Thrive with New Revenue using 2020 Armor

20/20 Armor not only adds an extra kick to your recruitment and retention, but it helps schools thrive with new revenue streams that weren’t previously available. We’ve created step by step guides on how you can energize your revenue with exclusive branded classes, exciting in house tournaments and 20/20 Armor Gaming Stations that turn tournaments delays into revenue generating opportunities.


  • We’ve created a step by step blueprint for you to create your own 20/20 Classes that target your entire customer base: including tiny tigers, high performance, family classes and adult classes.
  • These classes differentiate you from other schools in your are and engage the untapped videogamers market
  • Many school owners currently using 20/20 Armor in their branded classes charge between $20-$30 per month in addition to their standard tuition. This means that with an average class size of 20 students, this once a week class will bring in between $400-$600 per month and $4,800-$7,200 per year, which will easily return the entirety of your investment in under a year, even if you don’t use the 20/20 Armor for any other revenue generation!
  • Teach more than one weekly class and you can make much more.
  • Extend the class into a week long video game based martial arts  camp and you can make thousands more!
Go here for our step by step guide:


  • Make your tournaments more exciting by using 20/20 Armor and get new students to sign up by offering them the chance to play video games in real life.
  • Add a carnival element to your tournaments by using our game modes to create competitions for speed, strength and accuracy!
  • More kids compete because we overcome their fear of sparring by gamifying the experience. Ease your students into your competitive stream by getting them used to sparring.
  • Use less referees and have less set up time because the scoring is done on the vest and our equipment is easy to use
  • Our tournaments end early and have less delay time because our equipment is easy to use. No socks, no computers, just your vest. The tournament experience is better so people come back next year!
Use our app to show the audience the score your phone and an HDMI cord!  Go here for our step by step guide to 20/20 Tournaments:
Check out our case study on how Master Snorrasson made 12K in one year from 20/20 Rumbles!


No matter what you do there will be delays at your tournament, why not make them into an opportunity to make added income?
Charge five dollars for all day usage of our Gaming Station where they can compete in our two player games and make $500 extra dollars keeping your students entertained while ensuring that they like your tournament enough to come back next year.  The set up Is simple. You set up a mat, put the armor on heavy bags and charged five dollars to game all day.
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Use the vests to create an Arcade where kids pay to play with vests at your tournament or your school