How Much Is One Student Worth?

If you are charging one hundred dollars a month for classes and each new student stays an average of 12 months, then each new student is worth $1200 dollars each. Schools that have been using our equipment have been averaging at least one new student at  each introductory event such as a birthday party or event booth. That is $14,400 dollars of additional income for your club!

How 20/20 Armor attracts new students?

20/20 Armor attracts new students with attention grabbing video game technology that energizes all your recruitment channels. With 20/20 Armor you will stand out at public events and demos from other martial arts schools in your area. Hold a kicking contest and 20/20 Armor creates line ups that turn into sign ups.
You have other methods that recruit kids. But we can help you get students who would never consider joining a martial arts school. Our system gets kids who love playing video games to get off the couch and into your school.  We recommend when you bring in students for free trials scheduling 20/20 Armor on the first day to get them hooked!


One of the most difficult things for a potential student to overcome is a fear that they won’t be able to learn. Challenge visitors to your booth and school to try to kick and get it into the yellow. With instant feedback from the 20/20 Armor training system you can help recruits improve their score during their demo and get them excited about what they can learn at your school.


Make your students into heroes at school and recruit even more new students! Taking videos of your in house tournaments will light your social media on fire and get your champion’s classmates to join your dojang to challenge them for the championship. Your biggest base of potential customers are kids 7-13. Why not recruit them with the video game technology they love so you can teach them the lessons about life they need to learn!
Use 20/20 Armor to energize your in-house events like :

Use 20/20 Armor for your public events like:
  • Public/Private schools
    • Carnival type events
For more info on how you can make your investment back within three months with a few simple hacks go to our step by step guide:

2020 Armor vests used at a trade show to create a line up of interested people