We believe we are successful only when you are successful. Keeping in line with that philosophy, we hired our first head of customer success Mr. Joseph Nguyen. His goal is simple: make sure you get your Return On Investment on your 20/20 Armor purchase.

How to choose the right vest sensitivity for your students

With 20/20 Armor we offer 10 difficulty levels in all of our game modes for everyone from beginners to blackbelts. For your students to properly push themselves and improve they need to be on the right difficulty level. How do you find out the proper difficulty level that is appropriate to your students?  Our first tip to finding their level …

Maybe it's time to get a better paddle holder?

How To Implement 20/20 Without Changing Your Class Structure

You spent a lot of time making sure that your school is a well oiled machine. You love 20/20 Armor but don’t want to change the structure of your classes. After all, why change something if it’s already working?  We come across this question a lot when we are dealing with bigger, well established schools.  This article will give you …