10 Built-In Games

Each 2020 Armor vest comes with 10 built-in games (5 Two player and 5 One player) giving you hundreds of possibilities to train all of your students from tiny tigers up to high performance.


#1 ENERGY SCORING | Strategy

Fight like they do in the video games. Last man standing wins! 
Watch Energy Scoring Video

#2 TUG OF WAR | Pressure

Each hit takes some of your opponent’s bar for yourself. Keep the pressure and win it all! 
Watch Tug of War Video

#3 RACE | Speed

Be the first to hit your opponent. Who ever scores first wins! 
Watch Race Video

#4 INVINCIBLE | Patience

Take turns being invincible. Time your attacks for when the opponent is vulnerable! 
Watch Invincible Video

#5 TAG | Precision

Tag your opponent before the time runs out. Be accurate! 
Watch Tag Video


#6 REFLEX | Reaction

Stimulus game where the student reacts to lights and audio cues. Think fast! 
Watch Reflex Video

#7 BEAT BOX | Timing

Targets race past the crosshair. Only hit when the time is right! 
Watch Beat Box Video

#8 HEARTBEAT | Stamina

Your health is fading fast and only hits can restore it. Kick to stay alive! 
Watch Heartbeat Video

#9 SURVIVAL | Defense

Start with 100% health. Survive until the timer runs out! 
Watch Survival Video

#10 HIT METER | Power

Shows the student how hard they hit. Beat your previous best! 
Watch Hit Meter Video

Ready for the next step? Check out all the drills you can do with these different game modes.