Retaining Students with 2020 Armor

Did you know that it costs ten times more to get a new students than it does to retain the ones you have?

Students quit because:

1) They feel they aren’t making progress between belt tests and aren't experiencing regular social reinforcement.

20/20 Armor provides instant feedback that shows how they are improving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to improve their technique and instil confidence. 

2) They’ve grown bored with repetitive drills

20/20 Armor uses the video game play they love paired with the analytics they need to keep them excited about their training. 

3) 55% of students drop out when sparring is introduced because they are scared of hitting and getting hit.

20/20 Armor makes kids focus on bringing down the lights rather than their fear of hitting and being hit. It's been proven to elminiate drop out due to sparring. 

4) Students don’t have reliable metrics to show that they are improving.

With our brand new 20/20 Armor app you can accurately measure your reaction, speed, stamina and power for the first time ever allowing your students access to data driven training.

Below are step-by-step examples of how other club owners like yourself are using 2020 Armor to retain their students.

  1. Learn how Master Colver increased his retention by 20% by adding instant feedback into his instruction and giving his students tangible goals to work towards.
  2. Wondering how to retain the hard to keep teenage demographic? Mr. Frank retained all 55 members of his sparring team by training with 20/20 Armor. He said he'd never seen anything like it. Read the article and discover how he got 100% retention of his teenage students.
  3. Your students are training at home and online courses are doing well but you're starting to see a drop off on your retention. How do you keep connected to your kids so that when you reopen your students come back? We help you learn how we can help you survive the shutdown by connecting through our At Home Training Kits and provide an email template to get your parents buy in
  4. Want your students to push themselves harder and harder? Master Helgi started training his kids at home using the 20/20 Armor mobile app and they said the magic words. They asked if they could do another. They asked if they could try again. They didn't want to stop training. Learn how this extraordinary system can make students love Taekwondo more than they ever have before and increase your retention in the process.
  5. Want to use your tournaments to upgrade your students and make 12 K in a year? Master Snorrasson held semi competitive rumbles he used to move beginner students to his competive stream dramatically increasing retention.
  6. Have 20/20 Armor and want to know if you can still use it to create extra revenue during the shutdown? Check out three simple strategies you can do to increase your retention and your revenue. 
  7. Worried your players are going to lose their edge? Learn how Puerto Rico's National Coach is using at home training to keep his athletes from going cold.
  8. Use these 20 physically distanced drills taught by Master Samery Moras to keep your students excited about their training!

Check out this short webinar given by our CEO Ali Ghafour on how you can increase your retention using 20/20 Armor!

Get in touch with Scott Granger at to learn more about how we can help your school with retention and place your order so you can get up and running as soon possible.


Kids focus on bringing down the lights, and not hitting and getting hit. This change in mindset has a dramatic increase in retention when sparring is introduced