Getting Started

When you first open your 2020 Armor, please visit this page, which will guide you through how to turn the vest on, what the buttons do and how to charge the vests

Game Modes

Each 2020 Armor vest comes with 10 built-in games (5 Two player and 5 One player). This page has video tutorials on all the games.

Training Drills

Once you have mastered the game modes above, dive deeper and use the game modes to run drills that teach speed, power, timing, etc

Return on Investment

Follow our very simple, step-by-step guide on how to pay back for your first 2, 4 and 6 20/20 Armor vests

    • Do you like numbers? We created an online return on investment calculator where you can tweak the numbers and customize the ROI for your club

Attract, Retain & Thrive (ART)

We walk you through the ways you can use 2020 Armor to Attract, Retain and make your business Thrive. We share other club owner stories, give you blueprints on how to run your own in-house events and more!


Have questions or issues with our products? Please go to the support page for help tips and how to get in touch with our support team


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Did you know?

Customer support is extremely important to us. We are club owners and martial artists, just like you. Please contact us if you need help at any time with using the 2020 Armor system, and we will be happy to discuss with your team on how to use our products in your facilities or home!