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This is not your typical online martial art event.

You have not seen anything like this before. High quality broadcast, expert commentators, data driven results and a golden vest. You can catch sneak previews and watch this monumental event through YouTube or our Facebook Live  on September 12 at 1PM EST



This might be the only tournament your students get to compete in for the rest of the year and we are doing everything we can to make it extra special. Not everyone is going to win. But everyone’s efforts will be celebrated. Scroll below for details!

In our first combine, martial artists of all levels from beginner to Olympian will compete to determine who has the fastest reflexes in the world. The top 8 will be showcased on live stream on September 12, 2020!

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The top 8 fastest will be pitted against each other and showcased in our Live Stream on September 12, 2020. Below is a preview of the live stream


  • Everyone who enters will get a special digital certificate to celebrate their participation in the Combine.

  • The Top 25 participants will get a handcrafted Golden colored certificate sent to their homes to celebrate their achievements that will list their World Ranking.

  • The Top 16 entries will be announced on globally televised live broadcast on September 12th.

  • The top 8 will compete for the Gold and get free swag from our sponsor Mooto

  • The champion will be a legend forever and be crowned World’s Fastest. 


Although the deadline for submitting entries has passed, you can still check them out below in case you're thinking of running your own mini Combine as a club owner. Join our newsletter to find out more tips on growing your school in innovative ways with 2020 Armor.

All fighters who enter the combine must record themselves playing Reflex game in "Live Mode" on the 2020 Armor App using Back Leg Roundhouse Kick for 1 minute. The person who has the best average reaction time will be the winner!

The video on the right goes through the rules.

Rules for submission

If any of these rules are not followed, your submission will not be considered for the Combine.

  • Record yourself playing the "Reflex" mode on the 2020 Armor App for 1 minute (no longer or shorter times will be accepted). The video that is saved on your camera roll is the video you can submit on the form below

  • Do not edit the video, we must be able to see all the stats in the video submitted, and hear the audio.

  • Do not have any background noise,  talking, or music please. You can (and should!) kiap when kicking, but please keep other noises down.

  • When you are recording, you must be able to see the entire bag, vest and the kicker

  • Kick with only back leg round house kick. You can not punch or kick with the front leg.

  • Kick with the same leg for the entire minute (you can not alternate legs)

  • Have the 2020 Armor vest on a freestanding bag such as a BOB or a wavemaster. Any bags that move (such as a hanging bag, or having a partner hold the vest) will impact the reaction time, and will not be considered for the combine

  • Ensure the height of the 2020 Armor vest on the freestanding bag is at the same height as if you were wearing the vest on yourself.

  • You must do your back leg round house kick from a reasonable distance from the bag and have the kicks executed with full extension. If you are too close, or do not extend your kicks, your entry will not be considered.

  • Any kicks that are thrown before the white lights go off (i.e. a guessed kick) will disqualify the entry

How to win?

  • The person with the best average reaction time will be the winner. If there is a tie, the one with the fastest reaction time will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the one who kicked more will be the victor. If there is a tie after the number of kicks, the one that shows more creativity (as decided by the judges) will win.