Our Story

The founders of 20/20 Armor are all former competitive Olympic Taekwondo National team members. We are successful martial art club owners, entrepreneurs and engineers. We are channelling all our expertise and passion into building 20/20 Armor.

Our near term vision is to see every martial gym in the world use 20/20 Armor. We want people to be interested in martial arts and for the 240 Million people who already practice – we want them to train longer. Our products are designed to do just that. Our longer term vision is to be the platform for a spectator friendly professional martial arts league that takes the best from real life martial arts and e-sports to build a unique and entertaining sporting experience.

Our investors include LeAD Sports, founded by the grand children of Adi Dassler (founder of Adidas) and we were featured on popular TV shows such as Dragons Den

Our Vision

1) Be the standard impact measurement equipment and app for all martial arts

2) Create a new spectator friendly professional martial art league

Here is our premier launch video we did in Feb 2016, which gained a lot of interest in the industry.