Getting Started
with 2020 Armor

Each vest comes with ten unique game modes that target core elements of martial arts. Each game mode focuses on a key skill covering strategy, pressure, speed, patience, precision, reaction, timing, stamina, defence and power. Push your athletes to become the best version of themselves by improving in all areas of the sport.



  • Health Settings of the Vest

    Not sure what power level to use?
    Our health settings guide will point you in the right direction!

  • Manuals

    Everything you need to get the most out of your gear!
    Step-by-step instructions to get you started.


#1 Energy Scoring

Players start with 100% health. Deplete your opponent’s health to win! WATCH VIDEO

#2 Tug of War

Hit the opponent to steal their health. If you slow down, your opponent heals! WATCH VIDEO

#3 Race

First person to hit gets the point! Win the most races to win the overall game. WATCH VIDEO

#4 Invincible

Take turns being invincible. Time your attacks for when the opponent is vulnerable! WATCH VIDEO

#5 Tag

Players get a point for every hit. Player with the most points at the end wins! WATCH VIDEO

#6 Reflex

Hit 1, 2, or 3 times to the flashing lights. Watch out for fakes and think fast! WATCH VIDEO

#7 Beat Box

Follow the blue lights. Hit the vest when they are inside the white zone! WATCH VIDEO

#8 Heartbeat

Your health is failing! Only your hits will keep you alive. Kick & punch to stay alive! WATCH VIDEO

#9 Survival

Start with 100% health. Survive until the timer runs out to win the game! WATCH VIDEO

#99 Hitmeter

The harder you hit, the more you fill the meter. See how high you can score! WATCH VIDEO

2020 Armor Mobile App

  • Compare your measured data with your own past results, or check out how you stack up against your friends. Live feedback gives you the information you need to quickly modify or correct your form and share your data with your coach while delivering every strike with confidence.


  • step 1

    Attract I

    Social Media
    Tell your current students as well as your future students that your school has made the investment and addition of 2020 Armor technology.
  • step 2

    Attract II

    Community Events
    Using your 2020 Armor gear is a great way to attract new customers as well as lower your costs with interactive games and challenges at community events.
  • step 3

    Attract III

    Walk-bys & Intro Class
    Having your school affiliated with an international company that is at the cutting edge of the sport and that uses technology to improve your students.
  • step 4

    Retain I

    Your club or school should strive to organize and host at least 2 types of events every month - (New prospect, retention, and profit-generating).
  • step 5

    Retain II

    2020 Armor Week
    Once a month or once a belt cycle, focus on skills like reflex, power, or stamina. Build your class planners for that particular week around many games you can play with your vests.
  • step 6

    Retain III

    Belt Testing
    Students are always excited about going up in rank. Elevating the experience can make it go from being a good experience, to a great one!
  • step 7

    Thrive I

    In-House Tournament
    The format of your event can be as simple as running competitions of the various game modes, but you can also include poomsae and sparring using 2020 Armor technology.
  • step 8

    Thrive II

    Upgrade Programs
    Using 2020 Armor chest protectors as a part of your upgrade program is a sure way to help elevate your top tier program, converting basic members to elite level members.
  • step 9

    Thrive III

    Private Lessons
    Using your 2020 Armor technology during private lessons will not only give your student an elevated experience, but will increase the value of your private lessons.


Yes, we have 10 different sensitivity settings for the sensor which can apply to all ages, weights and skill levels from white belt to black belt.

Yes, there is a one year limited warranty.

NO! The Vest and head gear do not need any socks or any software to operate. It works out of the box!

YES! The 2020 Armor vest was built to be used in a class and training sessions, meaning it does not need a computer or TV to operate. Everything is self contained and your 7 year old students can operate it! There is an optional mobile app that connects to the vests which can show the score on a display if you wish if you want to have tournaments or in house events. Download the app here

Every child and person is different, and the sizing guide on the 2020 Armor store will provide actual dimensions of the vest. Typically children between 7, 8 and 9 years of age would fit a size 1. Ages 10, 11 and 12 would be a size 2. Teenagers and smaller adults would be a size 3 and Adults would be a size 4. If you are putting the product on a punching bag, a size 3 is sufficient. The dimensions of the 2020 Armor vest is similar to that of a non-electronic Taekwondo vest.

YES! There are many ways for the vests to pay for them selves or create new revenue streams. 2020 Armor vests have been proven to increase retention (keeping one student for 3 months will pay off one vest). It has also proven to bring in new students (signing up one student pays for a vest 4 times over). Also, you can create new programs like in house events using 2020 Armor and charge for participation, creating a new revenue stream. We describe in more detail here: Call us at 1 (844) 963-2020 to discuss other opportunities for your club!

As long as martial artists are hitting each other, 20/20 Armor will remain a crucial training tool for combat sports. Schools lose students due to fear of sparring. 20/20 Armor overcomes their fear by turning fighting into a game. In addition to making sparring more appealing, there are 9 other training modes that gives students instant feedback giving them motivation to train longer. When you couple this with our revenue generating blueprints - you can see how 2020 Armor is a staple of any martial art school.

Customers have 14 days from the date of delivery of their purchase to request a return for a refund or exchange for different sizes, provided that the gear they have purchased is in unmarked, fully functioning, like new condition. Returns and exchanges are at the customer's shipping expense. Gear that has been customized may not be returned for refund.

We used a patented sensor technology from our partners at XONANO