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Keep your child entertained and active with their very own at-home martial arts gym paired with high quality video instruction led by World Champions and Olympians.

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Get ahead, be the best.

Keep your child entertained and away from the couch with their very own at-home martial arts gym.

The 2020 Armor Smart Training Vest, Headgear, synchronized app and high quality physical and mental training video series taught by World Champions and Olympians will ensure your child has the best resources available to them to get ahead, and be the best.

They will feel like they’re at the club with their coach, even when they’re training at home.

Taught by World Class Instructors

Learn from the best. At Home Academy is a series of high quality video instruction led by World Champions and Olympians.

The first trainer for At Home Academy is World Champion and Olympian, Master Yvette Yong. While you are striking on the 2020 Armor, we will track and show the number of strikes on top of the video instruction to motivate you to accomplish your goals, all from the comfort of home.

Built In Accountability

Help your child stay focused and committed to their training and progress with weekly data check-ins and monthly hour-long assessments. By tracking and measuring your child’s workouts, 2020 Armor enables you and your child’s coach to follow the numbers while they receive consistent, expert advice.

Physical and Mental

How you think about training and yourself is just as important as the physical training in martial arts. That is why the At Home Academy will have a “Mental Toughness” video and exercise training series built in.

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At Home Academy

At Home Academy

The At Home Academy comes in a Pro and Beginner package. The Pro comes with the 2020 Armor Vest, Headgear, One year subscription to At Home Academy Video Training and a BOB free standing punching bag.

The Beginner package comes with a 2020 Armor Vest, One year subscription and a wavemaster. (Bags ship to USA only)


We have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The sensor can withstand 1 million impacts.

Shipping is free in the continental USA! The BOB and Wavemaster punching bags only ships to the continental USA

We ship worldwide via courier service. Vests and Headgear Ships in 2-3 weeks within Continental US & Canada. Ships in 3 weeks to the rest of the world The BOB and Wavemaster is shipped to the continental USA only, and usually takes 2 weeks. Headgear will start shipping in March 2022. The At Home Academy system can work with or without the headgear

The At Home Academy Package Pro and Basic comes with a 1 year membership to the video series that is accessible through the mobile app. You can choose to renew your membership after the one year period has ended. You can also subscribe to a monthly plan. To access the subscription options, download the 2020 Armor App from the Apple App store (At Home Academy is only available for Apple devices). Go to Profile > Settings > Subscriptions to manage your subscriptions.

We are so convinced you will love the training, playing and sparring with your 2020 Armor At Home Academy that we're giving you up to 30 days from getting it to request a refund. Please send an email to to start the process. We do not offer a refund for shipping charges, customers are responsible for return shipping fees, which may cost up to $250 or more. Our guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents. Only items purchased directly from our online store can be returned through this process.

The At Home Academy works only on Apple iOS devices currently.

You can have up to 5 people on a paid membership, enough for your entire household so everyone can enjoy At Home Academy

If you have a prepaid membership, your membership cannot be canceled until the end of your period (12, 24, or 36 months). There are no refunds for pre-paid memberships. For monthly memberships, you can go to the 2020 Armor App, go to settings and subscriptions and hit cancel membership.

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Ata martial arts
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With the new skills I developed using 2020 Armor, my passion caught a new flame!


It wasn't until I started training with 2020 Armor that I saw a massive improvement

Kim P - Green Belt

Training with the reaction mode boosted my training into overdrive. It pushed my limits and I saw a dramatic increase in my abilities.

Sam - Red Belt

Locally Built, Globally Renowned

Locally Built, Globally Renowned

Created and manufactured with the utmost care for quality in the US and Canada by former Olympic national team members.

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