Retaining Students with 2020 Armor

Did you know that it costs ten times more to get a new students than it does to retain the ones you have?


Students quit because:
1) They feel they aren’t making progress between belt tests and aren't experiencing regular social reinforcement
2) They’ve grown bored with repetitive drills
3) 55% of students drop out when sparring is introduced because they are scared of hitting and getting hit
4) Students don’t have reliable metrics to show that they are improving.


How does 20/20 Armor help your students stay engaged in their training?

Students that are motivated to reach visible, measurable goals (similar to belt ranks) are much more likely to stay engaged. Training with 20/20 Armor brings that level of engagement to a daily or weekly level rather than around belt testing time.

2) Students have grown bored with their training

Each of our 10 Game Modes make training into a game your students can play and win. 20/20 Armor harnesses the intense focus they put into video games to make your students become better martial artists. Not only can they see themselves improve but they can see their friend's score and emulate their techniques to up their game. It's incredible the difference it makes when students can see their score and have a benchmark they can strive to beat.

3) How 20/20 Armor Prevents Student Drop Out When Sparring Is Introduced

20/20 Armor has dramatically cut down drop out at this pivotal point in schools around the globe. The way we do this is simple.
When you turn sparring into a “game”, you remove the negative feelings associated with causing another person harm and you focus on only bringing down the lights or health bar of your opponent. You still get the same effect, the student is testing their skills in a combative situation.
By lowering the barrier to entry you prevent students from losing one of the most crucial elements of their training.

4) Students don't have reliable metrics for their progress?

When your students begin to take their training more seriously they need to see that the time they investing are getting them tangible results.
Each of our Game Modes provide instant results that show their speed, strength, stamina and time. But we are taking our metrics to the next level.
In Early 2020, 20/20 Armor will be releasing an analytics app that will allow your athletes to track their progress over time, and provide them with insights that will make them better martial artists.
This game changing technology will allow coaches to determine when their students are peaking and provide a reliable baseline for performance in martial arts for the first time ever.


20/20 Armor is obviously a great tool for attracting students through social media. It can also be extremely helpful in retaining your students. Regularly  posting videos of your students high scores and small milestones help provide the social reinforcement they need to stay invested.  After all, everyone likes to know they did a good job.


Kids focus on bringing down the lights, and not hitting and getting hit. This change in mindset has a dramatic increase in retention when sparring is introduced