Our Mission is to inspire people to fall in love with martial arts so they can reach their full potential.

Mission + Founder Story

Changing the rules of the game.

We want to inspire more people to fall in love with martial arts, and we need to change the rules of the game to do it.

There are currently 240M people that practice martial arts and 450M people that like to watch it. We want to grow these numbers.

By attracting more people to take or watch martial arts, we can instill these core values into society: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit which are written on the walls and taught in every martial art class.

This is why we exist.

Scoring and tracking data in martial arts has never been straightforward. As a former professional martial artist, coach, parent and practitioner, I’ve experienced what it’s like to feel confused as a spectator, discouraged as a student, misunderstood as a practitioner and uncertain as an athlete.

This lack of transparency has left so many wondering, why does it have to be this difficult? We decided to do something about it.

We’re doing this by creating equipment that makes it easier to score, technology that tracks athlete improvements, an interactive platform that brings training to your home, and a new pro league that is easy to follow, exciting and fair.

Ali Ghafour Founder & 2020 Armor CEO

We’re revolutionizing martial arts from the ground up. We are changing the rules of the game.

Armor 2020 Armor 2020 Armor 2020


    Inspire people to fall in love with martial arts.


    Help people reach their full potential.


    To give more people a reason to fall in love with martial arts


    Perseverance, Performance, Integrity, Courtesy, Passion.

Partnerships Investor

2020 Armor is proud of the strong and strategic relationships it has created with the following organizations.

  • Ata martial arts
  • Lead
  • dragons den
  • forbes
  • UBL


The 2020 Armor system was developed for all the stakeholders in martial arts. Club owner, student, parents, athletes, coaches, federation and the martial art fan.

Our patented systems include an easy to understand scoring system, vest, head gear, mobile app and home training program with video content taught by world champions.

Our “Energy Scoring” system is easily understood by anyone. You have 100% health, as you get hit your health goes down, just like in popular video games like Street Fighter.

Our vest and head gear products are designed to be extremely easy to use in a busy class setting, durable enough for the strongest of kickers, comfortable to wear all day and provide accurate scoring no matter where the strike happens.

Our mobile app connects to the vest and head gear and analyses all the data from your training and sparring matches to provide insights you never had before to make better decisions and win more matches.

Our At Home Academy allows students to expand their in class training at home. Students watch and follow the teachings of world class instructors. Their effort is monitored by the 2020 Armor vests and head gear.


United Battle League is a new professional martial art league where the best human athletes compete in real life in the backdrop of a virtual world – the UBL Metaverse. The UBL is powered by the patented 2020 Armor.

Team Members

Serial entrepreneur (founder of 4 tech companies) 25+ years Taekwondo experience 4x Canadian National Team Member HBSc Computer Science
Ali Ghafour
Founder & CEO
Owner & Operator of Integrity Martial Arts 3 Locations In Florida. 25+ years of Taekwondo experience 2017 school of the year 2013 instructor of the year
Jesse Isaacs
VP of Operations
Owner & operator of 5 Taekwondo clubs with over 1200 students Vice President of Taekwondo Canada
Tony Kook