open April 1st it’s business as planned. If the reality is we discover our dojang is closed for another one or two weeks after I’ve been working on another plan.

-We are planning to have all day classes instead of 9-3 we are thinking of doing 9-9. A lot of public and private schools have said they aren’t going back until the end of the year in my area. My thinking is when people are ready to come back to martial arts class. My location falls into the larger school category. Students won’t be comfortable coming back to ordinary class sizes of 30. Social distancing is here to stay for a long while.

-Parents will feel more comfortable with smaller classes. It’s not like our government health authorities are going to say life is back to normal. We have to be realistic about how we go back to our day to day business. By offering all day classes I’ll be able to split up all of our classes into really small groups.

Another plan we are coming up with is offering day camps. Half day and full day. You’ll have to limit the number of students you can accept depending on size of your dojang. Parents aren’t going to want kids to be stuck in the house the entire time. We need to be prepared for that. This offers a huge opportunity for dojang clubs and owners. Let’s say we offer day camps of 10 students and your typical day care will charge anywhere from $800-1500 a month. We are a training camp instead of 1000 dollars a month we are only going to charge 150 or 200 dollars for the week. We will offer drills, educational segments, we need for a curriculum. With just 10 students that $1500 extra a week, $6000 a month. With 15 students that is $9000 a month.

-With this strategy aren’t just catering to your current student base. You are reaching out to the whole community. You have to go with your local health authority to do something like this. But this is a great way to widen your student base.

-These are creative solutions to plan for the next few weeks, next couple months because we don’t know what is going to be happening in the near future. You have to keep on planning.


-I always remind people taking their black belt tests on the inside that you may be feeling nervous. But as martial artists I challenge you to sound confident and something magical happens and you actually feel confident. That’s true here. Am I nervous on the inside? Of course. But all I can do is plan. All I can do is try to be as resilient as possible. I need to be persistent. I need to continue to keep networking with local school owners. On average I’m talking to 3-5 business owners every day. All we can do is brainstorm. We are in the profession of building life skills and we need to walk that walk right now. Focus on what you can control and putting all of your energy towards that. Your students are paying attention. You need to give them an example.


We are going to continue to provide resources for school owners dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus on their small business. 

Sign up on our Rebuilding From Coronavirus page for regular updates and join our Facebook group to get all the insights from our live streams with experts from the Martial Arts Industry. We are going to do everything we can to help. We are going to get through this together.

For medical advice for United States customers go to the CDC website and for Canadian customers please go here for the latest updates.


Section 1: Ultimate Warm-ups 

  • Arms: Advanced super slides across the ground – You will drag your body down the floor using only one arm.
  • Legs: Advanced plyos across the ground – You will jump down the floor without putting your foot down.   
  • Abs: Shrimps across the ground – You will slide your body, turning it to one side pushing with your feet and pulling your core with your abdominal muscles as you extend your arms towards your feet.
  • Core: Side crawls across the ground – You will walk down the floor sideways keeping your bottom off the ground.

Assignment Overview

  • Today you are going to work on MOMENTUM. 
  • Here are the three MOMENTUM tips that I want you to practice today:
  • Use good technique while you practice.
  • Use proper intensity while you practice.
  • Don’t give up on your efforts while you practice.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • 30-second challenge: You will practice the kicks for your MOMENTUM requirements each for 30 seconds non-stop for three sets each kick. Try to get better on each set. 
  • 3-step challenge: You will test your ability gain distance in your momentum by taking only 3 steps and then jumping as far as you can. 

Section 3: Partner stretches 

  • Lay on the rock stretch for 10 seconds – Have one partner curl up into a ball on the floor. The other partner will sit facing away from them. Then lean back and stretch out over your partner’s back.
  • Laying hip stretch 10 seconds – One partner will lay on their back with arms extended to the side, feet together and straight. Then bend one knee and place it across your body. Your partner will place one hand on your opposite shoulder, holding it to the floor. The other hand will gently press on the bent knee until it touches the floor on the right side.
  • Rocking straddle stretch for 10 seconds – Sit facing each other in the straddle stretch position. One partner will place their feet on the ankle or inside of the knee of their partner and then hold hands. Rock slowly back and forth holding for a few seconds.
  • Kicking stretch for 10 seconds – Face your partner while kneeling. Have your partner place their foot sideways on your right shoulder with their toes behind your neck. Then grab their hand. Slowly stand up until they say “stop” and hold

For more information on all the amazing things that Skillz Connect are doing for martial arts schools across the world please go to their website and discover how they can help your school. To learn more about at home training with 20/20 Armor go to http://2020armor.com/athome/


Section 1: Active Warm-ups 

  • Arms: Int. triangle push-ups for 10 reps – Lower your head to the top of your left hand and then back up, alternating hands on each rep. Keep your feet together and make sure your toes are pointed towards the ceiling. 
  • Legs: Advanced squats for 10 reps – Raise one leg off the ground and lower your body with your other leg while your arms remain extended in front of you, and then raise your body back up.
  • Abs: Half v-sit up for 10 reps – Raise your shoulders and feet off the ground, both at a 45-degree angle, while your arms are extended in front, parallel with your legs and then lower your body back, keeping your shoulders and feet off the ground in between each rep.
  • Core: Straight-leg bridge w/ shoulder taps for 10 reps – Tap your right shoulder with your left hand, and then tap your left shoulder with your right hand, keeping your body in perfect alignment.  

Assignment Overview

  • Today you are going to work on REACTION. 
  • Here are the three REACTION tips that I want you to practice today:
  • Stay focused on your partner.
  • Make a decision quick.
  • Do not get distracted. 

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Ninja: You will try to tag any part of your partner’s arms or legs with one swing, while your partner dodges in one motion. Once you swing, you must freeze in that position, while your partner freezes in the position that they dodged in. Then your partner will try and tag you in one swing as they freeze, and so forth until one of you gets tagged. The person that gets tagged must do ten push-ups.
  • Stay on your feet: Standing in a middle stance with both knees bent, palms up, and facing your partner, you will hit your partner’s hands and try to knock them off balance.  

Section 3: Active stretches 

  • Rubber guard twists for 10 reps – Sit with one ankle crossed over the opposite knee. Lift and hug the ankle close to your chest. Slowly twist side to side.
  • Advanced lunges for 10 reps – Go to a forward lunge position with the rear knee on the floor. Lean forward touching your chest to your lead knee and hug the knee. Push your hips forward into the floor and continue to alternate sides. 
  • Hold wristlock stretch for 10 seconds – Sit on your knees in a relaxed position. Place both hands on the floor palms up with fingers pointing towards yourself. Slowly sit back on your heels and hold the position for 10 seconds. Then switch hand position by placing your palms on the floor with fingers towards yourself.
  • Hold starfish stretch for 10 seconds – Lay flat on your stomach with your hands by your side as if you were going to perform a push up. Cross one leg over the other and scissor your legs apart as far as they will go. Then raise your upper body off the floor using your arms while keeping your shoulders square with the front of the classroom.

For more information on all the amazing things that Skillz are doing for martial arts schools across the world please go to their website and discover how they can help your school.

To learn more about at home training with 20/20 Armor go to http://2020armor.com/athome/

AT-HOME TRAINING BY 20/20 ARMOR PARTNER SKILLZ: LESSON #4: Flexibility For 7-9 Year Olds

Section 1: Ultimate Warm-ups 

  • Arms: Super slides across the ground – You will drag your body down the mat using only your palms.  
  • Legs: Plyos across the ground – You will jump down the mat while keeping your feet together. Jump in continuous motion without pausing in between each jump. 
  • Abs: Stomach rolls up across the ground – You will roll your body sideways down the mat using your abdominal muscles.  
  • Core: reverse crab walks across the ground – You will walk down the mat in reverse keeping your bottom off the ground.  

Assignment Overview 

  • Today you are going to work on FLEXIBILITY. 
  • Here are the three FLEXIBILITY tips that I want you to practice today:
  • Keep your legs straight when you stretch.
  • Make sure you use control when stretching so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Only hold your stretch slightly past your tolerance to develop flexibility.

Section 2: Skill-building drill (Do three sets)

  • Pillow slides: You will stand on two pillows and slowly slide the pillows out to the sides while you go into middle splits. As you get close to the ground, use your hands to support yourself. Hold the split for 20 seconds.
  • Crazy 8’s: You will practice flexibility by making a sideways “8” with your leg. 

Section 3: Partner stretches 

  • Surfing stretch for 10 seconds – Lay on your stomach with your hands by your side. Your partner will sit on your legs and grab your wrists. They will then gently pull your arms back and together lifting you off your chest.
  • Standing hamstring stretch for 10 seconds – Lay on your back with your legs straight. Your partner will lift one leg up over your head. 
  • Seesaw stretch for 10 seconds – Stand back to back with your partner. Hook arms and hold firm. Alternate turns leaning forward and hold. Focus on lifting your partner off the ground and relaxing into the stretch.
  • Sitting belt pull stretch for 10 seconds – Face your partner sitting in a straddle position. Reach forwards and grab your partner’s belt. Then lean back pulling on the belt and hold.

For more information on all the amazing things that Skillz are doing for martial arts schools across the world please go to their website and discover how they can help your school.

To learn more about at home training with 20/20 Armor go to http://2020armor.com/athome/