How Master Colver Increased His Retention by 20%


Washington, DC, USA

Master Michael Colver is the owner and operator of NW Sport Taekwondo and was described by a friend as the top ranking old guy in the USA TKD.  In 1992, he showed up at a dojang ready to mop floors and clean windows to begin his proverbial Taekwondo Kid journey.
“I have Street Fighter 2 in my lobby,” says Colver. “I get my kids excited to go to class by saying sure you can play Street Fighter. But what if we had hogus that could do that?”
Colver uses 20/20 Armor not simply to train his students for sparring but as a part of in-class training on Bobs and Wavemasters.  The visual feedback students received from the vest peaked his (and his student’s) nerd side.
The 20/20 Armor system gave more points for proper technique and helped his students learn to kick with trembling shock. Not only were they having more fun but they were performing better.

“Since introducing the armor my retention rate has increased by 20 percent,” says Colver. “For every kid that walked out the door I was keeping 20 percent more of them attending regular classes. As a business owner I knew I had to get a second set.”

What was the reason for this change?

“Kids get bored with repetition. When they were doing drills before it was just hit the pad faster or harder,” says Colver. “It wasn’t in a context they could understand. As soon as it had that video game feel it made it fun and it was something they could relate to. They love making the lights go down or racing against the timer. They started kicking harder because they could see the difference proper technique made in their scores. Kids between 5 and 14 have a smaller attention span. If you can’t get their attention you are going to lose someone. When I added the element of fun back into my school my retention rates skyrocketed.”

Key Benefits outlined in this article:
  • Student retention increased by 20% due to students being able to see their improvement
  • Improved athletic performance
A club with 100 students charging $140 a month, can make an additional $49,920 a year with 2020 Armor.
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