These are challenging times.

The Coronavirus is impacting our martial art clubs, and we are wondering what to do.

We decided to create a "Rebuilding from Coronavirus" page that will aggregate the best ideas our fellow club owners are doing and share them here.

A lot of our friends and customers have been asking us to keep them up to date on what we are seeing other club owners do. It is hard to communicate directly to everyone, so we decided to create a page dedicated to the latest information.

- Master Ali Ghafour Co-founder & CEO 2020 Armor

"There is no weapon more deadly than the will" 

We created a dedicated email list to send content only for rebuilding strategies specifically related to the Coronavirus pandemic. We will send emails out every couple of days with the latest information we have. As soon as you feel you do not need the content or not getting any value, please unsubscribe.

April 8: Virtual Belt Testing with Master Tony Kook

Virtual belt testing - Master Tony Kook - 2020 Armor

Posted by 2020 Armor on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wed March 25: Hanshi Dave Kovar

What Kyoshi Dave Kovar is Doing During Coronavirus - March 25

Posted by 2020 Armor on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Friday March 20: With Master Tony Kook

Live Stream: Coronavirus - March 20 - with Master Tony Kook

Posted by 2020 Armor on Friday, March 20, 2020


Insights from Master Dave Kovar (Owner of 8 locations)

Offer Only Family Classes

Run exclusively family classes for your online training.

Offer the whole family to join (mom and dad need workouts too). Ask them to pay one fee (with 25% discount), regardless of how many family members. When things get back to normal, you will have other potential new members ready to join (parents/siblings).

Social Media Communication

Here are some ways Master Park and Ron Sell from Spark Software are communicating to their membership about their new online classes

Live Streaming Your Curriculum

Keeping students engaged at home is important so they stay committed to your program upon return. Here are some live streaming tools and examples of how other instructors are doing them.

If you have never done it before, we suggest starting off simple with a "one to many approach" which means if you are doing a live video, do not worry about having the students use their camera and watch/correct them. Get started and get them engaged and then change to a different platform if you want one-on-one training


Tips from Master Tony Kook on how to do good videos

NBT Taekwondo

Here is Master SC Kims Weekly Recording Schedule (thank you sir for creating this)



  • Easy to use, all your students can access it and are comfortable with it
  • Free
  • Does live streaming
  • Can store videos for future reference


  • Not exclusive, others will have access to the videos
  • Can not see the other students

If you have a private group for your members, you can post video content here. If you don't have a group, you can easily create one and ask your students to join via email


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Does live streaming
  • Can store videos for future reference
  • Exclusive to your members only


  • Facebook pages have lots of content and can be hard to find what you need
  • Not all age groups and parents are on facebook
  • Can not see the other students
Tutorial on how to use Zoom

Zoom meetings was created for business meetings where you can see the other side. It is free to use


  • Easy to use, but will have to download a program
  • Free for 100 participants and 40 min meeting length. Paid for longer meetings and to save videos
  • Does live streaming
  • Exclusive to your members only


  • Free version does not store videos for future reference, but might be ok for individual classes
  • Users will have to download a program
Your Membership Management Software

Check with your membership management software if they have a video repository. Here is a list of some that have them

Freezing Payments

You might be getting parents talking about freezing of cancelling payments. Please see a script from Master Tony Kook and how you can address this.

Examples of Remote Coaching

There are many pros that know how to do remote coaching and programming. Here are some resources for you

  • Juice Compound
    US Team members Tim Thackery and Dr. Jason Han Show their "The 5 Kick Domination Sequence". They are offering it free during the pandemic. Use the code "CHAMPION". Take advantage of this great offer!

Loss Of Business Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent to see if you have loss of business insurance. Especially in some areas with mandatory shut down, you may qualify. 

Spring/Summer Rebuilding Program

We are combining our strategies with some of the best martial art clubs out there and will put together a comprehensive step by step spring/summer rebuilding program to make up for the lost revenue in these coming weeks

Coming soon


We know these are hard times. If you need to chat with some one about some of the strategies us and other club owners are doing through the rebuilding process, please reach out to Master Scott Granger email or phone below.