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2020 Armor is the only martial arts equipment that makes you money.

Our Electronic Scoring Vests teaches your new generation of students the foundations of martial arts in a language they understand: video games.

Attract new students who were never interested in martial arts before, show their progress and skyrocket their retention. Thrive with new revenue streams while running faster, better tournaments without technical delays - do it with technology so simple to use, your 6 year old can operate it



We have proof our products earn club owners money, which is why we will guarantee you will generate at least 3 times what you spend with us back in revenue in one year.

When you invest in 20/20 Armor you aren’t just getting a training tool that will make your students better martial artists, you’re getting the only martial arts equipment that will make you money.

Which is why we are offering a guarantee you won’t see anywhere else in the industry.

(this video is actual footage of the founders masters training in the 1980s)


Our values are like yours. 2020 Armor is created by school owners and professional martial artists like yourself.

We take pride making sure our product works, is durable, works for any setup and has world class support.


Infinite possibilities. Wear the vests or put them on punching bags. There are hundreds of drills to keep your students engaged and learning.

Each game teaches a core element of martial arts, like:


Master Emerson Wong

Pulse Martial Arts

"Usually we hover at 10 leads, this time we got 50. We will never go to a trade show or recruiting event without it.”

Master Wong took a 2020 Armor vest to his recruiting event, tied it on a BOB and challenged attendees to a game of Hit Meter, a game that instantly measures power simply by looking at the vest. Master Wong would provide simple instruction, the attendee would improve their strikes, and won the right to be entered into a contest for a free introductory offer. He was able to attract 50 new leads.


Mr. Jonathan Frank

ATA Maryland

"55 teens and not one of them quit. That’s amazing. That’s how it needs to be”

"Every school owner has a huge problem once kids reach about thirteen years old. This is the age that kids leave martial arts to go and play high school sports. But my sparring program has 55 kids, all in that age range, and not one of them has dropped out this entire year since we started using 2020 Armor. That’s a 100% retention rate of the most difficult student population to keep. Honestly I’ve never seen it before. 55 kids and not one of them quit. That’s amazing. That’s how it needs to be.”


Master Helgi

Taekwondo Keflavík

"Why aren't all tournaments like this?”

Master Helgi is thriving with new revenue streams, and generated $2K from a single 2 hour in house event. "My students got the same amount of tournament experience from one 2020 Armor event as they would have gotten if they participated in four traditional tournaments,” says TKD Keflavik Head Coach Master Helgi Rafn Gudmundsson. “That’s not an exaggeration. Have you ever been to a tournament where each kid was in four sparring matches, a poomsae competition and a speed competition all in 45 minutes? We didn’t get one negative piece of feedback about the event. Not one. Our parents and kids can’t wait for us to hold our next event!”


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A club with 100 students charging $140 a month, can make

a year with 2020 Armor.


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Layway programs are available. Bulk pricing available for large orders, associations and sporting federations. Recreational Electronic Chestguards Come with a limited 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


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