The whole experience of a tournament can be ruined by long wait times between events. We’ve all been there. The yellow belts and green belts are running around the hallways making noise. Trying to go under the bleachers. Or they’re complaining to their parents. You feel the pressure. Because if they don’t enjoy their experience they might not come back next year.

Your tournament attendees need something to do to keep them excited and alleviate their boredom. What if there was a way you could solve this problem and make extra money at the same time?

Master Aaron Vorpahl came up with a solution by creating a 20/20 Gaming Station inside of a spare ring at a recent tournament.

The set up was simple. He got a mat, put the armor on heavy bags and charged five dollars to game all day.

Attendees played Hit Meter, Heartbeat, and Tug of War. Since the games are so easy to operate Master Vorpahl had two student volunteers run the Gaming Station.  By the end of the day, he made $320 extra with almost no extra effort.

“I’m going to do it every time from now on,” says Vorpahl. “It created this great atmosphere. Everyone really got into it. It kept all of our color belts busy and excited during any time they didn’t have something to do. Some of the parents and their siblings got involved and played too. Definitely recommend this as a way of using 20/20 Armor to make your tournaments better and make a little extra cash.”

The 20/20 Gaming Station provides competitors a way to maintain their focus as they prepare for their matches, gives your color belts a reason to stay excited during wait times and give parents a chance to show what they can do as they wait to see their kids compete.

The best way to get students to attend your next tournament is to make this tournament as fun as possible. 20/20 has you covered.

Benefits outlined in this article:

  • 20/20 Gaming Station created $320 dollars with almost no effort
  • Keep tournament attendees engaged during wait times
  • Gives athletes a way of practicing their technique in the lead up to their matches.

Note: 20/20 Armor also offers other solutions to help your tournaments run more efficiently. Since 20/20 Armor comes with its own built-in scoring system you need fewer judges and less downtime between matches. With 20/20 Armor school owners have been finishing their tournaments early and can hire fewer referees and related support staff.