Attracting New Students With 2020 Armor

Did you know that 97% of potential students at trade shows and demos aren't even interested in martial arts?

With 20/20 Armor you can lower the barrier to entry to martial arts by putting it in their language.  Your target market understand video games and they play them.

With 10 different game modes you can show students their score and how quickly they can improve with a little instruction. This instantly proves that this is something they are capable of learning.

On this page we are going to teach you how to reach that untapped market  and convert them into students at your school using 20/20 Armor!

How 20/20 Armor attracts new students?

Play Light Up The BOB at your local fair to attract a line up that you'll convert to sign ups at your school by providing them with simple instruction.

Use 20/20 Armor to Supercharge Your In Class Demos With The Walk In Video Game!

Throw  In House Recruitment Events with 20/20 Armor and play Carnival Style Games that challenge different students to master different skills.

Start your In House 20/20 Armor league and students will join your school to compete for the championship belt like School Owner Aaron Vorpahl!


Our "In Game Reality" app will transport your students into their very own video game.

Every video you take will have your school's URL and logo.

Your students will share these exciting videos with their entire social network and supercharge your referral strategy. You won't have to worry about referral exhaustion. 


Make your students into heroes at school and recruit even more new students!

Taking videos of your in house tournaments will light your social media on fire and get your champion’s classmates to join your dojang to challenge them for the championship.
Use 20/20 Armor to energize your in-house events like :

Use 20/20 Armor for your public events like:
  • Public/Private schools
    • Carnival type events
For more info on how you can make your investment back within three months with a few simple hacks go to our step by step guide: